Vol. XXXIX, No. 1 --- January 2003

CFMS Newsletter

Table of Contents
President's Message
AFMS Endowment
Slide & Video Program Library
Education Thru Sharing
Field Trip to Salton Sea Area
Thanksgiving Field Trip Report
Junior Activity Report
Tri-Federation Rendezvous & Field Trip
Communication Workshop

Presidents Message

By Jack Williams, CFMS President
CFMS President

Well, the way I see it . . .

We, the CFMS, represent some 10,000-plus members in four states with ever changing numbers and ever changing needs. Some groups may have less than 10 members, while others have over 500.

The challenge is great and it is complex. But in this large membership we also have some people with great knowledge, ambition, and a willingness to step forward and help each other with our problems, whatever they may be.

To help solve some of these problems we have committees, lines of communication-- such as newsletters, web sites, and DIRECTORS. Yes, our Directors are one of our main links to our societies and the CFMS. Just what would you say are the duties of the Society DIRECTOR? They are not described in the CFMS Officers and Chairmen's Manual. We are left to assume that all the societies have that covered in their own by-laws or operating manuals. That may be why we have so many DIRECTORS who come to the Directors Meetings and say, `what am I supposed to do?'

Do the Directors, President and Editors all get the CFMS Newsletter? They should. Does one of them put a copy into their club library so all the members can read it? Does the Director take his or her copy apart and make copies of the pages needed for the Program Chair, Field Trip Chair, Safety Chair and any members who want applications for seminars, gem shows, etc.?

Is the job of communications being done by our Society Directors? (Are our Society Directors doing their job of communicating?) Are they asking for input from their membership to bring back to the CFMS?

We are here to help, but we must have communication. We can and will help all our clubs and societies in whatever way we can in any of their needs. With a little help we can get clubs in an area together for field trips and seminars on subjects like field trips, safety, displaying and exhibiting, rules and judging, petrified wood identification, newsletters and bulletins. Actually, training seminars on anything in the earth science subjects of our hobby can be done. Just what are our members' needs? It's all (intended) to stimulate the interest in our hobby.

Yeah, "the way I see it", we're all just one big family helping each other to enjoy our common interest -- and I'm glad we have so many members who volunteer to step forward and say, HOW CAN I HELP?

Important Insurance Notice

By Fred Ott, CFMS Insurance Chair.

For those clubs that have purchased optional additional Property Coverage, (that is, buildings, trailers, office equipment and supplies, lapidary equipment, etc.) under the Federation's Insurance policy, please note that the deductible for any losses after October 16, 2002, is now $1,000.

A reminder to all CFMS member clubs: If your society has club-owned assets (again, buildings, trailers, office equipment and supplies, lapidary equipment, etc.) that you want "covered" in the event of a fire, theft, etc., consider purchasing insurance coverage through the Federation's insurance policy or by buying a separate insurance policy through a local insurance agent or broker.

The Federation's policy can provide (as an example) $10,000 of coverage for equipment/supplies/lapidary equipment, etc. for only $41 .00 for an entire year. If your club is interested in pursuing this matter, please complete the appropriate form on the Federation's website (cfmsinc.org) and mail it directly to me with your payment. Thanks.

NOTE: AFMS Endowments

By Dee Holland, AFMS Endowment Fund

Donations to the AFMS Endowment fund are to go directly to AFMS Endowment Fund Treasurer:

    Toby Cozens
    44401 SW Hill St.
    Seattle. WA 98116-1924

Instead of sending them to Dee Holland or Lewis Elrod, please send money directly to Toby. Dee will send an appropriate Thank You, once he hears from Toby.

Slide & Video Program Library

By Bill Gissler, Slide Librarian

CFMS has a new Slide & Video Librarian, Bill Gissler. The slides and videos have already moved to his house and orders are being mailed out to CFMS clubs.

The current fee to order any program is $7.50. Order programs a minimum of 30 days in advance of your showing date. Please enclose a check or money order payable to CFMS for the cost of program(s) ordered. If you order by telephone, plan to pay the fee with the return of the program. Please contact the alternate if Bill does not respond to your request, as he might be out of town hunting rocks!

