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Golden Bear Awardee 2008

Don Ogden

CFMS Webmaster

At the recent Awards Banquet held at the CFMS Show in Ventura, the Golden Bear Committee was pleased to present two Golden Bear Awards to deserving members of the California Federation. This Award is intended to honor CFMS members who have given outstanding service to the Federation which goes beyond that which is expected in the usual course of Federation activities.

Our second Honoree was Don Ogden who created and developed a web site for the CFMS about ten years ago. Don has served as the webmaster ever since and has constantly worked to improve and enlarge the web site. He has developed an information site for club shows as well as contact information for local CFMS clubs. He has set up a great photo section and has put most of the CFMS manuals on line. His service to the California Federation is greatly appreciated by all of its members.

Both of these people have done much to help and serve the Federation and certainly deserve the recognition the Golden Bear Committee was able to give them. It was a very rewarding experience for me to be a part of this Committee and I thank those who submitted their names to the Committee.

Jeane Stultz, Chairman
Frank Mullaney
Isabella Burns
GB banquet