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CFMS President 1936 to 1938

John Melhase

The late John Melhase, formerly a resident of Berkeley, California, who passed away April 9, 1938. He was employed in the department of geology of the Southern Pacific Company for many years.

John Melhase was one of the founders of the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies, and served this organization as its first president. He also was a charter member of and one of the organizers of the Northern California Mineral Society.

Melhase was widely known for his work in promoting the welfare of California earth science organizations, and he gave freely of his time to present numerous programs before these groups. Many of his splendid papers, including his notable Nevada travel series of ten articles, were published in these pages.

Certainly no other person in California has done so much for the "amateur" as the late John Melhase, and it was he who first expressed a wish that some way might be found to keep the historic Golden Bear Gold Nugget in California.

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