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President's Message
Fall Directors•   Meeting & The Camp Paradise Raffle

By C. J. Quitoriano, CFMS President

Bural LaRue - CFMS President -  2007

Hello all! It•  s almost that time again•  time for our Fall Directors•   meeting, that is! It is also time for me to ask for agenda items, not only for the big meeting, but for our Executive Committee meeting, as well. So, if anyone, including the officers, has any agenda items you want to have discussed at the Fall Executive Committee meeting, please email them to me: I will add you to the agenda, and you can present whatever you want to discuss!

Don•  t forget to get your Paradise Raffle Tickets! They are going fast! I want to make it clear, as there apparently has been some confusion about the raffle. It is NOT simply a donation, with no chance to win anything. When you buy a ticket, YOUR name goes into the drawing to win a spot at Paradise. Then a second drawing is for any club that sells at least $250 worth of tickets for the first drawing. The club•  s name will be entered into the second drawing for ANOTHER spot at Paradise, and then the winning club gets to do whatever they want to with their spot. I hope that clears that up! If you are still confused, call or email me. It•  s a lot easier to explain in person, and I don•  t want people being discouraged and not buying tickets because they don•  t think that there is anything in it for them!

All the money generated over and above the $350 to pay for the spot at Camp Paradise goes to the Endowment Fund. The Endowment fund is the lifeblood of CFMS. Our organization lives off the interest that is generated by the Endowment Fund. So, when you buy a ticket, you are helping the CFMS•  not to mention, getting a chance to win a $350 prize that leads to a great learning VACATION!!! Take Care,

- CJ


By Jim Brace-Thompson

Jim Brace-Thompson

As posted in the above Calendar section in the last few issues, Oct. 7 is the deadline to get Officer & Chairmen's reports to Pat LaRue for distributing at the Directors•   Meeting meeting. If you miss that deadline, please print and bring 100 copies of your report to Visalia.

Final Reminders for Fall Meeting

By Pat LaRue

Pat LaRue

A final reminder: the Fall Business meeting and election of 2010 Officers will be held November 6-8 at the Holiday Inn Plaza Park, off Hwy 198 in Visalia, CA. Take Hwy 198 exit east from Hwy 99. You will see the hotel located just south of the first off ramp past the airport. Make reservations at the Holiday Inn by phone at (559) 651-5000. Tell them you are with CFMS for the $89/night rate (not available on the Internet). Cut-off date for this rate is Oct. 23. First night•  s deposit or guarantee by credit card must accompany your reservation.

A Cracker Barrel will be held 7:30 PM Friday evening. Holiday Inn policy forbids bringing snack foods to the meetings. The Business Meeting will be called to order on Sat., November 7, at 9 AM. President-elect Fred Ott will have a brief meeting of his 2010 committee chairpersons on Sunday morning, time to be announced. We will enjoy a Miner 49 Barbecue Dinner for the Saturday night banquet; price, $36 (includes tax & gratuity). Make banquet reservations by October 31 by mailing your check payable to CFMS to: Pat LaRue, PO Box 1657, Rialto, CA 92377-1657

- Pat

Joint Meeting at Directors Meeting in Visalia

By Norvie Enns & Dick Pankey

Norvie Enns Dick Pankey

The PLAC committee and ALAA will host a joint meeting in Visalia on Sat., November 7, following the Directors•   meeting. Exact time and location will be announced at the Directors•   meeting. Everyone interested in and using our public lands is welcomed and encouraged to attend. Agenda items will include: current PLAC activities and projects; details of the ALAA meeting at Billings; presentation and discussion of a proposed Rock and Mineral Specimen Collection Act; and various ALAA project proposals.

Even with the massive addition earlier this year of California public land to Wilderness Status and therefore lost to the majority of users, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are already proposing more additions to Wilderness Status. We need informed members. We need involved members. Join us at this joint PLAC/ALAA meeting and learn what is going on, how you can become informed and how you can be involved.

- Novie & Dick

2009 Results & on to 2010!

By Dot Beachler

Dot Beachler

Preparing Your Entry for 2010

I hope each club out there has been following my series and seeing just how easy it is to compile the information needed to enter your club into the 2010 All American competition if you break it down and tackle it section-by-section. Your club's loose-leaf notebook with Sections 1 and 2 completed should reflect your club•  s Information and the club•  s Service to Members and Guests. Now on to Section 3, Publications and Publicity. Items to cover:

  • What is the name of your club bulletin?
  • Who is the editor?
  • Where were the meeting notices posted and where published?
  • Show fliers: where posted and published?
  • Did you use radio or TV to publicize your club meetings and club show?

