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President's Message
Here's to the Show!

By C. J. Quitoriano, CFMS President

C. J. Quitoriano - CFMS President -  2007

Hi Everyone! As I write, I am traveling home from the Ventura show! I promised Jim B-T that I would write my message and get it to him by tonight, and he promised me that he would try to put a better picture in the newsletter! This weekend I knew how Brittney Spears must feel, I had Paparazzi (Jim) chasing me around taking pictures! He says he•  s going to use a different (horrible) picture of me every issue of the newsletter. I also made it into the local paper, so I guess Jim wasn•  t the only one snapping a camera at me! I have a feeling he•  s going to use that one next•  only because he told me he was going to! He has my permission; at least in that one, you can•  t see my face!

Anyway, enough about me•  I hope you all are planning to attend our big show? I also hope everyone is planning on displaying? Last year, we had a great showing with all of the cases. Let•  s try and top that! I will be putting in a case of beads and spheres and jewelry, so I want to see what YOU have!

This year at Ventura, Dee Holland, Shirley Leeson, and Marion & Vivian Roberts came out to do critiques on entries in the show. I thought that was really gracious of them! I am sure they might yell at me for this•  but I bet if you were to ask them to come to your show and do the same, they might just do it! Their addresses and phone numbers are in the newsletter! Ain•  t I a devil?

By the way, everyone should be taking advantage of the Program Directory and the Demonstrator/Dealer Directory this year for your meetings and shows! Ted and Terry will gladly send you copies of the directories if you just drop them a line. Both Directories have lots of info about people who put on programs or who demonstrate in your area and throughout the state. These are underused resources that everyone should be using!

Paradise is coming sooner than you think, so get your applications in; I hope to see many of you there! Meanwhile, see you at the show!

- CJ

No Newsletter Next Month

By Jim Brace-Thompson

Jim Brace-Thompson

Per our By-Laws, because of the time consumed by everyone•  s duties preparing for and attending our annual show, there is no Newsletter the month following the show. So everyone gets a one-month break from preparing articles! The next newsletter will be our June issue.


IN MEMORIAM: Rosemarie Young, CFMS Past President

By Marion F. Roberts, MLMS/CFMS

Rosemarie Young

Rosemarie Young left us on February 26, 2009, while living near family in Anacortes, Washington. Rosemarie and Jess were long-time members of the Mother Lode Mineral Society.

Both were very active and served in many roles for the society. Avid rockhounds, they participated in collecting, fabricating, carving, and exhibiting in show after show. Rosemarie served in many capacities as an MLMS member and, most notably, was a long-time Ghost Sheet Editor for the club.

I personally had to thank Rosemarie for her involvement, her always good advice, her encouragement, and her ever-present offer to help me edit the CFMS Newsletter when I stepped in and was elected 2nd Vice President in 2003.

Any cards or remembrances may be sent to: Mike & Joyce Young, 3710 Fidalgo Bay Road, Anacortes, WA 98221.

Rosemarie, rest in peace. You will be greatly missed.

- Marion

Seeking Your Participation!

By June Harris

June Harris

Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society is hosting the 2009 CFMS Annual Show & Convention, April 17-19, 2009, at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, 344 Tully Road, San Jose. We are requesting support from all our sister CFMS clubs. Please pass along this request along to your membership. Here are areas where we need your help:

  • Demonstrators: If your club has someone with great skills in a particular lapidary art, we would love for them to demonstrate it at the show. Check the CFMS web site for the entry form for demonstrators. Complimentary day passes are given for each day the demonstrator demonstrates for a minimum of four hours. Please return the form ASAP so that we can complete our floor layout and master schedule as soon as possible.

  • Exhibitors: Competitive display cases and individual items, and non-competitive display cases are requested. If anyone in your organization has a spectacular display case, ask them to enter it. Someone has incredible lapidary skills or an incredible collection of minerals or fossils, ask them to enter. Complimentary day passes for all exhibitors! If you are entering in the competitive arena, you will want to make sure you attend the banquet on Saturday night to collect any awards or trophies you have won. Look for the Advance Registration Form on the web site to reserve your banquet tickets.

