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CFMS President 1970 to 1971

Toy Sato

Toy is a Past President of the CFMS. she says, "I became interested in Suiseki in 1966. Made many trips to Japan and was taught the art form by a very fundamental collector who rigidly followed the guidelines of the art. Also led numerous trips to Japan, meeting with club members who took us on collecting trips. Those on the trips were members of different societies in the CFMS. Having been to Japan 18 times, I learned a great deal about the culture and have an appreciation Suiseki. Have given programs in Miami Beach, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Allentown, and in California."

Following is a list of her programs:

  1. Field Trips to Japan & Stones of Japan - Many varieties of Japanese stones are brought for display. Slides of field trips, rock shops, and clubs in Japan are shown.
  2. Suiseki - Appreciation of Nature in Minature - Ancient Japanese art form of naturally shaped stones representing landscapes and living things. Slides are shown to teach the various aspects of this art. Specimens are taken to the program, and ideas for displaying are given.
  3. Strictly Natural - A slide program showing Nature's designs, colors, and shapes of stones.

Toy's Program on Suiseki at Delvers Club in Y2K
Suiseki Toy

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