Vol. XXXVIII, No. 5 --- May 2002

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Presidents Message
AFMS Scholarship Foundation
Education Through Sharing
Placerville CFMS Show
Memo to All Member Clubs
Hey, There's a Rockhound
AFMS Correspondence Address Change
CFMS Earth Science Studies
Past President Biographies
Juniors Report
Safety at High Altitudes
CFMS Jury of Awards AFMS Scholarship
Re: Cough CPR
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Presidents Message

By Jo Anna Ritchey, CFMS President
CFMS President

I have just made my motel reservations for the CFMS Show in Placerville on July 12-14, 2002. I know that many people have already made their reservations. Have you made your plans yet?? Camping spaces are available. A different local club puts on the CFMS Show each year, but really it is a show for and by all of us. We need to do what we can to participate in the Show.

A number of things will be happening that weekend. This will be a time to show what we can do (lapidary, spheres, jewelry, carving, etc.) and to see what others have done. We might even get ideas for future projects. This is also a time to see demonstrators, watch them work, and get great ideas for future projects. My favorite part of the hobby is Field Trips. I like to go to new locations. I know that the local club has made arrangements in this area, but have you considered that this is an excellent time to talk (face to face) with other club members who are also interested in field trips? I have exchanged maps with members from Northern California in the past. I have also talked with people from other clubs and made arrangements to go on a field trip in their area at a later time. One of the advantages of belonging to the CFMS is getting to know people from all parts of the state (and other states). It is so much easier for me to talk to other members at the Board of Directors Meeting as I have found it difficult to pick up the phone and talk to people I don't know. I know that they would be helpful, but I am shy on occasion.

Have you considered being a Clerk on the Rules Committee? I was one last year and found it to be both fascinating and educational. I have been informed that I simply will not have time this year-but next year is a definite possibility.

Bulletin Editors don't feel left out. The Bulletin Editor's Contest winners along with the other contest winners will be announced at the banquet. Have you considered going to the Award's Banquet? Really the people who have put in the work to participate appreciate having an audience. This is also part of your participation.

Please have someone come to the meeting on Saturday, July 14, 2002. Your input in running the club at the state level is important. You are needed to take information back to your local club (and let the Officers know what is going on in your area, both in formal and informal settings). Your Directors are very important. If the Director cannot come to the meeting please appoint an Alternate Director.

Committee Chairmen need to send in their reports so Pat La Rue can print them. Pat will put a notice in the bulletin later when they are due. I am mentioning this now, as I want the meeting to move along, as it will if all the reports are printed in the packages. Also I want the CFMS Historian to be happy (and she is happier when all the reports are in writing). If the meeting moves along then we all have more time to spend at the Show.

I plan to have a good time at the Show and hope to be surrounded by a lot of people from all parts of the state.

AFMS Scholarship Foundation

By AFMS Scholarship Foundation
Jon Spunaugle, President
Steve Weinberger, Vice President & AFMS President
Arlene Burkhalter, Treasurer
Ruth Bailey, Secretary.

The AFMS Scholarship Foundation has discovered an apparent significant shortage in the Foundations funds. In order to establish irrefutable evidence of the financial status of the fund, an outside CPA will be engaged to review the past records of the organization and confirm the findings of an internal audit conducted by the audit committee.

This action is considered necessary to bring current the foundations records to the date of November 1, 2001, the beginning of the current fiscal year. This will establish a benchmark of responsibility for the new incoming officers, and if the shortage is confirmed, to fix responsibility of the apparent shortage. This confirmation of the current status would also provide additional options for future action by the Board of Directors including any necessary By-law revisions, which are currently under consideration by a committee.

This committee of current and past AFMS Officers and Foundation Officers and Directors met in Tucson, Arizona in February to examine the internal audit and to provide guidance to the Foundation's current Officers and Directors as they proceed, The Officers and Directors of the AFMS Scholarship Foundation wish to assure the Regional Federations and their members that a complete report on the findings will be presented as soon as possible.

In the meantime be assured that remedial actions are being taken to keep the Foundation and its goals and aspirations ongoing and viable and to protect the Foundations' assets.

Members having any questions or concerns should contact one of the Officers of the Foundation

Education Through Sharing
Member Recognition, CFMS
also forwarded to AFMS

By Barbara Matz, Chair Honorees

Ventura Gem & Mineral Society wishes to honor Greg Davis as Club Rockhound of the Year. Greg is currently president for the second time and has held several positions including field trip chair for several years. He is one of the instructors in lapidary classes which includes pebble pups. He has won honors and recognition for his own beautiful creations. Greg is a strong supporter in the gem and mineral department at the county fair as well as the club shows. He is one of the quarterly meetings where the three gem and mineral clubs in Ventura County meet to discuss problems, membership, shows, field trips, safety, etc. We feel Greg is very deserving for special recognition. Submitted by Florence Meisenheimer, Federation Director, Ventura Gem & Mineral Society.

