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Golden Bear Awardee 2011

Bural LaRue

At the Awards Banquet held at the CFMS Show in Anderson, the Golden Bear Committee was pleased to present two 2011 Golden Bear Awards: one to Cal Clason and another to Bural LaRue.

Bural LaRue first began what has become a 20+ year involvement as an instructor of lost wax casting in the Earth Science Studies program at Camp White Meadow. He continues to instruct at the programís current site at Camp Paradise. He also serves on the Earth Science committee and has investigated possible sites for a youth program and backup site for the southern California program in the event Zyzxx becomes unavailable in the future.

Prior to that he served as the assistant Slide Librarian from 1985 until 1991. He served on the Golden Bear Committee from 1997 until 1999.

Bural chaired the Nominating Committee in 1999 and served on the Rules Committee from 2002 until 2004.

He was appointed interim secretary of the Executive Committee in 2004, was elected to a full term as secretary in 2005, 2nd VP in 2006, 1st VP in 2007 and President in 2008.

When CFMS was unable to secure a host for the 2008 Convention and Show, he volunteered to step in and chair a highly successful no-host show in Ventura.
Bural was the co-coordinator for the 2010 CFMS/AFMS Show in La Habra and was appointed to serve as the co-coordinator for the upcoming 2013 CFMS Show in Ventura.

Bural  currently serves as the CFMS Safety Chairman.

Special thanks to Bural for all of the time and effort he has given to CFMS.

- Frank Mullany, on behalf of the Golden Bear Committee