Our goal is to place the Library Order Form on the list of programs on the CFMS website. We have new videos received from the AFMS. The AFMS sends to all the regions copies of the AFMS winners from their program competition. This is one way our collection grows.

    Send your orders to:
    Bill Gissler
    1075 Blossom Drive
    Santa Clara, CA 95050
    (408) 241-0477
    fax (408) 564-4033
    or to Alternate:
    Colleen McGann
    P.O. Box 224
    Santa Clara, CA 95052-0224
    (831) 476-8689
    fax (408) 327-3123

Member Recognition - Education Through Sharing

By Barbara Matz

The Contra Costa Mineral & Gem Society would like to honor one of our long-time members, ROBERT PEVAHOUSE. Bob joined our club in 1973 and became very active as a member, serving as Field Trip Chairman, Show Chairman (2 years) and finally club President. He has since served for over 15 years as our Federation Director and has attended all the Federation Shows. He has also represented our club by demonstrating lapidary at many shows. However, he is probably best known in California for his delicious jams, and jellies which he donates to silent auctions and other money raising functions! As one of our honorary members, he continues to be an active and knowledgeable member of our club.
Submitted by Joe Yarbrough, CCMGS President

The El Dorado County Mineral & Gem Society would like to recommend ED GROSCH for recognition. Since he joined our club in 1973, Ed has been one of the most respected and well-liked members. For the past 29 years Ed has contributed his time to our club. He was rockman for 3-4 years and has held all the club offices. He was President twice and Treasurer for several years. He has helped with hosting the County Fair and our Gem Shows. He is most appreciated by the children of our community for the time he has spent going to classrooms with rock samples and leading field trips. He has been a consistantly active and dependable member with a willingness to encourage any novice or experienced rockhound. We are very proud to have Ed as a member of our club.
Submitted by Jackie Cerrato, President of El Dorado County Mineral & Gem Society.

Remember, each club may submit one adult nomination (single or couple) and one junior nomination each year. Use the form from the CFMS web site or send your nomination as a letter or e-mail to:

    Barbara Matz
    P .O. Box 7086, Petaluma, CA 94955-7086

    Field Trip To Salton Sea Area

    By Bob Fitzpatrick, Field Trip Chair -South -2003

    There will be a field trip to the Salton Sea area on Saturday, December 21st. This will be a one day trip. First we will be going to the Obsidian Butte for pumice and obsidian. From there to the mud pots. Then to the Glaurerite Crystal area.

    We will meet in Indio at 8:00 a.m. Saturday at the T&A Truck stop. The truck stop is located on Interstate 10 and Dillon Road as you leave Indio, like you were going to Blythe.

    All interested rockhounds are invited to join us. You must observe the AFMS Code of Ethics and sign a consent and assumption of risk and waver of liability form.

    For more information:

      e-mail me at RockhoundBob@aol .com or RUROCKY2@aol .com
      Bob Fitzpatrick, Field Trip Chair -South -2003

    Thanksgiving Field Trip Report - Wiley Well's

    By Bob Fitzpatrick, Field Trip Chair - South

    Hello Everyone,

    What a great field trip we all had. We had 65 that signed the disclaimer plus a few that didn't sign in ; there were clubs from all over, California, Arizona, Nevada, Indiana, and even Alaska. The weather was not to bad, some rain at night and a few drops during the days. It was short sleeve shirts weather during the day but it did get quite cool at night.

    I arrived at the campgrounds at noon on Wednesday and there was some of our group already waiting for me. Some wanted to go collect Chalcedony Roses so we collected for a few hours and then went back to camp to eat and get ourselfs ready for a great time around the fire (which we enjoyed every night). We didn't have a set agenda for what we were going to do each day, we just took it one day at a time.

    Day two, Thursday at 9 :00 a.m., some of us went to Hidden Saddle to dig Geodes and Nodules, some of the others just wanted to do there own thing and others just stayed at the camp and took it easy. There was two bowling ball size Geodes dug up and the rest were smaller but every one was able to fine some. Thursday was Thanksgiving so it was planned that we would have a potluck dinner at 3 :00 p.m. Everyone brought food for this feast, we had plenty of food with lot's of leftovers for dinner the next evening. After our Thanksgiving dinner everyone sat around the fire and had a good time.

