Vol. XLIII, No. 3 --- March 2006

CFMS Newsletter

Table of Contents
The President's Corner
All American Club
Atten. Dir. & Club Officers
Exec Sec/Treas NOTE
Truth & Consequences
New Programs
Education Thru Sharing
Bill Tirk
AFMS Scholarship
Earth Sciences

The President's Corner

By Colleen McGann, CFMS President

CFMS President

Club shows are in full Spring swing. Our shows are the best time to recruit new club members. Remember you can use every publicity opportunity that is available in your area, local newspapers, libraries, shops, window signs, car bumper stickers, banner signs, the Pennysaver type magazine, local radio announcements, and all other ideas that you have used in the past to get the message out to the public. Help make your club show the best ever this year. Participate. Help your club at the ticket table or at the rock auction table, or by setting up a display of your favorite rocks or minerals, your lapidary or faceting work, your beading or silver work. Show your community the number of different activities available for them when they too join a club of earth minded people.

In February, I asked for feedback from clubs that had increased membership. I want to thank Beth Myers of Antioch club; she checked the club roster and found five clubs with an increase in membership, called them, and sent me a list of what they did. The clubs are Nevada City, Sacramento, Stockton, Mother Lode, and El Dorado County. These clubs worked to enlarge their shows with more dealers and demonstrators. They made contact with their local colleges, schools, and libraries. They offer many different areas of interest for members to participate in; classes in beading, or minerals, to lapidary, field trips and special meeting programs. All clubs can do the same; it just takes a little foot work by club members. It takes each and every member to make a club a success.

In March, CFMS offers its first Earth Science Seminar for the year, at Zzyzx. For those who were not able to attend this year, Camp Paradise in September in northern California is available to provide the same experience yet in a different setting of mountains and pine forest instead of the southern desert. These seminars are a wonderful opportunity to enhance your hobby skills, learn new skills, and to enjoy the camaraderie of CFMS members.

Remember to let your club members know about the local club shows in your area and about the CFMS activities.

All American Club

By Dot Beachler, CFMS All American Club Chair

As the deadline for entry approaches, I would like to encourage ALL clubs to enter their books in the All American Award Program. For the past two months this newsletter has printed a brief review of the items that should be in your club book. It is hoped that this will encourage more clubs to enter. Also, last month's newsletter had an article by Dick Pankey encouraging clubs to give it a try. Now I'm not sure about the cartwheels that he promised, but I would be delighted to find an alternative. Just try me!

Again, this is a special year when we celebrate the 70th anniversary of our own CFMS. Why not show that your club is an ALL American Club on our 70th birthday. Entry forms are available on our CFMS website, or Ill be glad to mail forms to your club.

Remember, due date is Feb.28,2006.

Attention Director's & Club Officers

By Shirley Leeson, Director, San Diego Mineral & Gem Society

A letter from San Diego Mineral & Gem Society will be coming to your mail box about the 1st of March. Please see that the President or club Director gets this information. Have your club discuss this; it's important. It concerns a proposal for a CFMS Honorary Member. This will be brought up at the Director's meeting in Angels Camp in June.

Please be prepared to vote.

A Note From The Exec Sec/Treas

By Pat Larue

Keep those officer change forms coming in! Some clubs are still not providing the addresses of persons who are to receive the CFMS Newsletter. I need this information to keep my mailing list up to date. Don't forget your phone and e-mail contact info. information!

Communication - An Important Facet of Keeping Informed

By Steve Weinberger, AFMS Central Office
From AFMS Newsletter, 2/06

I know that I sound like a broken record, repeating the same phrase over and over again. Unfortunately, like that broken record, I'm stuck in a rut and need your help to get out of it.

Here's the phrase that I've been repeating. "Send me the listing of your officers for 2006. Send me the listing of our officers for 2006. Send me the listing of your officers for 2006..."

In order for the AFMS to send the newsletter to the officers of your club who should be getting it, I need you to send the list of your newly elected officers to me. Our communication is a 2-way street. You send me the info on our new officers and I see that the AFMS Newsletter is sent to them.

Why is this important? I know, most of you and your club members really aren't that interested in the American Federation. "Why should you be?" you ask.

The American Federation (AFMS) provides your club and therefore your club members with a variety of services that makes our hobby easier and more enjoyable. For example...

The AFMS program competition is the source of many of the slide and now video programs that are available to your club for use as meeting programs through our regional federation. Many programs each year are given to your regional federation at no charge so you can borrow and use them at meetings or shows.