The Sequoia Gem & Mineral Society is pleased to nominate Preston Bingham as their club's Rockhound of the Year. Preston has been part of the Sequoia Gem and Mineral Society since it started. He has served as president and past president, and has held numerous other titles. He has been an inspiration and mentor to members, and currently teaches our lapidary workshops. He has been an excellent representative and liaison to dealers and other clubs, encouraging teamwork and cooperation. We hold him dear to our hearts and appreciate all his hard work and friendship. Carol Corden submitted this nomination.

Palmdale Gem & Mineral Club has selected Al and Fran Jones as their Rockhounds of the Year. They have served well as federation directors for the club for a number of years, despite several serious health issues. Although they have retired from the position this year, they will serve as alternates when called upon. Al makes beautiful carvings from howlite and ulexite and willingly displays them at every opportunity. This nomination was submitted by Gail Becker, club secretary.

Any CFMS member club can nominate a member of their club (single or couple) as Rockhound of the year. The CFMS form is available on Line at the CFMS Website (wwwcfmsinc.org) or from your Federation Director.
Mail your nomination to:

Barbara Matz
P.O.Box 7086
Petluma, CA 94955-7086
or e-mail to Barbmatz@yahoo.com


Placerville, California


"Treasures of The Sierra Nevada" is the theme of this year's California Federation of Mineralogical Societies Show and Convention. This statewide Rock and Gem Show will be held in Placerville, CA, July 12, 13 & 14, and will be hosted by the El Dorado County Mineral & Gem Society. All activities will be held at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds, 100 Placerville Drive, Placerville, California (exit Highway 50 at Forni Road/Placerville Drive).

You will find over 50 dealers and hundreds of exhibits featuring gems, minerals, jewelry, beads, fossils, lapidary material, equipment, and geodes (the rock with a surprise within). You can enjoy gold panning, watch artisans give demonstrations, and attend some lectures at your leisure. There will be special activities for children throughout the show. Great food and beverages will be available.

In conjunction with the CFMS Show and Convention, the Placerville Arts Association will hold a competitive art exhibit at the Fairgrounds, with the same theme as the show.

Take in the splendid Gold Rush countryside while you visit. Just a few minutes' drive from the show, you'll find historical sites including mines, recreational areas, and beautiful scenery along back roads leading to orchards and vineyards. You will be at the gateway of the Sierra Nevada and its treasures - past and present.

Show Hours: Friday & Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4.
Admission: adults $4 ($10 3-day pass);
  seniors $3;
  ages 18 & under $3;
  12 & under free.
Free parking on the grounds.
Camping is available.

For more information: (530) 676-2472,
e-mail: gemshow@hotmail.com
Show web site: http://www.CFMSgemshow2002.org

Memo to All Member Societies

The Nominating Committee needs candidates for Federation Officers for the year 2003. Member Societies may send the name and qualifications of any candidates they wish to propose for any Federation Office, to any member of the Nominating Committee. Please be sure to confirm with the nominee his or her willingness to accept the nomination if selected.]

Candidates for Federation Office shall be selected by the Nominating Committee.

Members of the Nominating Committee:
Toni Ewers, Chairman
12 Hillcrest Lane
Boulder City, NV 89005-1607     
Gail Matthews
P.O. Box 4652
Mountain View, CA 94040-0652
Bob King [Alternate]
1826 Ninth Street
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Loretta Ogden
20904 Trigger Lane
Diamond Bar, CA 91765-3469
Beverly Moreau
3113 Topaz Lane, Apt A
Fullerton, CA 92831-2374
Brad Smith
11939 Sunset Blvd. #D
Los Angeles. CA 90049

We have extended the deadline for nominations to June 10, 2002

Hey! There's A Rockhound In That Vehicle

By Richard Pankey,
CFMS Field Trip Chairman North.

Over the years I have seen a need for some kind of easily recognizable way for rockhounds to identify themselves to other rockhounds and to the general public, especially on field trips or on some backcountry road. It would also be very useful in campgrounds and other gatherings. In the summer of 2000 I discussed my idea with friends for some sort of sticker that a rockhound could put on his vehicle, much like the scuba diver's red and white sticker. It would say to the world "there's a rockhound in this vehicle".