    Day three, Friday at 9:00 a.m., some of us went off to find a parcel of land off of the Old Bradshaw Trail that Emma from the OBMS Club had bought (she had never seen it). We found it! The acreage is right next to the Chocolate Mountain Gunnery and Bombing Range. From there we went to the Black Agate and Sagenite Beds. I want to thank Robert Burson form the Searcher's Club for his help in leading us and Edie Marx From San Gorgonio Club with her experience with her GPS System. After an exciting day we went back to camp to eat leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner we had a large group around the fire (30 plus). We enjoyed some great entertainment ; singing by Emma and Norman from OBMS Club, Tom from OBMS Club played his harmonica, and Mike from Culver City played a mid-eastern type guitar and sang. There was also stories told and a lot kidding around, we laughed and laughed and had so much fun.

    On day four, Saturday, 9 :00 a.m., Robert Burson led a group to the Straw Beds and I led a large group over to the Fire Agate Mine. We had one non four wheel drive low clearance car that left the road and got stuck but with a little help we got it back on the trail. A few of our group stayed there at the mine, the rest of us went on to the town of Palo Verde. We gassed up our SUV'S and went on to Kinney's Rock Shop. Dale was glad to see us, our group purchased a few hundred dollars worth of items from his shop. From there we went on into Arizona to look for Petrified Wood and anything gemmy. Everybody found something, the best thing found was a large round piece of fossil corral about the size of a basket ball which had a lot of color to it-it should make a great sphere. On our way back we stopped to collect Chalcedony Roses and then back to camp. By now it's Saturday night and most of our group had left for their homes. We still had few tired rockhounds to enjoy the camp fire and have a few laughs.

    Day 5, Sunday, time to go home. Almost everyone had already left when Dave Guin, (Petrified Wood discussion group moderator) drove up. It was good to see him, he is getting over a broken leg. At 9:00 a.m., it was time to go. Everyone said their good-byes. Its only a two and half hour drive to my home in Beaumont but it took me four hours because of the holiday traffic.

    Bob Fitzpatrick
    http://email.bigvalley .net/imap4 .asp?action=showmessage&folder=INBOX&msgno=13&filet . . . 12/3/02

    Junior Activities Report
    Expanding Efforts to Serve Youth - And a Thank You to CFMS

    By Jim Brace-Thompson, Junior Activities Chair

    I'm happy to accept another year's service as CFMS Junior Activities Chair and, even more so, to be honored alongside Sugar White as a 2003 CFMS Scholarship Honoree. I'm grateful for the opportunity to continue serving the Federation, and I encourage all members of CFMS-affiliated clubs to consider taking on an office in coming years. The people you meet along the way and the opportunities for personal growth represent an unbeatable combination. I'm also humbled by the distinct privilege of being in a position to assist a deserving student in graduating from "amateur" to "professional" status within the Earth Sciences by earning a college degree aided by the generous support of a $2,000 CFMS scholarship. I thank the CFMS officers for granting me this opportunity to extend my efforts for educating youth to a new level, and I'm already exploring which college to call.

    I'm also thrilled to report that I've been asked and have accepted a request to take on the Junior Activities Chair this year for the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, which includes supervising their Future Rockhounds of America (FRA) program. In my first column, to appear in the December/January issue of the AFMS Newsletter, I'm proposing that the AFMS initiate a merit badge sort of system for FRAaffiliated junior members in order to accomplish two goals at the same time: 1) give junior leaders at local clubs a variety of proven, guided activities that could fill a year, and 2) provide motivation for pebble pups and junior members to work toward earning a tangible reward while learning a satisfying skill or knowledge.

    Over the next several months within the pages of the AFMS Newsletter, I'll be describing different merit badges or pins we might consider and suggested activities that might be done to earn a particular badge or pin as the first steps toward formally proposing such a system. For instance, one badge might be for Mineral Identification, another for Lapidary Arts. Yet another might be for Fossil Collecting, another for building a Mineral Collection, and possibly one for Showmanship for constructing a display for a gem show, school science fair, community library, or other public areas. Another might be for Communication for writing a club newsletter article related to our hobby or making an oral presentation at a club meeting, and so forth.

