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CFMS President 1946 to 1948

Orllin J. Bell

Orlin J. Bell, prominent San Francisco attorney, and resident of Berkeley, California, has long made mineralogy his hobby. He is president of the recently founded East Bay Mineral Society, which meets in Oakland.

Mr. Bell has made many field trips to localities in California and Oregon. This past summer he and his family enjoyed a "Trailer Tour" of over 3,000 miles through California and the Pacific Northwest, when numerous specimens were added to his ever-growing collection.

Orlin J. Bell president of the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies, who with the help of: Jack Streeter, vice president, Mrs. Dorothy Craig, secretary, and Modesto Leonardi, treasurer, and through the medium of Mineral Notes and News has given the Federation leadership that means future progress and better understanding among member socities and other Federations.

Taught mineral identification to Oakland Adult GD, 1958.

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