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CFMS President 1988

Margaret Norton

Margaret and Bill Norton became members of the Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society in 1973 and were always very active in the Society. Margaret was President of the Society three times and also served in most of the other offices. She was editor of the Breccia for five years and received awards from the CFMS and the AFMS.

In 1984, Margaret was elected Secretary of the CFMS and served two years as Secretary and in other offices, serving as President in 1988. After her term as President, s he was active on the Long Range Planning Committee and worked with the Uniform Rules Committee. She was a Lapidary judge and chair of the committee. She was elected by the CFMS Scholarship Committee to choose a student for the CFMS Scholarship.

Due to a series of strokes, Margaret was unable to continue with her activities in the CFMS and her Society and she was pretty much confined to her home. After a number of years, she passed away on May 25th, 2008 and was remembered at a memorial service on June 14th. She will be missed by all of us who knew her and worked with her.

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