I designed a prototype sticker and presented the idea to the CFMS Public Relations Committee in June of 2001. The concept was enthusiastically accepted, and for the past several months we have developed and are refining the artwork on several alternative designs. The Public Relations Committee and the Executive Board of CFMS sees the need and supports the concept of a rockhound sticker/symbol, but would like to know what other Federations and societies of the AFMS think about the idea.

A Rockhound Sticker would be an easy way to identify yourself to others as a rockhound. It provides an easy way to recognize other rockhounds. The sticker not only promotes and publicizes rockhounding, it is a service to rockhounds to facilitate meeting one another. The sticker is a universal identifier for club members as well as unaffiliated rockhounds. It lets everyone know you are interested in collecting rocks, minerals, or fossils and you are willing to discuss collecting, to share rockhounding experiences and to help other rockhounds. It's an invitation to others to ask questions and seek your help. It tells others that you are a rockhound friend. While working on this project I discovered that a "Universal Rockhound Emblem" had been promoted in the past. In the early 1970's a Universal Rockhound Emblem pin and sticker was developed and distributed widely in Australia. It was also offered in the United States but for some reason did not gain acceptance. I have seen a few pins but have never seen a sticker on a vehicle.

The rationale and need for such a symbol to help identify rockhounds to others still exists. I am ready and anxious to help make it a reality. I would like to hear what other federations and societies think about this idea. It is our plan and hope to finalize artwork this spring and present the concept at the AFMS meeting in July.

Please contact me at dickpankey@juno.com or at 4310 Kingsly Dr., Pittsburg, CA 94565.

AFMS Correspondance Address Change
Important Notice - Effective Immediately

All correspondence to the AFMS Central Office or Secretary should go to:

Lewis Elrod
AFMS Central Office Administrator
2706 Las Cassas Pike
Murfreesboro, TN 37130-1540
Ann Cook
AFMS Secretary
684 Quilliams Rd
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

These changes have occurred due to the resignation of Dan McLennon. .Please update your records to reflect these changes.

CFMS Earth Science Studies

By The Committee

The CFMS sponsored Earth Science Studies at Camp Paradise are scheduled for September 8 to 14 and September 15 to 21, 2002.

The seminars will be for two week long periods, limited to about 60 persons each session. The fee will be the same - $220.00 per person for a week's attendance, or $440.00 per person if you wish to take in the full two weeks. Workshops and instructors will be the same each week.

Be sure to fill out the correct dated application that you wish to attend. If you wish to attend both sessions please fill out both applications. At the bottom of the page PLEASE MARK if you are using your RV. It is impossible to make room assignments if we do not know your needs.

Workshops include wire wrap, faceting, casting, stone carving, cabbing, silversmithing, bead stringing, glass beads/glass fusing and perhaps others.

When we receive your application you will receive directions on what to bring and a map to the area. (Camp Paradise is not at Paradise, California).

Camp Paradise is a rustic church owned camp in the mountains 40 miles north east of Marysville, California. The rooms are adequate and there is plenty of space available for RVs, camped among the tall pines.

Meals are provided from a modern kitchen, and the dining/meeting room is very nice.

Along with workshops, there will be field trips for collecting and for sightseeing, with food and beverage provided. Interesting speakers programs and entertainment will fill the evenings.

Attending workshops are not compulsory-you select the ones you wish to attend and if you wish to take an afternoon or day off just relaxing, that is all right too.

Because this is a church camp it is requested that there be absolutely no alcohol. For health reasons bring an extra sheet or pad to put between your bedding and the mattress.

For more information or questions contact:

Cal Clason (661) 589-4169 or
Ray Meisenheimer (805) 642-3155.

Past President Biographies

By Shirley Leeson
CFMS Historian
shirleyleeson@email.msn.com or
6155 Haas St. La Mesa, CA 91942-4312

As CFMS Historian, I'd like to have bios of all the LIVING Past Presidents. Please let me know your profession, when you were introduced to the hobby. What your particular interests are or have been. And what offices/chairmanships you have held.

For those Past Presidents who have passed on, help me find the obits for them. I've searched many CFMS Newsletters, but have had trouble with the early ones. Perhaps your club historians can help. Think of this as a treasure hunt. Involve your club members.

And for those living past presidents, if you don't write it•  ..I wlll.
How's that for a threat!

NOTE from the CFMS webmaster

All of Shirley's hard work on Past Presidents has been placed on the CFMS web site. To find our what photos and bios Shirley needs can be found by viewing the Past Presidents page.