Copies of printed material to support the above information should include not only articles about your club but include members, too. There - if you've been following along each month, Sections 1, 2, and 3 are finished! Next month: on to Section 4!

2009 AFMS Results

Here are the AFMS All American judging results from the national show in Billings:

Small Clubs

Silver Medal Awards:

  • Sutter Buttes Gem & Mineral Society, Marysville, CA (CFMS)
  • Lincoln Gem & Mineral Club, Lincoln, NE (MWF)
  • West Central Illinois Rock & Mineral Club, Macomb, IL (MWF)
  • Wisconsin Geological Society, West Allis, WI (MWF)

Bronze Medal Award:

  • Waco Gem & Mineral Club, Woodway, TX (SCFMS)
Large Clubs

Gold Medal Awards:

  • Mother Lode Mineral Society, Empire, CA (CFMS) - First Place
  • El Dorado County Mineral & Gem Society, Placerville, CA (CFMS)

Silver Medal Awards:

  • Clackamette Mineral & Gem Corp. of Oregon, Oregon City, OR (NFMS)
  • Tulsa Rock & Mineral Society, Tulsa, OK (RMFMS)

Congratulations to our CFMS clubs participating this year. You've done us proud

- Dot

AFMS Bulletin Editor•  s Contest Winners

By Doug Arnold

Doug Arnold

After I submitted my article for last month, I received the list of 2009 AFMS Bulletin Editor•  s Contest winners. There are a number of CFMS winners on it, I•  m proud to report. Those honored by the AFMS were:

II. Original Adult Articles, Honorable Mention

  • "Try a Club Awareness Project," by John Eichhorn, Santa Clara Valley G&MS, Breccia, 2/08
  • "Credibility & Character, A Necessary Aspect of Our Hobby and Our Future," by Jennifer Haley, Napa Valley R&GC, NAPA GEMS, 12/08
  • "How Not to Go on a Field Trip, A Fairy Tale," by Debbie Hood, Orcutt MS, Ore-Cutts, 8/08
III. Original Adult Articles Advanced, Top 10

  • 10. "Lapis Lazuli," by Chuck Boblenz, Santa Clara Valley G&MS, Breccia, 3/08
IV. Original Adult Articles Advanced, Honorable Mention

  • "Venus de Refugio," by Ralph Bishop, Orcutt MS, Ore-Cutts, 8/08
V. Junior Articles •   Under 12, Top 10

  • 2. "Our Trip to Sharktooth Hill," by Casey Long (11), Mother Lode MS, MLMS Ghost Sheet, 2/08
  • 4. "Adventures at the County Fair Display," by Jay Kahling (8), El Dorado County M&GS, Petroglyphs, 9/08
VI. Junior Articles •   12 to 17, Top 10 (8 entries)

  • 7. "Thanksgiving at Lavic Siding," by Rodney Duncan (12), Mother Lode MS, MLMS Ghost Sheet, 1/08
VII. Written Features, Top 10

  • 10. "From the President•  s Pen," by Jim Hutchings, Roseville Rock Rollers, The Rollin•   Rock, 11/08
VIII. Written Features, Honorable Mention

  • "The Gold Bug," by Jim Barton, Roseville Rock Rollers, The Rollin•   Rock, 11/08
  • "Be a SHOW-OFF!" by Terry Yoschak, Roseville Rock Rollers, The Rollin•   Rock, 11/08
XII. Junior Poetry (5 entries)

  • 1. "Christmas Rocks," by Austin Reeves (11), Mother Lode MS, MLMS Ghost Sheet, 12/08
XIII. New Editors, Top 10

  • 1. No first place winner
  • 2. Diablo Diggings, 12/08, Bonnie Eichler, Ed., Contra Costa M&GS, Walnut Creek, CA (CFMS)
  • 5. The Conglomerate, 10/08, Barbara Hardman, Ed., Reno G&MS, Sparks, NV (CFMS)
  • 8. Rock Chips, 10/08, Dorothy Tonnecliff, Ed., Stockton M&LC, Stockton, CA (CFMS)
XVI. Small Bulletins, Top 10

  • 2. Ore Cutts, 5/08, Deborah Hood, Ed., Orcutt MS, Santa Maria, CA (CFMS)
XVII. Small Bulletins, Honorable Mention