The AFMS informs you of a variety of legislative "threats" to our collecting enjoyment so your members can make legislators aware of your concerns.

The AFMS provides useful safety messages to help keep your members free of accidents.

Through the AFMS Scholarship Foundation, graduate students receive funds to help in their educational pursuits.

There's more, but not enough space to list it all.

So let's communicate. Send me the infor on your new officers•  name, office and address for you president, editor and federation director (liaison) or if you have none, the secretary.

Send to AFMS Central Office
Steve Weinberger
PO Box 302
Glyndon, MD 21070-0302

Truth & Some Consequences

By Jon Spaunaugle, Conservation & Legislation
From AFMS Newsletter, 2/06

During the last few weeks the year 2005, Congress was trying to pass a Budget Bill entitled Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (HR 4241) before adjourning for the year end holiday. Contained in a version of the US House of Representatives Bill were two sections (6201 and 6202 that would make changes to the Mining Law. One section increased the annual fees paid on mining claims and increased, slightly, the size of a mining claim. A second section would have removed the prohibition on patenting a mining claim. This prohibition on patents was put into law in the mid •  90s. The patenting of a mining claim transfers, for a fee, the surface rights on public land to the claim owner and thus is, in fact, selling of public lands to private parties.

Because several sections of this Budget bill were controversial (including this mining bill change and a provision to open a small part of the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWAR), to oil drilling and other provisions, this version of the Budget Bill failed to get enough votes to pass and was withdrawn to be modified to remove the controversial provisions. However, Congress is still working on this Budget Bill so stay tuned. It is hard to predict what will happen when Congress reconvenes n late January, 2006. The "sister" legislation to this House Bill is found under Senate Bill S-1932.

When I reviewed the House Bill HR 4241, I did not see any major threat to hobby collectors in either section of the proposed mining law provisions. Those inclined to oppose the patenting of mining claims would feel otherwise. However, I always deplore these "hidden" sections in what is a Bill that should normally contain budget or appropriations language only. It just seems to me that if these things need to be changed then it should be done, in this case, in a separate Bill to change the mining law. Hiding these provisions in these gigantic last minute Bulls that are put together hurriedly by staff members and voted on with little debate and even less knowledge of what all they contain is not what most people I talk to think Congress should be doing. A recent example I am reminded of is a Bill passed a year ago that contained a section creating the new "America the Beautiful Pass", Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act of 2004. This Act was added as a section of the general appropriations Bill (HR 4818) late in 2004. It was passed as Congress was adjourning a year ago in November. We did not realize what had happened until January, 1005 when it was already the law of the land.

Speaking of the "America the Beautiful Pass" I expect that there will be public input opportunities on the development, use, and cost of the national pass in 2006 in preparation for implementation in 2007. These opportunities will be published in the Federal Register. We'll be watching for them and try to keep you informed.

There is nothing new to report on the Fossil bill which seems to be bottled in the US House of Representatives, Natural Resource Committee for now.

LASTLY, if you are aware of any hobby problems in the area of my Committee's responsibility that I have not written about, I would appreciate an e-mail at jonspe@juno.com or a phone call at (360) 835-9313 to alert me. This is big country to cover and your concerns are important. I am very grateful for all the feed back that I have received as well as tips on what is going on.

What's new with CFMS Slide, VHS, DVD and CD Program Library

By By Bill Gissler, Librarian

Library Use:

During the past three years (2003 -2005), program loan requests average 80 per year. VHS exceeded Slide program requests by nearly two to one. Only 61 clubs of all the affiliated CFMS clubs have used the library.

Programs for Juniors:

Looking for a VHS program for junior educational programs? Here are some suggestions:

  • V-38...... Copper, 28 minutes
  • V-41...... All About Coal, 13 minutes.
  • V-43...... Stay Out and Stay Alive, 11 minutes
  • V-46...... Introduction to Intarsia, 26 minutes
  • V-61...... The Physical Properties of Minerals, 42 minutes
  • V-65...... Sugar, Quartz and Diamonds: Crystalline Perfection, 42 minutes.
  • V-68...... The Rock Cycle, 30 minutes.
  • V-96...... Mission: Science Dino Dig, 28 min
  • V-99..... California State Mining and Mineral Museum, 35 minutes.
  • V-107... Tree Stories, 28 minutes.
  • V-108... Minerals, Gems and Ores, 25 minutes.
New Additions:

The program library now includes five DVD programs.