  • Advance Registration: If you are planning to attend the show, purchase your tickets in advance by using our Advance Registration Form. Support the CFMS with your ticket purchases. Single day tickets are $6.00 and 3-day passes are $12.00. Editors won•  t want to miss the Editor•  s Breakfast. Also, any of your members who were entered in the article competition will want to attend the Sunday morning breakfast, as well. Their awards will be waiting for them at this breakfast. The Saturday night Awards Banquet tickets are available as well on this form. Please be sure to make your check out to "Nature•  s Showcase."

  • Working at the show: If you would like to lend your support by working a booth or station during the CFMS show, please visit the hospitality booth in the Expo Hall and volunteer your services. There will be a master list of open positions. There are always positions available with security. Your help will provide an invaluable service to the CFMS and the SCVGMS. Please be generous with your time and energy.

  • Camping: Make a weekend trip of it and support this important show. Camping is available on site for your convenience. Please use the camping registration form (see CFMS web site) to reserve your site. Please make your check out to "Nature•  s Showcase."

  • Lodging: We have great news about wonderful accommodations for anyone coming into town for the show. We have worked out a fantastic deal with the San Jose Marriott. See Frank Mullaney's article for details.

We thank you in advance for your generous support of the 2009 CFMS Show. Remember, your support is critical to the success of the show, The CFMS forms and info are available on our club web site,, and the CFMS web site,, as well as attached to this email. Return your forms right away; deadlines are approaching! We look forward to meeting representatives from each and every CFMS club at the show. See you at the show! Thank you, CFMS and the Santa Clara Valley Gem and Mineral Society.

- June

AFMS/FRA Badges for Kids

By June Harris

June Harris

To CFMS affiliated clubs, as a CFMS Junior Activities Committee Member and SCVGMS Kids Area Coordinator, I'm pleased to announce that the Santa Clara Valley Gem & Mineral Society will offer the AFMS Future Rockhound Badge Program at our upcoming CFMS show April 17-19 at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose. It's our hope that each sister club will encourage their Junior members to attend to CFMS show and complete up to five badges there. Your club does not have to have a Junior Program that has adopted the AFMS Future Rockhound Badge Program for your Junior members to enjoy this opportunity. Every CFMS Junior club member already is able to earn these achievements.

Make the 2009 CFMS show a club field trip, a bus trip, or energy-conserving carpool. Better yet, make it a camping field trip. All are a possibility! Don•  t miss this opportunity to enhance your Junior members•   rock experiences. Email to get a program flyer, then please get this info to your organization•  s board members, Junior advisor, and any Junior member•  s families. We hope that this added attraction to the CFMS show will help support all the CFMS club Junior members and their activities.

Via this unique opportunity, we will be offering the following badges at the show: Rocks and Minerals, Earth Resources, Fossils, Earth Processes, and Gemstone Lore and Legend. So notify your Junior advisor and Junior members to set aside a day to visit the CFMS show during the weekend of April 17-19, and to work on the AFMS Future Rockhound Badge program. Other badge requirements can be worked on at the show. For instance, Juniors can enter a display case at the show and work on their Showmanship badge. Hope to see all of you at the show!

- June


By Frank Mullaney, Show Chair

Frank Mullaney

To all CFMS show attendees: We have great news on some wonderful accommodations for anyone coming into town for the Gem and Mineral Show on April 17-19.

We have worked out a fantastic deal with the San Jose Marriott located at 301 South Market Street, San Jose, California, 95113.

We have a conference rate of $89 per night (plus tax) if you call 1-800-228-9290 and refer to the CFMS Show. Please get your reservations in by April 3, 2009 for the best price. Parking is available on the nearby city parking lots for a maximum of $7 or $12 per day or you can use the Marriott's Valet for $25 per day.