  • Rock Writing, 5/08, Jeanne Boone, Ed., Nevada County G&MS, Nevada City, CA (CFMS)
XVIII. Large Bulletins, Top 10

  • 1. Petroglyphs, 5/08, Merryan O•  Neill, Ed., El Dorado M&GS, Placerville, CA (CFMS)
  • 6. Breccia, 11/08, June Harris, Ed., Santa Clara Valley G&MS, San Jose, CA (CFMS)
  • 8. Ghost Sheet, 5/08, Chris Whittier, Ed., Mother Lode MS, Modesto, CA (CFMS)

If I missed anybody, please let me know. By the time you see this, I should have the changes to the 2010 contest on the web site. Some of you were already honored by the AFMS in their 2009 contest with some of the categories that were added.

Think about what needs to be entered for the 2010 contest. Entry deadline is Dec. 10. There is some great work out there, so get your entries in! If you have any questions drop me an email at

- Doug

A Field Trip Wedding

By Shep Koss & Adam Dean

Shep Koss Adam Dean

Rockhounds are invited to come and celebrate a one-of-a-kind Rockhound Wedding & Field Trip! Adam Dean & Teresa Felix will be united in matrimony and invite rockhounds far and wide to come together and join us for a day of fun in the Cady Mountains on Nov. 7. The day will begin with a ceremony at 10:00 AM at the Afton Canyon Campground (directions below), followed by a potluck luncheon. At Noon, we will begin the field trip, led by the bride and groom and Shep to a favorite location, a little-known area with many kinds of rocks in float (agates, jaspers, and even a wonderful plume agate). Dress to rockhound! No gifts; if you so desire, there will be a money tree at the wedding.

Directions to Afton Canyon campground, if coming from the north (Las Vegas): South on I-15. Exit on Afton Cyn. Rd.; turn left. Cross over the freeway overpass. Follow the dirt road 2.5 miles to the top of a rise. The group campground is about 0.5 mile from the regular campground. If coming from the south (Barstow): North on I-15. Exit on Afton Cyn. Rd.; turn right. Follow the dirt road 2.5 miles to the top of a rise. The group campground is about 0.5 mile from the regular campground. GPS: enter your destination as Dunn, California. From the freeway to the campground there is a good dirt road, with no need for 4wd, but 4wd will be necessary to the collecting site. If you lack 4wd, come to the campground and join a collecting carpool!

From Shep, happy hunting, and from Adam, best wishes and better stones!

- Shep & Adam

Remembering 2009 Awardees; Seeking 2010 Nominees

By Isabella Burns

Isabella Burns

Our CFMS Golden Bear Awards are given in recognition of outstanding service to the CFMS. Our 2009 recipients were:/p

  • Dorothy (Dot) Beacherler, Chair of the All American Club Awards;
  • Colleen McGann, CFMS Representative to AFMS; and
  • Dick Pankey, President of American Land Access Association.

The Golden Bear Award was started in 1960 for members who had contributed many hours of their time to help build the great programs that have made the CFMS the organization it is. Thanks to effort of dedicated volunteers over the years, today we enjoy many projects and opportunities, just a few of which include the Earth Science Camps, CFMS Scholarship Awards, Juniors Activities, Education Through Sharing, All American Awards, and many more./p

Nominations for this award may be made by the Executive Committee, a Federation Director, or by a CFMS Committee Chair. So start thinking of anyone you think may deserve this recognition at our 2010 Show and Convention, and send in your nominations!/p

- Izzie

2010 Dues & Insurance Payment Deadline

By Bud McMillen

Bud McMillen

No insurance question this month; instead, a reminder that dues and insurance payments will be due between 31 December 2009 and 28 February 2010 for the 2010 year. Per the CFMS Bylaws & Operating Regulations dated May 2004, page 3(1991), Section 6, sub paragraph (a): "A Member Society shall become DELINQUENT if either the annual dues or insurance premium has not been paid by March 1st of each year and the Federation Treasurer shall so notify each delinquent Society at that time. Sub paragraph (b): A DELINQUENT Member Society may not participate in Federation activities, shall not receive regular mailings and SHALL NOT BE COVERED BY THE FEDERATION•  S LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY."

