CFMS Business Meetings

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Society Name:

1. Did you attend the CFMS Business meeting in Visalia on 8 November 2008.
Yes First Time No
Are you a: Federation Oficer Director Alternate Director Committee Chair
Committee Member
How many Directors•   meetings have you attended?

2. Did this Business Meeting meet your expectations and why/why not?

3. What are the three biggest reasons why you think we hold these meetings twice a year?

4. How do YOU personally benefit from attending these meetings?

5. As a Federation Director, how will you bring back what you learned here today to your society? Check all that apply.
(a) Will you write a report for your society bulletin? Yes No
(b) Will you report to your board members? Yes No
(c) Will you report to your society members at your next meeting? Yes No
(d) Another way? Yes No

6. Will you report on each and every committee report which was covered today? If not what are the committee reports you won't touch upon and why?

7. Have any of your members been actively involved in CFMS activities over the course of 5 years as an officer or on a committee, other than participating as a federation director?
Yes No Don't know
If no, do you think members in your society would like to participate in the Federation?
Yes No Don't know
If not, why not?   

8. How have members of your society participated in a CFMS Show in the past 5 years?
As an exibitor As a Dealer CFMS competitions Volunteer As a Dealer Don't know Just for fun No one has participated

9. If members of your society haven't participated in a CFMS Show in the last 5 years, why not?

10. What educational programs has your society or members been involved with during this year?
Podium People Demonstrator Directory Field Trips Community Events CFMS Zzyzx
CFMS Camp Paradise Slide & Video Programs Schools/Scouts Junior Activities

11. In what CFMS/AFMS programs has your society or members been involved or used during this year? All American Club Education Thru Sharing Field Trips Bulletin Competition Scholarship
Cab Cases Endowment Fund Show Dates Slide/Video Library
Earth Science Studies Junior Activities Podium People Demonstrator Directory
PLAC Tax Advisor Legal Advisor Junior Activities

12. What has been your society•  s involvement with neighboring societies this year?

13. Do you invite other societies to your programs and events other than shows? Yes No
Other ways:

14. Have any of your society members attended another Federation•  s Show? Yes No
What was their experience?

15. Collectively, how long have you been a member of your society or other societies affiliated with CFMS? ___ years. Just joined a club this year?

16. How long has the society you are representing been a member of CFMS?__________

17. Additional comments, ideas, questions, etc.:

Mail to:
Dick Pankey
4310 Kingsly Dive
Pittsb urg, CA 94565