The Marriott is also proud to announce their new bar, Tanq, and their celebrity chef, Michael Mina, in the Arcadia Restaurant. Coupons for the restaurant will be available in our Show Program and at the Show.

I would also like to thank the San Jose Marriott for the complimentary suite that they are giving our guest dinosaur speaker, Mr. Richard Wade. Mr. Wade is one of the foremost authorities on dinosaurs and will be presenting a special program at 11 am and 2 pm everyday. You must come and see his presentation and stay at the Marriott if you need accommodation.

- Frank


By Dot Beachler

Dot Beachler

At this time last month I reported that only two clubs had entered their books with the All American Program. Surprise! Another book entered late. This book is from the El Dorado Mineral & Gem Society. Presently, all books are with a third Judge and are being judged. Upon conclusion of this regional process, they will be forwarded to the American Federation for national judging.

Now is the time for all clubs to consider entering this program next year. Put this on your club•  s agenda, and select members now to work on this project. The form for entering is on our web site. Download it, and work from there. It informs the club about the activities requested.

Hope to see many clubs next year!

- Dot

Register for Camp Paradise and Zzyzx

By Marion F. Roberts

Marion F. Roberts

This will be the last article before Camp Paradise, so if you still want to attend, contact us now. I am writing this on March 2, 2009, and the count for camp is at 55 or more, and the maximum will be 75.

Also Camp Zzyzx is sure to fill fast since applications are being taken as of March 1st, so be prepared. If you have questions about either camp, please call me or either of the coordinators.

- Marion


By Loretta Ogden

Loretta Ogden

The Pasadena Lapidary Society proudly declares Henry Debick our Rockhound of the Year. Henry is a society member from the early days of the club•  s existence and has served in many capacities. He was one of the original group of members who worked very closely with the Boy Scouts of America and helped the young men earn their various badges including Geology.

Henry has been closely involved in other areas of the club•  s functions. He served many years as Field Trip or co-leader on the monthly rockhounding trips. Henry•  s name has been synonymous with the club•  s annual show, and for many years he oversaw set-up, electrical connections, tear-down and close down. He has been an avid exhibiter, proudly displaying the many faceted gemstones produced on his faceting machine and willingly embraced the teaching of those individuals who expressed an interest in faceting or other gemstone crafts. Pasadena Lapidary Society Salutes you, Henry Debick!

- Loretta

Jasper, Travertine, Tourmaline, & More!

By Shep Koss & Adam Dean

Adam Dean

April 25 Field Trip -Join us at Lavic Siding, in the heart of the Mojave! Weather can be unpredictable this time of year so dress accordingly. We will be collecting the world famous Lavic jasper, which comes in a multitude of colors and can be brecciated, layered or solid with veins of white, black or blue agate. Details: Shep Koss

  • When: 10 AM, Sat., April 25
  • Where: Lavic Siding
  • Material: Jasper
  • Meet: hotel/restaurant parking lot in Ludlow south of
    I-40, where waiver-of-liability forms will be signed
  • What to bring: collecting bags/buckets, rock hammer, spray bottles, lunch

The jasper has been found in red, black, yellow, gold, green, purple, or any combination and range from tumble-sized to football-sized. Other materials at this site may include agates and jaspers with sections of multi-shaded pink opal. Most is found as float.

Nearby is Pisgah Crater, a young volcano with an extensive lava field. This site covers a vast area between the Pisgah Crater lava fields, the railroad tracks, and the dry lake.

From the meeting spot we will caravan west to a safe crossing over the tracks, then explore various spots. This widespread field offers no shade.

Gas and food are available in Ludlow. While the roads are traversable in most high-clearance sedans, high-clearance trucks and SUVs are highly recommended.