I remind all local societies of this at this time as you make plans and hold elections for your new officers and boards and draft new budgets for next year. It is important to make your dues and insurance payment prior to March 1, or you will not have coverage under the CFMS liability policy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Finally, a reminder: as noted last month, we're pleased to host Patt McDaniel of McDaniel Insurance Services for an Insurance Question and Answer Session starting 1:00 PM, Saturday, November 7, at next month's Board of Directors meeting in Visalia. I look forward to meeting the representative from your society there!

- Bud

Supporting the AFMS Birthstone Stamps Campaign with Your Juniors

By Jim Brace-Thompson

Jim Brace-Thompson

For some time now, Wendell Mohr has been encouraging us all to lobby the U.S. Postal Service via the Citizen•  s Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) to create a set of U.S. postage stamps around the theme of the 12 birthstones. Wendell is Commemorative Stamp Chairman of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, and many have supported him in his effort. For instance, AFMS Past President Shirley Leeson and President Joy Bourne have spread the word; in fact, Nancy and I spent a little time manning a booth at the 2008 Tucson show, where Shirley, Dee Holland, and other AFMS officers were diligently distributing literature to all passers-by beneath a large poster depicting the traditional birthstones. And Bob Jones devoted his entire •  On the Rocks•   column in the recent July 2009 issue of Rock & Gem magazine to this effort.

I encourage all clubs to turn this into a special project for their pebble pups and junior members. This presents a perfect opportunity to teach kids about gemstones via the ever-popular avenue of birthstones. Hold a group talk about gems in general and birthstones in particular, or assign kids to learn about their own birthstones and report back at the next meeting. Our AFMS Future Rockhounds of America Badge Program offers a •  Gemstone Lore & Legend•   badge, and unit 13.2 focuses on birthstones. So you can also help your club•  s junior members earn an FRA badge!

Information about birthstones is contained within our Badge Manual, and Bob Jones•   article referenced above tells where each birthstone can be collected within the United States, along with other fascinating tidbits about birthstones.

To cap off the exercise of learning about birthstones, you can teach about the political process by having your club•  s kids draft a group petition, individual letters, or both to mail to: Citizens•   Stamp Advisory Committee, Stamp Development, U.S. Postal Service, 1735 N. Lynn St., Room 5013, Arlington, VA 22209-6432. Also, point your computer to on our AFMS web site for helpful info to use in this endeavor, including a colorful key to birthstones for each month, courtesy of wonderful photos from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The CSAC receives 50,000 proposals for new stamps or stamp sets each year, so they need to hear from a lot of voices to support and approve any one proposal. Let them hear the voices of children from across our fair Federation!

Working with your club•  s kids in this effort is one way to educate about captivatingly beautiful gemstones, about the political process, and, as always, about having fun!

- Jim

Important Changes in the AFMS Scholarship

By Dee Holland, President
AFMS Scholarship Foundation

Dee Holland

For some time the AFMS Scholarship Foundation has been having a hard time with the second year of the scholarships for students selected by the Regional Honorees. Many times the student chooses to not continue and the Honoree is asked to choose a second student. This all takes time and can get very confusing.

So at the AFMS Scholarship Foundation•  s meeting in Billings, Montana in August we asked the directors to vote on the following. Select an Honoree for 2010; the Honoree selects the school, and helps the school select two students. For this one year only, students would receive $2,000, each. There would be no second-year funds for these students.

Then the following year, regional presidents would select the honoree, and each of the six honorees would select the school, help the school select two students, and each of these students would receive $4,000, for one year only. So now in 2011, instead of students receiving $2000 each year for two years, they would receive $4000 for one year only. The proposal to change our Operating Procedure to accommodate this new method was overwhelmingly passed.

Here comes the challenge. Emerson Tucker, incoming AFMS President has challenged the six regional federations to raise the money so we can give those students who will only receive $2,000 in 2010 additional money. Maybe even come up with the total additional $2,000 for each student for a total of $4000 to be paid out in 2010. Maybe? It•  s up to YOU! At the stone auction in Billings, the money raised for the AFMS Scholarship Foundation was $13,250. The Inter Mountain Faceters who sponsored the event for the Scholarship has consented to make the money •  unrestricted.•   And the •  Doc Bob•   auction raised an additional $1,000, which also will go into the •  unrestricted•   fund. So we•  re asking all of you to donate to this •  unrestricted•   fund. We•  ll need $9,750 to reach our goal. WILL YOU HELP US? Make check payable to: •  AFMS Scholarship Foundation•   UNRESTRICTED. We are asking you to run your checks through your regional scholarship chairman so you and/or your club can get credit for your donations.

