Vol. XXXXI, No. 11 --- November 2004

CFMS Newsletter

Table of Contents
President's Message
Fresno Directors Meeting
CFMS Insurance Report
Program Aids
2005 Bulletin Contest
Education Through Sharing
Education Through Sharing
Join Future Rockhounds of America
Safety Tips
Wiley Well Area Field Trip
Earth Sciences Seminar Update
American Land Access Association

Prez Message

By Lois Allmen, CFMS President

CFMS President

Hi Everyone!

Here it is fall. Clubs are back in full swing, elections are in the air, politicians are blowing off steam, Mt. St Helen's is blowing off steam, maybe I'll do a little of the same.

It's been a pleasure these last five years reading all the bulletins that have come my way. (Yes, I read them all.) Many are a pure delight with their articles, jokes, the way they are put together. You editors do a great job.

It's good to see some of you are using articles from the CFMS Bulletin that your members should know about- Safety, BLM/PLAC Reports, application blanks for Zyzzx or Camp Paradise. If your bulletin comes out too late to get an application you can down load one earlier from the CFMS website, http://cfmsinc.org. Three newsletter copies go out every month to each club, plus those that go to individual subscribers.

I keep a personal scrapbook of the articles and jokes from your bulletins that I like best. I always read the list of officers and chair people too. There might be a familiar name listed in there.

It's noticeable too that in every club there are a few people who work two or three jobs. These are the people who are dedicated and/or have found how interesting it is to take an active part in their club.

It stands to reason that if you take a position you are not only going to learn more about your club you are going to get more out of it. What better way to spend your time and enjoy what you're doing? Most of these positions do not take a lot of time- just a few minutes a month. It would be heart warming to see every place filled instead of 'position open'.

Don't wait to be asked. If you're shy or not sure what the job requires, surely there is someone you can let know that you are interested and would like to know more.

What a neat gift to yourself and your nominating chair let alone your club.


Just a reminder to all club directors for the November meeting. We need cookies or snacks as you see fit for the Cracker Barrel on Friday evening and for the break on Saturday morning. Clubs names beginning A through L on Friday and M through Z on Saturday. We are looking forward to a large turnout because your presence is both important and a pleasureable opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas.

Marion Roberts, 1st Vice President

The annual Fall Business meeting and election of officers for 2005 will be held at the Quality Inn at 4278 West Ashlan Avenue, Fresno, CA on Saturday, November 13, 2004.

The Cracker Barrel social will be held Friday night November 12, 2004 at 7:30 PM in the Banquet room behind the hotel. Coffee will be served. Directors, please bring cookies, fruit, or other healthy munchies. Societies A through M bring snacks to the Cracker Barrel on Friday evening and N through Z bring snacks to the Saturday Directors meeting.

The Business meeting will be held on Saturday, November 13 at 9:00 AM. Directors be sure to bring your copy of the Agenda you receive in the mail. Any CFMS members may attend the meeting and are encouraged to do so, but only delegates may vote.

Room reservations must be made directly with the Quality Inns at 4278 West Ashlan Avenue, Fresno. Phone 1-559-275-2727.

Be sure to tell them you are with CFMS in order to get special rates. Make reservations by Nov. 1, 2004. Our special rate is $62.00, plus tax per night for 2 persons, with additional charges for 3 or more. Take the Ashlan Avenue exit from Hwy 99 in Fresno. The Quality Inn is located on the west side of the freeway. QUALITY INNS ACCEPTS NO PETS.


Our Saturday Evening Banquet will begin at 6:00 PM with a no-host bar and Get-together. Dinner will be served at 7:00 PM.


Brooks Ranch green Salad Prime Rib or Chicken Marsala
Vegetable medley, garlic potatoes, bread and butter Cheese cake Coffee and Iced Tea

Cost is $22.50 per person (includes tax and tip) Make banquet reservations by Nov. 1, 2004. Mail your check with dinner choice reservation to: CFMS, P.O. BOX 1657, Rialto, CA 92377-1657


Committee Chairmen, please reserve time now for your committee meetings on Friday, Nov. 12 at the Quality Inn. Call or write Lois Allmen for reservations at: 407 Magnolia Ave., Oxnard, CA 93030-5309, (805) 483-6871, email allmenL@vcss.k12ca.us.

Tentative Schedule
Friday 2:00-4:00 PM Executive Committee
9:00-10:00 PM Scholarship Committee (following Cracker Barrel)


Deadline for committee reports for the November Directors meeting is October 25.