For stay-overs, this general area also offers the southern Cady•  s for a wide variety of material, a nearby obsidian field, Dish Hill for peridot, trilobites and the Hector Hills for chalcedony, opal and agate. Bring your rock collecting guides. For these other sites, 4wd is recommended but high clearance mandatory. Stay-overs may camp at a number of undeveloped sites or at the hotel in Ludlow. Treat the desert with respect: tread lightly and pack it in/pack it out.

May 23 field trip - We head to North Edwards for some of the Mojave's most colorful onyx:

  • When: 9 AM, Sat., May 23
  • Where: North Edwards/ Castle Butte area
  • What: The Great Onyx Hunt
  • Material: Travertine onyx, silver lace onyx, honey onyx, agate, jasper, etc.
  • Meet: at the market parking lot on Clay Mine Road north of the 58 Fwy about 15 miles east of Mojave. This market is about one mile north on Clay Mine Road.

From here, it's a 15-minute drive to our first stop: the Sierra Pelona Travertine Onyx Claim. This onyx offers any combination of black, white, and red, gold, green and honey colors. Recently, the pits were opened by backhoe, exposing new large veins and boulders. Also at this site, silver lace onyx has been found and vugs containing blue agate. While much surface material is available, be prepared for hard-rock mining and digging if desired. This claim offers overnight camping (accommodating campers, RVs, and tents) and is accessible with most ordinary sedans.

Within a few miles, other sites offer honey onyx, colorful cabbing opal, various agates, jasper, and petrified palm. While most of these sites are sedan accessible, as always, high clearance vehicles are recommended for safer access.

Liability waiver forms are mandatory and will be signed at the meet site during orientation.

Being a high desert locale, the temperatures can be extreme between day and night, so dress accordingly. Sites around this claim encompass many square miles of search areas and border desert tortoise areas, so drive accordingly and bring your camera. This is open desert with no facilities, so be prepared. Nearby is the US Borax Mine, open for tours.

For further info, contact Shep or Adam (contact info, below) and visit for pics of the site.

June 6-7 field trip - Join us in San Diego County to dig up world famous tourmaline:

  • Where: The Himalaya & Oceanview Tourmaline Mines
  • When: June 6 & 7
  • Material: Tourmaline, aquamarine, kunzite, morganite, quartz crystals, etc.
  • What to bring: All you need are containers to store your finds; everything else (except food and water) will be supplied by the mines.

We have planned this trip to what we consider to be the two best and most productive tourmaline mines in the San Diego area. This trip is an overnighter. Recommended places to stay are the Lake Henshaw Resort (at the Himalaya site) and the Pala Casino/Hotel (near the Oceanview Mine).

The two sites are about 30 minutes from each other. For Oceanview, visit for details of the mine, materials, and policies. The trip includes an optional tour of the mine (very educational).

Visit for materials, policies and details on the Himilaya, including specific regulations regarding children and pets.

Currently, the combined rate for both mines is $100/person. This rate is subject to change depending on number of attendees. This is open to the first 50 respondents (subject to change on maximum number).

Because there will be no CFMS Newsletter for May, please visit the CFMS web site for further details ( This is the only info available for this trip at this point, but more will develop. For more info on all three trips this spring, contact CFMS Field Trips-South Co-Chairs

Shep Koss - / land line 661-248-0411)
or Adam Dean - / cell phone 909-489-4899

- Shep & Adam

Insurance Question of the Month

By Bud McMillen & Patt Wilson McDaniel

Bud's question: I have had a number of calls in the last couple months asking me how CFMS clubs can get a copy of our General Liability policy or the Directors and Officers Liability policy. Can you give us information about your web site and what is on it so members can go to your web site and print their own copies?

Patt's answer: We have set up a password-protected area on our web site for the CFMS where we have posted both the General Liability and Property Package policy and the Directors and Officers Liability insurance policy, which provide coverage for participating clubs. Go to:

The case-sensitive user name and password are: CFMSI (user name); rocks (password). Some privacy-sensitive information in the policies, such as insured locations and participating clubs, has been removed from the policies, but your club has been sent this information and if there are any questions, your club representative can contact us for further information. This CFMS section of the web site also has all the insurance forms clubs commonly use to request certificates or add coverage as well as brochures about the policies.

