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CFMS President 1984

Charles Leach

Charles Leach died this morning, January 20, 2002. He would have been 82 on February 3rd. He died of a broken heart. The doctors just couldn't fix it.

Many of you knew Charley, he was the one of those who worked hard behind the scenes doing what was best for the Federation. He is one of the last of those people who really cared...

He was one of the 'three Musketeers" that sat at the Endowment Table for years at the annual AFMS shows asking for your contributions to further enhance the financial stability of the AFMS. Along with Glen and Dorothy Lee and Bill and Edna Cox, you could expect to see a booth with wonderful donations from all their friends and wait with expectation as to who was going to win something special. Some of those items have become priceless collectables....because of who they came from. Charley was able to talk his way around any barrier anyone put up to deter his enthusiasm in "giving" And he watched over it with the fervor of a father watching over a child. We knew it was in good hands because Charley was in charge.

Charley was proud of three things; Betty, the Marine Corps, and his Oklahoma roots.

There were lots of wonderful times. New Orleans, Disney World, the ice cream at Notre Dame, Chocolate by Death, dinners and too many other times that pass through your mind when you think of Charley. He was the one with the button, "Charley Who."

Betty asks that you think of the last time you were with Charley. To give, in his name, to the charity of YOUR CHOICE, if you feel a need to honor him, and to know he's on the parade ground in heaven with the Corps. He'll wait for us, and keep things in order till we see him again....

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