As in the past, I will accept them by e-mail or snail mail. If unable to meet this deadline, please bring at least 100 copies to the meeting for distribution. Thanks. Pat LaRue

CFMS Insurance Report

By Fred Ott


Several important changes have been made to the Federation's Insurance Program beginning October 16, 2004 (which is the annual renewal date of the Federation's insurance policy). Most-importantly, requests for insurance coverage for gem shows and other "special events", as well as requests for insurance coverage for "premises liability" and "property" (such as lapidary equipment, club supplies, buildings, trailers, etc.), are now to be sent (via email, fax or snail-mail) directly to McDaniel Insurance Services, Inc. No longer are such requests to be "filtered" through the Federation's Insurance Committee Chairperson. I am confident that this new procedure will greatly improve the efficiency of the entire program.

A lot of work has been done to update all of the insurance-related information for the Federation; many thanks to Patt McDaniel (Insurance Services) and to Don Ogden, our Federation Webmaster, who has done a great job of getting all of the insurance-related information onto the Federation's web site at cfmsinc.org. Pat Larue will also include a complete set of these pages in your Director's packet provided at the November meeting in Fresno.

In order for these new forms and procedures to work effectively, it will be very important that your club follows the procedures outlined by Patt McDaniel. I'd strongly suggest that you review the entire 2004-2005 Insurance Program information with the members of your club as soon as possible.


Greetings and Happy Halloween!!

By Cheri George, Program Aids Chairman

Looking through the listing of speakers in our NEW Podium People Brochure, I find we could definitely use a few more people to speak on some subjects that appear to be missing from the Index.

Some of the fields we could use are:

  • Crystals
  • Cutting & Polishing Gemstones
  • Fluorescent Minerals
  • Gemstone Identification (i.e. what's this rock?)
  • Hauser Geode Beds
  • How to Plan a Great Field Trip
  • Ocean View Mine

We need people who are willing to give programs on those subjects. Not all at once you understand, but just to add some variety to the wonderful programs we already have. Every speaker is a gold mine of knowledge and anyone who is willing to be a Podium Person will be valued and appreciated greatly.

2005 CFMS Bulletin Contest Rules and Procedures

By Name, Anna Christainsen, Chair

The 2005 CFMS Bulletin Contest rules and procedures for Bulletins, articles, poems and special publications are on our CFMS website "cfmsinc.org" under FORMS.

Rules & Score Sheets

These rules and procedures are included in this newsletter. The website also has the scoring sheets that give additional information about how competition items are scored. Winners in the CFMS competition are eligible for the AFMS competition.

CFMS did well last year. I look forward to receiving lots of entries for 2004.


Education Through Sharing

By Loretta Ogden

Loretta thanks all the clubs for their nominees.

The Conejo Gem & Mineral Club would like to nominate Nick Duncan for the honor of "Rockhound of the Year" in 2004.

Nick is a Charter Member of the Conejo Club and has supported our activities for over 30 years. He has served as an officer for the club, he has been an instructor in our shop on how to cut cabs, he has taught club sponsored workshops on wirewrapping, he has made all the door prizes for our club show each year for over 25 years and has worked in different position during our show.

He has also exhibited and demonstrated his talents at the Ventura County Fair, helping to publicize our club while he is there.

Submitted by Jeane Stultz, Federation Director for Conejo Gem & Mineral Club

The Contra Costa Mineral and Gem Society Board of Directors are pleased to announce that member, Barrie Bieler, has been chosen as our Education Through Sharing nominee for 2004.

Barrie has been an active member of our club for many years. He has served as First Vice President - Program Chairman several times and has also been our President.

As a side line, Barrie has been a teacher of geology, mineralogy, and photography in the local school systems of adults and younger students although his career was as a Scientist for Dow Chemical Company. He has given talks to all ages visiting various schools.

He has presented many interesting educational programs to our club as well as other clubs.

Barrie demonstrates faceting at our annual shows as well as other shows in the area.

We feel Barrie is well qualified for the Education Through Sharing Award.

Submitted by Ann Matthews, President, Contra Costa Mineral and Gem Society

The Fresno Gem and Mineral Society has selected Lois Heath as our choice for Rockhound of the year 2004.

In the 19 years she has been a member of our club, she has held several positions of responsibility. She is a past president, has been a board member, membership and door prize chairperson and currently is our First Vice President.

Lois has been involved in workshops for our annual Fair Show and has been co-chairperson for the sales booth for seven years. She conducts workshops, attends all meetings and is always willing to help when asked. She is an inspiration for all of us.

Submitted by: JerryWells

I would like to nominate Peggy Hill for the Education Through Sharing Award. Her volunteer activities have been extensive, although not directly related to South Bay Lapidary and Mineral Society members. As you may know, she and many other members are also members of the Palos Verdes Society, which owns the lapidary equipment utilized in the old Torrance Bartlett Senior Center. For over 10 years, Peggy has spent 2 mornings a week or more introducing a great many seniors to the art of lapidary by tutoring and mentoring them through the steps from cutting rough to setting the final polished stone. Over the years, she has supervised the shop and gradually reconstituted all of the 9 or so machines bringing them up to full operational and safe status. She has also developed machine operation guidelines, obtained supplies, lapidary rock, and other materials for the Bartlett Senior Center.