  • DVD-1..... Tree Stories
  • DVD-2..... Rock of Ages
  • DVD-3..... Those Fabulous Thunder eggs - Part 2
  • DVD-4..... Sedimentary and Vein Agates
  • DVD-5..... The Art of Gem Cutting

The Art of Gem Cutting is a new addition to the library. It is a 124 minute, professionally produced, DVD by Fac-Ette Manufacturing. It describes by steps the process of selecting rough stones, preparing the stone for cutting, pre-forming the stone, cutting the bottom, transferring the stone, cutting the top and cleaning the stone. It is an excellent introductory for a work shop program on faceting.

Education Thru Sharing

By Loretta Ogden, CFMS Chair

Fossils For Fun is pleased to nominate Don Padlock as our Rockhound of the year for 2005. Almost from his first meeting, Don has been actively involved in all our activities. He brings refreshments to every meeting and is known as the "cookie man". As our Vice President, Don has been responsible for arranging some really good speakers and other types of programs. He's always there when we need him. He hosts our Board meetings, and twice--when we could not hold our educational meetings at our regular site--Don had the entire club meet at his house.

Don displays his wonderful fossils at several of our local shows, and is usually seen at any local rockhound event supporting other local clubs. We are very luck to have such an active member as Don, and want to acknowledge and thank him for all his hard work.
Submitted by Debbie Bunn

The Carmichael Gem & Mineral Society is pleased to nominate Victor de la Cruz as our Rockhound of the year for 2005. Victor is one of those quiet members who just helps out all around. Setting up for and cleaning up after meetings, attending Board meetings, helping with our rummage sale, etc. Every year, Victor invites the club to his home for our annual summer picnic. He generously shares his garden bounty, and everybody always has a really good time. Victor is a talented lapidary artist and has done some wonderful carvings. We hope some day to convince him to enter them in competition. We are very lucky to have a club member like Victor, and want to thank him for all he does.
Submitted by Debbie Bunn

The Fairfield Lapidary Society is pleased to nominate Wallie and Vernon O'Connor, - 33-year members.

They have held many offices in the FLS and have displayed at many shows. He does many programs for us and he has made an instruction video slide program for the CFMS. They share their knowledge with many people. She has done much publicity work with our local newspapers.
Submitted by Charles E. McKie

The South Bay Lapidary Gem and Mineral Club wish to submit two members as ROCKHOUND OF THE YEAR. Larry and Leslie Hoskinson have worked side by side since 1994. The positions they have filled are as follows. Vice Presidents Program chairman for 1994, 1995, 1996, 2003 and 2004. Show chairman for 1998, 1999, 2000, They also have done the Donate and Display numerous times. They have given talks and programs about Opals to other clubs. For our show Larry managed used book table 1995, 96, 97, Inside rocks/slabs 2001, 02, 03, 04, 05. Leslie handled the signup sheet 95, 96, 97, drawing and donations 1999 Working demonstrations 2001, 02, 03 P. An announcer 2004, 05. Ugly rocks 2005 and donation awards 2005. Leslie has scouted and arranged the installation dinners numerous times. Anytime there is a position to be filled you can depend on Larry or Leslie to do it. I know I have missed something along the way. Larry and Leslie are a great asset to our club.
Information submitted by Mary Sharp. Submitted to the CFMS by Omer Goeden

Dear Clubs,

The Holidays did their best to get me down but here I am just one month into the New Year. The best news is I now have Education Though Sharing pins and I will be mailing them to the 2005 recipients. If you did not get one for your 2004 winner please let me know by e-mail or telephone and I will send it to you. I bet I even have enough to give every single club in the CFMS one or even two. So put me to the test and send me your club Rockhound of the Year, Member of the Year or Member Recognition Award. I will take it no matter what you call it. Hope to hear from you soon.
Loretta Ogden

William "Bill" Tirk
CFMS President 1975-76

By Shirley Leeson, Historian

Bill Tirk passed away after a long illness in December, 2005. Bill was Treasurer for San Diego Mineral & Gem Society beginning in 1964, till he died in December.

Bill began his work for the California Federation in 1966 as Emblems & Decals Chair, he held the job for two years. In 1968 he worked on the committee to get Non-profit status from the IRS. In 1969 under President Gus Meister, Bill became CFMS Treasurer. He was also CFMS Treasurer in 1970 when Toy Sato was CFMS President. Bill succeeded himself as CFMS Treasurer in 1971 when LaDocia Ellis was CFMS President. Bill's final year as CFMS Treasurer was in 1972 when Alberta Best was CFMS President. From there Bill went through the chairs first becoming 2nd V.P, 1st V.P. and finally CFMS President in 1975-76. He presided over the Director's meeting at the Cow Palace, in San Francisco, hosted by San Francisco Gem & Mineral Society.

