Camp Paradise

Earth Sience Studies

When: Aug 31 - Sep 06,2008 &
Sep 07 thru 13, 2008

Where: Camp Paradise
12725 Laporte,
Clipper Mill, CA 95930

Cost: $300 per week.

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Camp Paradise is a rustic church camp, located approximately 45 miles east of Maryville, CA on Hi-way E-21 (Clipper Mills) at an elevation of 4000feet.

Facilities - Rooms have double beds and/or bunk beds. Bathrooms and showers are communal in each building. Housekeeping is the responsbility of each guest. Also available, on a limited basis, are cabins for 4 to 8 persons (bathrooms and showers are located nearby.

RV Space with electricity and water for most spaces is available. Animals willl be allowed in the RV area only, and must be on a leash, and be picked up after.

Food - Three meals a day will be provided. Due to the lack of dietary knowledge and the various interpretations of different needs, we ask that you bring your special food items and we will do our best to prepare them for you.

Since it is a church camp, no alcoholic beverages are permitted.


  • Advanced Wire Art - 1st week.

  • Faceting - both weeks

  • Gem Carving - both weeks

  • Lapidary - both weeks

  • Soft Stone Carving - both weeks

  • Silversmithing - both weeks

  • Lost Wax and Silver Carving - both weeks

  • Beginning Wire Art - both weeks

  • Copper Enameling - both weeks

  • Glass Bead Making and Beading - both weeks

  • PMC3 Clay and Glass Fusion (Dichroic) - both weeks

Marion Roberts
1505 Plumas, Modesto CA
Anna Christiansen
(209) 538-0197

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