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CFMS President 1960 to 1961

Veryle Carnahan

The CFMS Historian was notified by the niece of Veryle Carnahan that Veryle had passed away on September 24, 2004. The following information has been obtained from a number of sources regarding Veryle:

Veryle and her husband Jim were very knowledgeable about minerals. Veryle did articles for Gems and Minerals Magazine when she was Vice President of the CFMS and anyone reading those articles today would realize what an interest she had. Her library must have been extensive because of the references she used for her articles.

Mike Kokinos, an early CFMS Past President said that she was well known among Southern California mineral collectors and professional mineralogists. Mike contacted Bill Wise, professor emeritus, UC Santa Barbara and he said, "Any obituary should mention her keen ability to collect good specimens and to pursue those things that she didn't recognize. A new mineral now in process, MAZZITE-NA soon to be published resulted from her efforts."

Juanita Curtis, former CFMS Executive Secretary, and her daughter Julie, wrote "Wow, what an end to an era!" Veryle and her husband Jim were members of a mineral research society along with Juanita and Julie. Their recollections of Veryle and Jim helping children collect on field trips are still vivid.

Veryle had been ill for a number of years, according to niece Sue Kelly. She had dropped out of all association with the CFMS, but was still getting the CFMS Newsletter. Her husband, Jim passed away about five years ago.

Among those we contact for information, all said Veryle was very knowledgeable about Crestmore minerals from the Crestmore Quarry in Riverside, CA and also Boron minerals from Boron, CA.

Shirley Leeson, CFMS Historian

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