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CFMS President 1950 to 1952

Bob Deidrick

Bob Deidrick passed away on October 2, 1982 after a long illness. Bob was a long time member of the East Bay Mineral Society and was President in 1945-1946. Through his mineral classes he helped many students enjoy the beauty and develop the love of mineral collecting. The Mineral Study Groups in the Bay Area were organized by Bob. His life was dedicated to the study and teaching of minerals. In 1950 thru 1952 Bob was president of the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies and recently was honored by The AFMS and CFMS Scholarship Programs. He selected Students to receive grants for their continuing education.Our sympathies are extended to his wife, Melba.

A self-taught mineralogist who enjoyed the respect of rock societies nationwide. Bob had an extensive collection of minerals and a vast "teaching" library on the subject in the Oakland home he shared with his wife.

Born in Denver and a resident of the Bay area since 1922, Bob was past president of the East Bay Mineral and Gem Society, past president of the CFMS , and a memberof San Francisco's Crystal Gasers.

Bob taught for many years in the University of California adult education program. He was an honoree of the CFMS in 1980 and the AFMS in 1981.

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