You can also visit our main web site
(, where you will find various articles about insurance and about out agency.

Thank you for your question, Bud. Much of the web site is new, and we welcome suggestions and feedback from the clubs about the forms and information provided.

- Bud & Patt

Making Shows Fun for Kids

By Jim Brace-Thompson

Jim Brace-Thompson

By the time you read this, preparations for the 2009 CFMS Show will be well advanced, and the Santa Clara Valley society promises to have a superb line-up of kids•   activities. I•  ve heard wonderful things about the efforts June Harris and her fellow club members put forth to make their annual local show the best, most educational it can be for kids, including school and scouting groups. In addition, this year as they sponsor the CFMS Show, some of the activities will be tied to the AFMS Future Rockhounds of America Badge Program, so kids in CFMS-affiliated clubs can work toward earning a badge right at the show. I encourage everyone who can to journey to San Jose and check it out!

This is also a good time for everyone to take stock of what we do for kids at our own, local shows. Most shows I visit have at least a kids•   table with a spinning wheel for prizes and grab bags, but I•  ve also been to a couple shows where I saw nothing at all for kids. This is a missed opportunity in that having something to attract kids to a show attracts a whole family along with that child, and you stand a better chance of getting a nice write-up in the local paper if you emphasize a family orientation.

In addition to having activities to attract and entertain kids from the community (grab bags, spinning wheel, sand sifting, •  fishing•   for crystals, etc.), consider things to actively engage and involve the kids within your club. This might be a combined exhibit case where all the kids in the club provide a couple specimens each and take responsibility for setting it up, or it might be a table of their own for kids to show off their collections and lapidary work or to hold a fund-raiser of some sort to earn funds toward some fun kids event (a picnic trip to the beach) or toward purchase of minerals for the kids•   collections.

If your annual show hasn•  t included kids activities, start the ball rolling today by appointing a Kids Activities Chair. If you•  re already including kids activities, thank you, and consider adding even more! To help, I•  m working with Terry McMillen, Susan Chaisson-Walblom, Ismael Sanchez, and June Harris on our Juniors Activities Committee to construct a •  menu•   of show ideas for kids that we hope to post to the CFMS web site sometime this summer. Kids bring enthusiasm, curiosity, and unbounded energy that•  s contagious that our local shows can help to channel, while having fun!

- Jim

ALAA News & Updates

By Richard Pankey

Dick Pankey

In the last 2 months the American Lands Access Association (ALAA, a lobbying arm of the AFMS) has seen much change. In January, we were sadden with the passing of Norm Hanschu, our treasurer for many years. Norm handled our finances and membership. The passing of Norm Hanschu has left a hole in ALAA, but for the time being it is being filled by his wife, Joyce, our Secretary, and Marv Starbuck, our past president. Please give your support and help.

In February Bob Carlson announced his resignation as President of ALAA. Based on our bylaws, I am pleased and proud to become ALAA's President. Starting last year and soon to resume this year, there is a ferocious legislative assault on our rights and access to our public lands. Now is the time for a strong, proactive ALAA to take the lead and mobilize the support and participation of all of our members and all members of the AFMS. I look forward to being a proactive, involved president and I am counting on your active and involved participation and support.

I am appointing Shirley Leeson to fill my vacant position of Vice President. She has accepted the appointment. As most of you are aware, she and Dee Holland have been a vital link in monitoring legislative activity and advising us on what is happening.

Our next annual meeting will take place during the NWF/AFMS Show and Convention in Billings, Montana, this summer. I hope all of you will be there. This will be an important meeting for ALAA. In addition to election of 3 directors and election of officers, I hope this will be a time of planning and reinvigoration of ALAA.