Bill, while CFMS President, will be remembered for negotiating with Dave Wilbur for our now famous Benitoite specimen. Dave went on to donate a superb native silver specimen from Nevada for our collection and a number of other specimens.

Bill was part of the show committee when San Diego Mineral & Gem hosted the show in 1969. He was Chair of the AFMS/CFMS Show in 1984. This was a very successful show with special exhibits coming from all over the U.S. and several foreign countries. And speakers coming from as far away as Idar-Oberstein, Germany. The special show pin was the last one designed by Sharr Choate and the money went to the AFMS Scholarship Fund in memory of Sharr Choate.

Bill was inducted in to the Golden Bear family in 1987. This is reserved for very special people who have served the CFMS with distinction.

Bill's private life included time in the military, 3rd Army, 6th armored Division under General Patton. He spent 18 months overseas, during WWII. When he came home his time in the armored division gave him the background to go to work in the Maintenance Department for San Diego Transit Company, going through many jobs before becoming supervisor, a job he held for over 40 years.

After retirement Bill and Mickey traveled a great deal, visiting most of the continents until Mickey's death several years ago.

Bill was always proud of his service to the CFMS, and because of his work as Treasurer for four years, the CFMS was put on a sound business basis. Bill was one who guarded the treasury, either the CFMS or SDMG with great gusto! And we can be glad for that. Many who knew Bill will remember those traits.

Thanks, Bill for all you did•  .
Shirley Leeson, Historian

AFMS Scholarship Foundation News

By By Dee Holland, President
From AFMS Newsletter, 2/06

As reported earlier our drive for the unrestricted goal was successful. We have contacted all Honorees to let them know they have a second scholarship to award, and all have done so.

We are still receiving donations marked "unrestricted" and these are being put in the restricted fund. If you plan to contribute to the Fund this year all the contributions will once again be placed in restricted fund so that they can help generate the interest we use for the scholarships each year.

Your continued support has been gratifying. I can't thank all of you enough for your efforts on behalf of the students. We have been receiving money from the court for restitution on a quarterly basis from our former Treasurer. The final certificates from South Central for club donations were given out at their Federation Convention and Show in December, 2005. That completes the first year of giving certificates to each club which has donated since their last federation show.

Thanks again for your support in 2005. Please help us build the fund for the future.

Earth Sciences

By Cal Clason, CFMS Chairman

Were it not for procrastination, I wouldn't have anything going for; but that only delays the inevitable, you must do it, or as I recently read, "If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging." Oh well...

When this is published, Zzyzx will fast be approaching and we are anticipating, weather cooperating, another successful seminar. As usual all reservations were quickly filled so we have 60 people who are pleased, and fortunately I haven't had any irritated phone calls, so on that front things are going quite well. I received a notice from the University Consortium that beginning July 2006 the occupational rate in increase by one third, possibly making our use of the venue prohibitive without a significant increase in the fee we collect to enable our continued sponsorship of the seminars. As a committee we have yet to discuss this but will do so in the near future. Several remedies are possible. I would appreciate some help, especially if anyone knows of a facility that would meet our needs and be available. I would welcome the information and will try to arrange an inspection and get the needed information to make a decision.

Things do look a little better from the other end of the state•  Camp Paradise. As most everyone knows there was concern that with the change in ownership, we would have access to the camp. In telephone conversations with Don Younce, the camp director, we have a verbal commitment for ongoing success although a slight change in the time element. I have requested an ongoing commitment in writing, but as yet have not received one. In the past we preferred not to encompass Labor Day, but their schedule precluded that so we have the first two weeks of September this year•  Sept 3-9 and Sept 10-16. I feel that the majority of the traffic is on the previous Friday and Monday leaving a two day window to make our journeys less stressful. Jack Williams will be the coordinator for the seminar and day to day operation. I'm sure he will have things well organized, offering our most popular classes and the possibility of something new. The registration forms will be released in the May issue of the Newsletter and the Web page about the same time. Although we are not so restricted in numbers, I urge early registration. At the present time everything seems to be shaping up for another successful year in the Earth Science Studies. We will keep you posted.

PATIENCE is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.

From Midwest Federation Newsletter, 3/96, via Glacial Drifter, 4/98