As a result of these volunteer activities, Torrance's Park and Recreation Department has a recognized and acknowledged fully professional lapidary workshop that is well organized, well operated and an outstanding city resource. A vast number of seniors have passed through the shop in the last decade, starting as complete neophytes and finishing as accomplished lapidarists. Many have gone on to continue the activity at home and to make a variety of lapidary items for their church bazaars, etc.

I think Peggy has been one of Torrance's unsung heroines for her devotion to sharing the lapidary arts and the expenditure of many thousands of volunteer hours.

Submitted by Burt Dobratz

Join Future Rockhounds of America

By Jim Brace-Thompson,


Rockhound clubs throughout the regional Federations have supported youth groups for many years. Most clubs have always had young members but often didn't know what sorts of activities to provide for them. Consequently many youth fell through the cracks.

We're sure no one would argue the fact that we need to ensure the future of our hobby by encouraging our youth. Knowing this, under the direction of AFMS President Bill Cox in 1984, a committee was added to the AFMS called "Junior Clubs." Bill coined the name "Future Rockhounds of America" and designed a certificate to be given to junior clubs becoming members of FRA.

It gives pebble pups and juniors the distinction of belonging to something worthwhile. The only requirement for obtaining FRA membership is to be organized and sponsored by a regional Federation club (although exceptions can be made). There are no dues to pay to the AFMS for being a member.

Starting in Fall 2004, Juniors Activities Chair Jim Brace-Thompson developed a free "merit badge" program of guided activities to provide youth leaders with over 50 individual activities in 9 areas: rocks and minerals, earth resources, fossils, lapidary arts, collecting, showmanship, communication, field trips, and leadership. Kids can earn badges in each area. Those earning a minimum of 6 of the 9 badges earn a "Rockhound" badge as a mark of accomplishment and distinction. Details of the program may be found on the "Kids Corner" section of the AFMS web site: www.amfed.org.


All you need is a group of kids, a sponsor, a name, and an application to FRA!


  1. Your group must be a member of your regional Federation, either through a sponsoring club or through an independent application into your local Federation.
  2. The number of youth is not important: you can have as few as 2 and as many as you can handle.
  3. Age: Any kids up to the age of 18.

Just fill out the application below, or contact your local Federation Juniors Chair or check out the "Kids Corner" of the AFMS web site (www.amfed.org).

FRA Application

Flood, Fire and Post-Hurricane Safety Tips

By Chuck McKie, CFMS Safety Chairman 2004

Sunday, September 05, 2004 - When authorities say it is safe to return home, the Red Cross offers these safety tips for residents of the disaster area.

Returning home:
Check your home by walking around the outside first before entering. If you seek cracks along the foundation, contact a home construction professional to inspect your home before going into it. When you do enter your home, use a flashlight, not an open flame, to inspect for damage. If you smell gas, leave your home immediately and call the fire department once outside.

If water has been inside your home, Turn off the power with a dry stick to prevent you from getting shocked while inspecting for damage. This will also let you be in control of your home's electrical service. Listen to local radio or TV for instructions about utilities serving your community. If sewer or water utilities have been damaged, do not run water or flush toilets until utilities have been repaired. Make sure that electrical appliances and equipment are dry before turning them back on.

If power is out:
Fire can be caused by the use of candles to light homes without electrical power. Use battery-powered lanterns and flashlights only. If you use a generator, use it outdoors only. Keep it in a dry area away from open windows. Do not run it in a garage or basement. Plug what you need to power directly into the generator, and do not connect it to your home's electrical system. Doing so is often against local codes and could cause backfeeding that can injure electrical repair technicians.

Food safety:
For the first two days, start by eating the food out of your refrigerator, then the food in your freezer and then the non-perishable foods. If power has been out for two days (48) hours or more, it is likely that the food in your refrigerator and freezer has spoiled. Discard food from the refrigerator. Food in the freezer that still has ice crystals in it may be okay, but food that has thawed, or is above 40•   F, should be discarded.

Water for healthy living:
Drink plenty of water and non-alcoholic liquids - eight glasses per day. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, as they are dehydrating and can make you more thirsty. Drink bottled water, or water you have stored in advance until you know if the water is safe. If that runs out and you need more water, drink water from melted ice cubes or from the water heater once it has been turned off and is cool.

Do not drink water from the toilet bowl or tank, or water from a bathtub. You can use water stored in a bathtub for cleaning and to flush the toilet, but not for drinking or cooking. Water will be provided in communities if local water service is not working by the Red Cross, local governments and other agencies. Listen to local news for information on water availability.

web site about repairing a flooded home.

address about food safety

CFMS Annual Thanksgiving Rockhounding Field Trip
to Wiley Well Area

By Bob Fitzpatrick , CFMS Field Trip Leader South.