Within the CFMS, checks should be sent to your Regional Scholarship Chair, Betty Pankey, 4310 Kingsly Dr. Pittsburg, CA 94565-6267


By Betty Pankey,
Scholarship - AFMS

As CFMS Scholarship Chair for AFMS, I'd like to accept the challenge and ask all clubs to please help. Our region needs to raise around $1,625. I know we can come up with this small amount. If the other regions do their share, together we can beat this challenge. Remember: if you do decide to help, please make sure you specify that it is for •  unrestricted funds.•   I will also be at Visalia and would be glad to accept checks at the meeting.

- Dee & Betty

Seeking 2010 Scholarship Honorees & Donations to Our Scholarship Fund

By Jennifer Haley

We have not had any nominations for Scholarship Honorees for the year 2010 yet. Every year we hope to receive these nominations prior to the November Business Meeting. Some of you know a person who has made great contributions toward furthering the purposes and goals of CFMS. For each Honoree there will be a student who will receive a $2,000 scholarship from CFMS. If we don't have Honorees we don't give out Scholarships. As a reminder, the person does not need to be a member of a club or society. This is a very special way to say thank you to someone and to join in the celebration of also honoring a student. The students are there, folks. It's the Honorees we need now. In speaking with some of the universities this past month, I am hearing about students working many jobs to help pay for tuition which is unfortunately interfering with their studies. This is a big change since the spring of this year when I last spoke with the student coordinators. Donations to the Scholarship Fund have been low this year, which is understandable with the economy. I am optimistic though. Remember, small donations are just as valuable as the bigger ones. Thank you!

- Jennifer


By John Martin, AFMS Conservation & Legislation Committee

John Martin, More Wilderness Proposals in the Wind

You know the old saying •  Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer,•   well, I have just received the latest copy of the California Wilderness Coalition newsletter, and they are at it again. They are requesting donations to support their lobbing efforts to sway our Senators to create and pass legislation to create new wilderness areas throughout the deserts of California. In addition to the massive land grab represented by the Omnibus bill that passed earlier this year, they are requesting proposed legislation for over 400,000 more acres to be added as wilderness areas or, worse, to be included in national parks or monuments. Some of the new wilderness areas being discussed encompass over 260,000 acres that include the Avawats Mountains north of Baker and the Soda Mountains north of I-15 between Barstow and Baker; both areas contain prime collecting grounds. They propose another 80,000 acres between Fort Irwin and Death Valley National Park (an area known as the •  Bowling Alley•  ) be added to the national park. The creation of several new national monuments and national parks in the California deserts is also on their agenda, which would eliminate all collecting in those areas. Also under consideration are the Deep Creek area of the San Bernardino Mountains and Surprise Canyon of the Panamint Mountains for inclusion in the Wild and Scenic River Designations. The Castle Mountains are located along the California-Nevada border and are surrounded on three sides by the Mojave National Preserve, and over 30,000 acres are being considered for induction into that Preserve.

All these new proposals would put a real damper on our ability to drive in, collect at, camp on and enjoy our public desert lands if enacted. Please consider contacting your elected officials before it is too late, or the only displays to fill our cases at rock shows in the future will be photographs we have bought from the lobby groups, like the Sierra Club or California Wilderness Coalition. We have our own Lobby group and I encourage you to help support our effort to counter these other groups by supporting, joining or donating to the American Lands Action Association (ALAA) and help save our collecting areas and keep our Public Lands open to all public users.

- John

Looking for Something New & Interesting to Add to Your Show?

By Terry McMillin

Terry McMillin

Are you looking for something new and interesting to add to your show? Something that will increase attendance? Then be sure to check out the Demonstrators Directory now on the CFMS web site. This is a list of dynamic people who enjoy sharing their talents with others. It provides information on what they demonstrate, any requirements they might have, how far they will travel and contact information. My club, The Mother Lode Mineral Society, has over 40 demonstrators participate at our show each year, in fact we have so many we find it necessary to rotate them throughout the two days. They are a valued part of our show, and we make sure to include information about them in our advertising. Demonstrators introduce our guests to a wide variety of lapidary disciplines in progress and provide an opportunity for them to talk with the artisans. Dealers love having demonstrations because it generates sales. The CFMS Demonstrators Directory is updated frequently to assure that the information is current.

Please contact me if you would like to be included on the list, have suggestions or questions.

- Terry

Calling All Green Thumbs!