  1. On the Welcome page, click on Team.
  2. On the Team page, click on Past Presidents
  3. Review the Past Presidents information.
  4. Send Shirley any additional information (bios and photos) you may have.

Junior Activities Report
Enroll Your Pebble Pups into Future Rockhounds of America

By Jim Brace-Thompson, Junior Activities Chair

As I've stated frequently, only by encouraging and cultivating youth participation can we ensure the future of our hobby. My last three columns have been about starting and/or revitalizing a pebble pup or youth group within your club. In line with this, it seems like a good time to issue a reminder about the Future Rockhounds of America (FRA) program of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

Under the direction of AFMS President Bill Cox in 1984, the AFMS added a Junior Clubs committee. Bill coined the name "Future Rockhounds of America" and designed a certificate for clubs that enrolled. FRA gives pebble pups the distinction of belonging to something worthwhile. The only requirement for obtaining membership is to be organized and sponsored by a regional Federation club. There are no dues to pay to the AFMS for being a member. To sign up your club's kids, all you need is a group of interested kids, a motivated sponsor, a name, and an application to FRA. Membership covers any kids up to the age of 18. The number of kids isn't important-you can have as few as two and as many as you can handle!

Your youth group will receive an FRA certificate and each child will receive an enameled FRA pin. In addition, your youth leader will receive periodic updates from the FRA sponsors within the AFMS (Bob and Kathy Miller of South Bend, Indiana). This periodic update is one of the best benefits of membership because it includes the names and contact information for leaders of each FRA youth group from around the country. This list is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to exchange ideas on programs and activities for involving kids. To enroll your club's kids, just fill in this information:

NAME OF YOUTH GROUP: _____________________________________________________
SPONSORING ADULT CLUB: ___________________________________________________
FEDERATION: CFMS___ Eastern___ Midwest___ South Central___ SE___ Rocky Mountain___ NW___
CONTACT PERSON:___________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________
YEAR ORGANIZED:___________CURRENT NUMBER OF MEMBERS:__________________

To help Bob and Kathy Miller in announcing information regarding your club, please attach a brief description of participation at general meetings, club shows, field trips, and other activities your club undertakes with its junior members. Please forward the completed questionnaire and attachment to: Jim Brace-Thompson, CFMS Junior Activities Chair, 7319 Eisenhower Street, Ventura, California 93003; phone (805) 659-3577; email jbraceth@juno.com. I'll then forward it to Bob and Kathy. Upon receipt, they'll process your certificate into the Future Rockhounds of America. Here's to getting networked with some of the most actively involved youth leaders across America and-above all-here's to having fun.

Safety - At High Altitude

By Chuck McKie, CFMS Safety Chairman 2002
Resource: Breathe easy in April 2002 Highways
by Russ & Tina De Mari

Summer is coming and a lot of you rockhounds are planning your field trips. Those who are planning to go to the high elevations, which were covered with snow all winter so that you could not easily do your rock hunting, are the ones I want to address at this time.

Some people may have breathing difficulties at altitudes of 6,000 feet. When you start going above that height even more will have trouble.

What trouble might you encounter? Nausea, light-headedness, fatigue, feeling like you can't get enough air (oxygen).

What causes these symptoms? Air - that stuff that is all around us - contains a specific percentage of oxygen per cubic foot. Everybody says that as you go higher in our atmosphere, that there is less oxygen. But the oxygen percent- age always remains the same. It is just that the pressure (the weight) of the air above us decreases as we climb higher toward the sky. Because -naturally - there is less air to press down on us as we go up until we are into space where there is no air, air pressure is zero. (That is why the astronauts have to wear space suits). Since there is less pressure to squeeze the air, it spreads out and becomes a much larger volume with the same percentage of oxygen. Therefore when you breathe in, you do get less oxygen. The solution is to breath more deeply and faster. When I was stationed in Panama, I was in a Commando Squadron and consequently was in very good condition (not to mention younger.) I went to Bolivia TDY in an airforce plane piloted by a full colonel. When we got ready to deplane, I started to pick up the Colonel's bag. He immediately said, "No! I'll carry your bag!" That was because the airfield at La Paz, Bolivia was at 16,000 feet altitude. He knew about the high altitude hazards. He told me if I had difficulty in breathing to call "him" and"he"would bring me an oxygen bottle. I would wake up with a headache, take some deep breaths, then was OK and got along without the bottle.

