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CFMS President 1974 to 1975

Sharr Choate

Sharr had a very special place in all of our. hearts. As long as we are a Federation we will see her many perky designs and touches which are such a great part of our Federation symbols. She was always willing to help when we needed a new emblem for some cause. Many, of our manuals carry covers which she designed; "Benny" Bear from- our recent C. Y. M. S. Show, our CFMS pin, our judges pin, the cover on our Newsletter, and our lovely trophies, as well as a great many of the other designs which we use all remind us of Sharr's help.

She served for many years in a great many capacities within the Federation. She was President of the Federation in 1974-75 and had served on the CFMS Rules Committee and on the AFMS Rules Committee. She was always at the Rules Committee meetings and helped do much to improve the rules and make them easier for the competitors to understand and follow. At the time of her death she was serving the Federation as Trophy Coordinator and Rules Historian. She had recently set up a special jewelry trophy, the Choate trophy.

During her presidency the CFMS Scholarship was established and she contributed generously to it. In 1981 she was selected as a Scholarship Honoree and was very proud of this award.

Sharr was always present at workshops and seminars which were held in the Bay Area and usually participated in them. She gave very generously of her time and was always ready to help anyone who had a problem she could solve. She had been active in all facets of our hobby and was knowledgeable in many things.

Her books have been an inspiration to all of us who wanted to work with jewelry and she wrote many articles for the Lapidary Journal and other hobby I magazine.

In 1979 Sharr received the Golden Bear Award and everyone who was present at that meeting knew how surprised she was and how very happy she was to receive the award. Truly she deserved it for all of her many years of devoted service to the Federation and its members.

Sharr was a member of the Campbell Gem & Mineral Guild. San Jose Lapidary Society, Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society, and the Gem & Mineral Society of San Mateo where she had served as President and had been Federation Director for many years.

SHARR CHOATE, Past President the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies, passed away in late January. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her happy smile.

She was a loving mother, a loyal friend, and devoted hobbyist who continually worked to improve our hobby. She was a past AFMS Rules Chairman and CFMS Rules Chairman having served CFMS many times. Her service to CFMS earned for her the prestigious Golden Bear Award given only to those who have served CFMS and aided in its betterment. She was also an Honorary Awardee of the CFMS Scholarship program, an honor she cherished, since she had been a prime instigator of the CFMS program. Her interest in education carried through to her competitive exhibit in the education class and for which she earned the CFMS Trophy in 1982.

Sharr was well known for her books on casting and silver and goldsmithing. She was knowledgeable in all phases of the hobby and was always willing to share her vast knowledge with others. She was artist, jeweler, lapidarist and mineral collector, and sought constantly for improvement. Her artistry can be seen in dozens of club logos and patches in CFMS.

Sharr was a member of the Mineral & Gem Society of San Mateo, County and had served that society for many years as its Federation Director. She was also a member of the Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society, the San Jose Lapidary Society and the Campbell Gem & Mineral Society which she served as secretary until the time of her death. Aside from our hobby, Sharr was also a fine cartoonist.

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