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CFMS President 1958 to 1959

Howell Lovell

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Howell Lovell's many friends in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the California and American Federations - extend their sincerest sympathies to his wife, Babe, son Howell Lovell, Jr., and daughter, Mrs. Sally Collins of Seal Beach and his four grand-children. We want them all to know their sorrow is deeply shared due to Howell's death, June 24, 1972, in Palo Alto.

Howell Lovell was a true native of the Bay area and a renowned lawyer in the San Francisco firm he shared with his son for many years.

Our mineral and gem ranks are the richer for his having been an active member of his own society since 1950 - the Gem and Mineral Society of San Mateo - and the California and American Federations. He was Organization Chairman in 1951-52 and President in 1953-54 of that peninsula society. Howell was Rules Committee Chairman from CFMS in 1956-57, first Vice President Lapidary 1957-58 and became President 1958-59, when his own society hosted the 1959 Show in San Mateo. He was also AFMS Regional Vice President. Howell started the column "Lapidary Tips" in the Gems and Minerals magazine in the November` 1957 issue. In 1958, he and Francis Marshall, another loyal CFMS lawyer member were asked by President Jack Klein to prepare a sample form of articles of incorporation for a California non-profit organization which was printed later-in the March, 1958 issue of Gems and Minerals.

Howell was an enthusiastic Federation member - speaking before many societies on casting, lapidary suggestions and tips and, hearsay has it, attended as many as three club meetings a week during his busy term as president of CFMS.

When the AFMS Scholarship Fund came into being, Howell Lovell was the first one to donate from California. How proud he must have been this year to see not the end result of that first check, but the phenomenal growth with a Scholarship in every Federation We all share that pride.

This is not really a time of sorrow, but rather a time of sharing with his family the many memories of a man who found time to join actively many organizations ranging from gem and mineral through Rose Society, Save the Redwoods League, lawyer groups and college groups. Thank you, Howell's family, for sharing him with us, too. We will all miss him but glory in his part in our hobby's growth and prestige.

Eleanor Learned, CFMS Historian

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