For information about the field trip, click below.

CFMS Field Trip

Earth Sciences Seminar Update

By Cal Clason, ESS Chair

Another group of happy people left Camp Paradise in mid-September at the close of our two week stint of comradery, instruction, good food and mostly fantastic weather. Although we were not at capacity the second week things seemed to work out. For those of you who need to plan ahead the dates for 2005 will be September 10 - 23. Applications should be available in the January newsletter and on the Internet. Although some changes will be made we are looking forward to another successful outing. One of the big changes taking place will be Jack Williams assuming the overall operation as Coordinator for Camp Paradise. Jack has been extremely supportive of the Earth Science program and it is my feeling that he will give his utmost to continue to improve the program. Dee and I have been asked to continue to chair the committee and will do so for the immediate future. I would also like to express my thanks to the Instructors who make the classes so enjoyable and especially those who graciously donate their time, materials, equipment and expertise to make the classes educational and enjoyable.

Zzyzx is just around the corner and the serious planning is now in full swing. As this will be the 20th anniversary of Earth Science Seminars, some special things will be going on. We are planning an OPEN HOUSE for April 9th. So if you have wondered about Zzyzx this would be a good time to visit. The students will be showing their accomplishments, Instructors will be available to explain their area of Expertise, and tours and history of Zzyzx will be offered. Also a steak and chicken barbecue meal will be served. Due to the logistics of supplying food, pre-registration will be required. That will be available in next months' bulletin. Again I urge those of you who receive the Bulletin to pass this information on to your members. The applications for Zzyzx, April 3-10, have been out less than a month and accommodations are being filled up quickly.

We received an E-mail shortly after returning from Camp Paradise from a first time participant who originally had some doubts about whether or not it was worth the cost to attend. From the tone of the message they were totally surprised about the whole affair, the classes offered, the food, and the work and forethought to make it happen. I feel certain that they will become one of our greatest supporters. I guess I'm trying to say that a recommendation from someone who has been there is the best promotional tool we can have and I encourage all of you to publicize our annual seminars at Zzyzx and Camp Paradise.

CFMS Fall meeting next month in Fresno. See you there.

American Lands Access Association

By Peggy Blickfelt, ALAA President
via AFMS Newsletter, October 2004

What to do with the American Lands Access Association was the topic of discussion at a meeting held during the AFMS Convention this summer. Much concern was voiced over the inactivity of the organization during the past few years. Those in attendance voted unanimously to start over, reorganize the association and elect new officers and directors. Peggy Blickfelt of Boise, Idaho was elected President.

Peggy has been a director of ALAA since 2002 and a member since 1999. She has been an active rockhound since 1973 and is very actively involved in BLM planning meetings in Idaho. Peggy and hew husband Chris have been working with BLM to review plans to make sure that rockhounds have access to digging sites on BLM lands. The Blickfelts have taken BLM leaders and members of Congress out on rock hunting trips to show these officials what's out there and what rockhounds do. They were very impressed and indicated that they didn't have a club about the size of our organization and the respect we have for our lands.

Peggy feels that we need to work together to keep our lands open. Once lands are closed by the government, it becomes nearly impossible to gain access again.

Plans for the immediate future include revamping the ALAA website and publishing the newsletter again on a quarterly basis. We need a good, ambitious editor to gather information and put it out in an informative manner. Please let Peggy know if you or someone you know would like to do this. ALAA needs the help and knowledge and ears of each and every one of you.

In order to have a voice in what happens to the future of our access to public lands we need to grow as an organization. Please get your friends and anyone concerned in keeping gates open to join ALAA. Dues can be sent to our Treasurer, Toby Cozens and remain at just $25. per year. Make Checks payable to A.L.A.A. Include your name, address, phone, email, Federation name, club name, whether individual or club membership.

If you have any ideas or want to help the organization, please contact Peggy directly.

President: Peggy Blickfelt, 304 E. 45th Street, Boise, ID 83714. 208-321-0261, grumpes@quix.net
Secretary: Isabella Burns, 1038 Bradshawe, Monterey Park, CA 91754. 626-288-2896, isnbil@aol.com
Treasurer: Toby Cozens, 4401 S.W. Hill St., Seattle, WA 98116-1924. 206-937-7872, tobycoz1@earthlink.net
Directors: John Alf, Bartlesville, OK., Dean Richardson, Salt Lake City, UT., Williams (Bill) Burns, Monterey Park, CA., Marve Starbuck, Vicksburg, MI., Dr. Robert Carlson, Los Alamos, NM., Ruth Bailey, Santa Clara, CA., Dee Holland, Tenday, ID., Jim Hurlbut, Denver, CO., George Loud, Vienna, VA.