By Nancy Bird

Nancy Bird

Hi! I'm asking for help with plants next year at the combined AMFS/CFMS/NOC show. I always grow and sell plants at the Downey Delvers (where I'm Federation Director) and the North Orange County club shows, and if you can help me by donating plants and/or time at the booth, I would truly appreciate it. Please contact me: or 562 697-0636.

I'm going to set up a 3-hour block sign-up sheet, and I would also like an idea of whatever you might be bringing. The plant table will be outside but will be facing north with an overhang. I grow plumerias, succulents, bromeliads, epihylliums, and scented geraniums. Succulent dish gardens seem to go over really well; I get the containers at yard sales, etc., and stuff them full. Anything you might want to donate would be welcome, though having a botanical and common name on the plant would save me time. Thanks in advance for your help!

- Nancy

AFMS ANNUAL SHOW 2009 AFMS Webmasters Contest:
And the Winner Is•  

Merryan O´┐ŻNeill

By Merryan O•  Neill, AFMS Web Site Contest

Terry Yoschak

Congratulations to Terry Yoschak, Roseville Rock Rollers webmaster, for placing 1st in the 2009 AFMS Webmasters Contest! Terry had, of course, also placed 1st in the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CFMS) regional contest. Terry Yoschak, Webmaster of the Year!

Phyllis George, Ad Hoc AFMS Web Site Contest Chair, reported that the 2009 Webmasters Contest was a great success. The webmasters of 46 web sites across the country entered in their respective regions. Seven regional finalists competed at the AFMS level. The scoring was very close, with results as follows:

  • 1st Place: Terry Yoschak, CFMS, Roseville Rock Rollers Gem & Mineral Society, Roseville, CA,
  • 2nd Place: Mike Baldwin, SFMS, Memphis Archaeological & Geological Society, Collierville, TN,
  • 3rd Place (tie): Susan Appleby, NFMS, Willamette Agate & Mineral Society, Salem, OR,
  • 3rd Place (tie): Phyllis George, SCFMS, Houston Gem & Mineral Society, Houston, TX,
  • 5th Place: Bob Loeffler, RMFMS, North Jeffco Gem & Mineral Club, Arvada, CO,
  • 6th Place: Joe Mulvey, EFMLS, Micromounters of New England, Nashua, NH,
  • 7th Place: Milton Michael Bamfield, MFMGS, Parma Lapidary Club, Cleveland, OH,

Phyllis further reported, •  Now that the word is out and people are aware that there is a club Web Site Contest, I feel confident that there may be twice as many entries for the 2010 contest. The name of the contest is now officially changed to •  AFMS Web Site Contest,•   and the Entry Form, Score Sheet, and Score Sheet Guidelines are all greatly modified•  the judges and Contest Chairs evaluated the forms used during the 2009 contest and suggested major improvements. So the 2010 contest is even more focused on creating web sites that greatly benefit their clubs.•  

I am proud of the 12 CFMS society webmasters who entered the 2009 regional competition. This was a high number for the first year, and I believe it was the most entries from a single region. We still have that pioneering spirit out here in the great West! I hope those who participated will return and that we will have many new entries in the 2010 contest.

I will again be the web site committee chair for the CFMS region. The 2010 AFMS Web Site Contest forms and guidelines will be available in pdf format on the CFMS web site ( and the AFMS web site ( Be sure to review the new guidelines for important information about scoring. These guidelines can help you tune up your web site even if you don•  t enter.

To participate in the contest, society webmasters need to download and fill out an Entry Form and the heading on the Score Sheet and email the 2 forms to me. You will find the fill-in form to be very convenient. All you need is Acrobat Reader Version 9, which you can download for free at Please also see my memo posted on the CFMS web site for specifics about entering our regional competition.

The deadline for entering the 2010 AFMS Web Site Contest at the CFMS regional level is January 10, 2010. The CFMS and AFMS contest winners will both be announced and awards given at the Sunday Bulletin Editors•   and Webmasters•   Breakfast at the joint CFMS/AFMS Show & Convention to be held June 18-20, 2010. The show will be hosted by the North Orange County Gem & Mineral Society of La Habra and will be held in nearby Whittier, CA.

Last year, I compiled a list of sites and webmasters from information given on the CFMS website and/or sites that I could find via search engines. I•  ll be sending out a reminder notice to webmasters in November, so I would appreciate it if you would let me know if your web site contact information has changed. You can contact me at

- Merryan