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Golden Bear Awardee 2010

Marion Roberts

CFMS Earth Science Studies Chair

At the Awards Banquet held at the AFMS/CFMS Show in La Habra, the Golden Bear Committee was pleased to present the 2010 Golden Bear Award to Marion Roberts.

Marion Roberts has been an outstanding member of CFMS, serving as an officer in nearly every position.

Marion has represented CFMS on the AFMS Board of Directors as Vice President, and has served on several AFMS committees. He has helped with the CFMS Earth Science Studies every year since we opened classes in the northern area and has been chairman of both North and South Earth Science Studies for several years. He continues to be the best person to do a job. He is currently seeking a new place for the program in the south. Marion also serves on the Judges Committee.

Special thanks to Marion for all of the time he gave to help with this year's AFMS/CFMS Show in La Habra, CA.

I do not know of a better person to whom we could present this honor other than Marion Roberts.

- Isabella Burns, on behalf of the Golden Bear Committee