    By year's end, I hope to have laid the groundwork for perhaps a half dozen merit badges or pins that I could present to the AFMS for discussion and a vote. I welcome ideas from any and all reading about this-please be sure to pass word along to the junior leader in your club. I can use all the help and advice you can provide! We'll likely need to start out modestly. For instance, I may need to limit the idea initially to just three or four badges or pins-or maybe even just one or two-until we get an idea for the success and finances of such a proposal. But while the scope may be modest at the outset, I believe it's a first step worth taking in order to better serve our youth while-as alwayshaving fun!

    Tri-Federation Rockhound Rendzvous And Field Trip
    May 22 - 25, 2003
    Texas Springs, Nevada

    Sign-ups for the Tri-Federation Rockhound Rendezvous and Field Trip are starting to come in. Some clubs are coming as a group and will continue on to other collecting areas after the Rendezvous. I hope that you and your club are making plans to attend what promises to be a unique and special rockhound experience. This trip is a first for our three federations. We are going to a well-known collecting area that has some pretty spectacular material. The weather should be just right - springtime, the hills are still green and the wild flowers in bloom. We are relying on the bulletin editors and field trip chairmen to help get the word out about this unique adventure. The two-page Field Trip flier was published in the November issue of your Federation Newsletter. This flier has all the details about the trip, directions to our campsite and other useful information.

    There were two activities mentioned in the flier that I would like to explain in more detail. On Friday and Saturday afternoons we will conduct our Tailgate Displays. We will have rockhounds from all over the western United States that I am sure have collected some unique and interesting material from their home area. Bring along some specimens to show and share at the tailgate display. This will also be a good time to conduct the "map exchange". Map exchanges are easy - to get a map you have to give a map. Before you leave home prepare a good, detailed map of a good, unique or little known collecting area that you are familiar with. The map should be a detailed hand or computer drawn map with accurate mileages, GPS coordinates are very desirable, and be sure to note collecting site details and campsites where appropriate. Bring along as many maps as you would like to receive. I plan to bring 100 copies of my map . I am sure there will be a lot of informal exchanges of collecti ng sites, GPS info, and sharing of great places to go and see.

    This trip is open to members and guests of the Northwest, Rocky Mountain and California Federations of Mineralogical Societies. Everyone who agrees to adhere to the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies Code of Ethics, abide by the direction of the field trip leaders, and practice safe rockhounding is welcome to attend.

    Be sure to check out the Tri-Federation Rendezvous articles and Texas Spring's photos on the CFMS (www.cfmsinc.org) and NFMS web sites.

    Please notify your respective Federation leader early, but no later than May 16, if you plan to attend; e-mail (or call) if you have questions or need more information. Don't wait - do it now. This will be a great opportunity for rockhounds from all over the west to meet one another, to share stories, and information about collecting in their home areas. Be sure to bring material from your favorite collecting sites to show and share.

    Come join us for a great Tri-Federation Rendezvous of collecting, fun and fellowship.

    Dee Holland
    Northwest Federation
    hollandd@salmoninternet .com
    Dean Richardson
    Rocky Mt. Federation
    Richard Pankey
    California Federation


    By Don Ogden

    The Internet and Bulletin Aids Committees are planning a Communication Workshop. The workshop will give members tools (PDF.files) to better serve the Federation and their clubs. The workshop will be presented at various locations in California, and possibly in Nevada.

    If your club is interested in hosting a workshop, please contact a member of the Internet Committee or Bulletin Aids Committee.

    If you are interested in attending, please provide the following information : Name, address, phone number, e-mail address and club affiliation.

    Also, please provide the names of the Programs you use (Word, Excel, MS Publisher, Power Point, Word Perfect, Amp Pro, Lotus Word Pro, Adobe Pagemaker, etc .).

      Send to:
      Don Ogden
      20904 Trigger Ln.
      Diamond Bar, CA 917656
      donogden@aol .com