The Omnibus Public Land Management Act was passed by the Senate. As of today (3/4/09) it is unknown if it was introduced in the House and it has not been considered nor voted on. It is never too late to let your Congressman know your feelings. Do it now! [Editor's note: the Act was defeated as of 3/11/09.]

I look forward to and I am counting on your participation and support.

ALAA Meeting at CFMS Show. I've scheduled an ALAA meeting on Saturday afternoon after the Directors•   Meeting at the CFMS Convention in Santa Clara. This meeting is an open meeting and EVERYONE is invited. Everyone who collects rocks, minerals, fossils and/or recreates on public lands should attend. The purpose of the meeting is to reintroduce ALAA to the members and societies of the CFMS and to explain what we do and how we do it. The meeting will be held in the Town Hall building where the lectures are given. The meeting will be held at 2:00 or 3:00 (exact time will be announced at the show and Directors•   Meeting.) and will last about an hour.

- Dick


By Carolyn Weinberger
AFMS Newsletter Editor

Our voice does count!!! I'm delighted to report that all of our letters and calls appear to have paid off. At 12:38 PM, the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 was defeated by TWO VOTES! The bill, containing over 1,200 pages encompassed 160 different bills, including the Paleo Protection Act, which many objected to. I'm not certain if this marks the end of the bill for this session or if it can be reintroduced...stay tuned!

[Editor's Note: Although defeated, the bill is certain to be reintroduced at some point. To see how your representatives voted, check out the noncommercial, nonpartisan government-tracking web site recommended by John Martin at This involved House Vote #117 on S.22: The Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009. - Jim B-T]

- Carolyn

Geology of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

By John Martin, AFMS Conservation & Legislation Committee

John Martin

I was asked to provide a short talk on the geology of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Preserve for the docents of the state park, where we should have a good wildflower season this year (season starts March 15 and runs through April, or until the flowers die.) It has proven difficult to find specific geologic info on this area, and the information here has been gathered from multiple sources: the Internet, books obtained from the Los Angeles County Library, and personal observations.

The California State Poppy Reserve is at the western end of the Antelope Valley and is near the intersection of the San Andreas Fault running in a northwest to southeast direction and the Garlock Fault running in an east-west direction. The western termination of the Garlock Fault is near Gorman, with the fault running near the southern edge of the Tehachapi Mountains, the south edge of Red Rock Canyon, through the town of Garlock and the eastern termination in the Avawatz Mountain Range north of Baker. The reserve is located in the northeastern rift zone of the San Andreas Fault, which puts it on the North American Tectonic Plate which is moving in a southerly direction while the Pacific Tectonic Pate is moving in a northerly direction.

The hills and valleys that surround the reserve appear to be a result of fault action folding along the San Andreas Rift Zone causing the up-folded, anticlinal buttes and the down-folded, synclinal valleys just to the south of the reserve. From surface observations of the up-folded butte of the Poppy Reserve and around the interpretive center, it appears to be that of a granitic composition in origin.

Buttes to the north and west of the reserve show signs of some surface volcanic action and could very well be part of the Neenach Volcanic Rocks. These volcanic rocks lie within the Mojave Desert on the western edge of the Antelope Valley, just south of the Kern County line, about 28 miles west of State Highway 14 and about 1 mile south of Ave D, State Highway 138, and about 12 miles south of he intersection of the San Andreas and Garlock Faults. They are also present east of Gorman and north of Interstate 5. This pretty much puts the Poppy Reserve in or on the edge of the Neenach Volcanic Rocks. Locally, these formations consist of andesitic volcanic rocks which rest on granitic rocks. This formation consists of calc-alkaline andecite, dacite, and rhyolite flows interbedded with pyroclastic and volcaiclastic rocks which appear to be a 25-to-22-million-year-old formation. This also explains the presence of the Volcanic Tuff quarry just north of the reserve property. Tuff is a termed used to describe a relatively soft, porous rock that is usually formed by the compaction and cementation of volcanic ash or dust.

