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CFMS President 1986

Ellen Schultze

Ellen was a long-time active member of CFMS. She served the Federation in many capacities and was widely known for her performances on the Triple Octave Shaker Chimes, a huge antique instrument which she and husband, Carl would carefully pack and haul to meetings, pow-wows, church services, etc. She was also active in the Bell Club in Sacramento which performed for banquets, installations and such. It was a real treat to hear her play Amazing Grace on the rock slabs which she took to many rock events. Ellen and Carl also presented programs on Africa, where they had served as Missionaries in Cameroon. They showed slides and artifacts of the area while they told of their experiences.

Ellen and Carl were members of both the Sacramento Diggers and the Fossils For Fun Societies and Ellen served as their Federation Director for several years. Ellen competed in minerals and petrified wood at the CFMS level and at the AFMS level in Portland, OR. in 1989. In 1990 She received the Marion Goodshaw Trophy for her minerals.

Ellen was Program Chairman for CFMS and started the first "Podium People", a manual listing Programs and Speakers who would present their programs for CFMS club meetings. She was also Bulletin Aids Chairman for CFMS and went on as AFMS Publications Chairman in 1987-89. Ellen and Carl were Charter Members of SCRIBE and attended many of the workshops, contributing their expertise in editing. She was inducted into the Editor's Hall Of Fame in 1995 as a Charter member.

In the 1980's she was elected to the CFMS Executive Committee and became our President in 1986. This was the year of the CFMS 50th Show Anniversary held at Sacramento and they went all out to celebrate. She and Carl continued to be active in the Federation and received the CFMS Honoree Scholarship in 1988-89 and the Golden Bear Award for Outstanding Service to the Federation in 1991. Ellen also worked with the American Red Cross and the Easter Seals program, collecting bags of used postage stamps, which she turned over to the Easter Seals to go toward purchasing items for their charities.

Ellen and Carl recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

We offer our sincere sympathy to Carl and their four children. We will all miss this gracious lady.

(Thanks to Ruth Bailey and Shirley Leeson for this Information.)

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