Walking around La Paz ( only 15,000 feet high), I went very slowly, stopping often to look in the shops going into a restaurant, having a cup of coffee, and resting.

Later on I went to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. When my plane landed back at La Paz, I ran a mile to the hangar to get a truck to carry my toolbox and equipment because the plane was to leave shortly. I got my stuff AND altitude sick- ness. My head was pounding, I was sick to my stomach- REALLY sick and could not eat for 3 or 4 days.

The people there have adapted to the high altitude over generations. They all have tremendous chests You should see the women. Many of you will not be in as good condition as I was, and you probably will not be going as high, but you may go 7 or 8,000 feet or more. If you do, take it easy. You can get used to the altitude but it takes time, a couple of days to weeks. If you start feeling faint, light headed, like you can't catch your breath, sit down, relax and BREATHE DEEP! Especially if you know your breathing is impaired, take it easy. I have a friend who rode the Snow Train to Reno with me last year. He had been using an oxygen bottle for quite a while. Even though the train only goes about 6,000 feet up, he got sick without any extra exertion. So know yourself and your condition. Take it easy. Remember to breathe deep. That sounds natural, it is, but you have to give mother nature a hand sometimes.

All the above is about a slight case of altitude sickness.


Severe altitude sickness is a lot worse. High-altitude pulmonary edema and high-altitude cerebral edema are caused when bodily fluids begin to leak into the lungs and brain, respectively. Left untreated, either one of these conditions can be fatal. Most of our field trips aren't that dramatic.

If you experience shortness of breath, don't fight it. It is just your body's adaptive process to make you breathe harder and faster to accumulate more oxygen so there is less chance of becoming sick. To repeat, the solution is avoid high levels of exertion, breathe deep, walk, don't run and do so at a moderate pace. Drink plenty of fluids -we always say drink a lot of water. And be careful of your alcoholic intake. Its effects increase with altitude. If you've tried everything and you still are feeling ill, then the best thing to do is to get to a lower altitude immediately.

CFMS Jury fo Awards AFMS Scholarship

By Lois Allmen

Each year the California Federation selects one individual to be honored by placing with that individual, the privilege of selecting the university of his or her choice for the selection of two students to receive the American Federation Scholarship for that year. The individual, California Federation's Honorary Awardee, assists in the selection of the students then studying for his or her Masters or Doctors Degree, and in need of financial assistance of this scholarship.


Through the names of individuals submitted to the Committee for the California Federation's American Scholarship Program by our member Societies. Your Society could have that privilege and honor!


First, the person whose name is to be submitted never should be advised that his/her name is being presented for consideration by our Federation.

Second, the individual should be one well versed in the Earth Sciences, education wise, and should have, over the years, extended services to individuals, societies, etc., in matters relating to our hobby and its various facets... contributed to the furtherance of our hobby and the Earth Sciences in general, an individual who has shared his or her knowledge of the Earth Sciences with the layman and the rockhound. The person need not be a member of a CFMS Society.


Documentation of the individual's background- the more, the better. This is tough sometimes, as some of our very worthy individuals are very closemouthed about their efforts, their endeavors, their partaking of their vast store of knowledge to you and me. There are many individuals who could and would be considered for this Awardee Honor, but we need the submission of that documentation. There are ways and means of obtaining the necessary information; newspaper clippings, Family or friends who can be depended on to be discreet. Libraries are good sources of information- "Men of the West", 'Who's Who", and a number of other like publications. I repeat- there are a good number of people within our Federation boundaries worthy of this honor.


To the undersigned, as this years Chairman and Committee. The California Federation's 2nd Vice President ,the President and the immediate Past President. They will meet and review all documentation submitted, discuss the names submitted and make the decision of the individual to be so honored that year. The material submitted by our Societies is never discarded... so if your nominee is not chosen one year, there is always a chance he or she will be considered another year.

Lois Allmen
407 Magnolia Ave.
Oxnard,CA 93030 5309
CFMS Jury of Awards AFMS
Scholarship Foundation

November 1, 2001 is the latest date that nominations may be received but please don't wait until the last minute to send in your names. There are many people who are deserving of this award and the Committee would like to have several names to consider when making their selection


Long-time Dedicated Workers

Myrtle Hulstrom Williams 1911-2002

Ruby Meyer 1919-2002

Re: "Cough CPR, April, 2002 Newsletter.

Authorities quoted "Mended Hearts Inc., have renounced their position on this. The American Heart Association recommends using this under medical supervision where a person having a heart attack is about to lose consciousness. It can be dangerous to use where the heart attack does not result in cardiac arrest. Ed.