- John

Get a Helpful Evaluation of Your Noncompetitive Display

By Dee Holland

Dee Holland

For those of you entering non-competitive exhibits at San Jose, I offer you the following: I will be available to help you evaluate your non-competitive case with the goal of making your exhibit competitive for next years•   combined CFMS/AFMS show in Southern California. Please contact me at or, and I will put you on a list of people that I will contact at the show.

This evaluation will be Sunday afternoon, when crowds are down and everyone is waiting to take down their exhibit and head for home. Please have pen and paper for comments and a rules book. If you don't have a rules book, I'll have mine. See you at the show!

[Editor's Note: Dee graciously attended my own club show in Ventura last weekend, along with Shirley Leeson and Marion and Vivien Roberts. They did just such an informal evaluation for nearly a dozen exhibits after holding a brief seminar on competitive exhibiting. Within hours of our show's conclusion, I received the following email from a VGMS member: "Thanks for having the meeting on displays - I thought it was marvelous!" Proof that Dee's offer is well worth taking up! - Jim B-T]

- Dee


By Susan Chaisson-Walblom

Susan Chaisson-Walblom

First of all, I would like to thank the Societies that have turned in their Show Dates. The list is growing, and that is a great! Thank You!

The subject for this months•   column: billboards. A billboard is one option available for advertising your club show. Although they can be expensive, they will pay for themselves in the end. There are several billboard companies in most areas. Have your publicity chairperson talk to them and see what kind of deal they will give a nonprofit group.

This will the third year my club has used billboards to advertise our show. The billboards have been very successful in helping to build show attendance. I have heard there are even car dealerships in some areas that will advertise your club show on their marquees for a small ad in your show•  s brochure. That would be a great trade!

If you have an idea for publicizing shows that you would like to share, please let me know!

- Susan

Seen any good programs lately?•  

By Kathlyn Duncan

•  if so, they could earn recognition beyond the "Great Program!" If you or a fellow club member produced an earth science related presentation recently, we encourage you (or you can encourage others) to take the next step. Authors of great programs deserve something extra in competition. First, the satisfaction of sharing with clubs across the country. Second, cash awards to defray production expenses! If it's a club project, there are the extra rewards of camaraderie, development of member's talents•  perhaps inspiring even more good programs.

The guidelines and rules are straightforward. Digital, VHS and old-fashioned 35mm slide presentations related to our hobby are eligible. For details, see the AFMS web site, contact your Regional Librarian or the coordinator (Marge Collins, Program Competition, phone 269-695-4313; email; if you email and don't receive a reply within a few days, call). Deadline? Probably too late for this year (4/15/09)...but it's not too early to get ready for the 2010 deadline. We're looking forward to seeing your entry!

- Kathlyn

Thank You, Federation Directors!

By Elizabeth K. Myers

Ah, the days of shaking my fist at the cloudless sky and shouting, •  Rain on me!•   are past. The rains have come and life is good. Sloshing my way through the muddy deluge, wiping spattered mud from my glasses, who would think •   there goes a happy soul? It•  s the look of gratitude on the faces of the animals as I deliver the dry feed into their cozy houses. I have a purpose beyond myself.

Thank you Federation Directors. You have a purpose and understand the importance of representing your club at the CFMS business meetings. It may not always be convenient to weather the storms to attend •   but you are there.

Thank you Club Presidents. You remind your members of the value of having a Federation Director to represent your club. Through your encouragement, volunteers come forward to be the voice of your club.

Thank you Editors. Your efforts bring the news of the Federation to the clubs. Timely and noteworthy information is contained in your newsletters.

Thank you Secretaries for keeping the Federation up to date on your director•  s information. This assures notifications of the spring and fall meetings, along with the information packets containing the committee reports will get to your director in a timely fashion.

Thank you Treasurer•  s. Through your efforts the dues and insurance premiums are paid. Your members are covered.

Thank you CFMS members •   you are the meaning of CFMS - what it is today and what it will be tomorrow. Our future depends on it.

- Beth