Vol. XXXVII, No. 1 --- January 2000

CFMS Newsletter

Table of Contents

President's Message ....................................................... Pat LaRue
CFMS Gold and Gem Show ............................................ Pat LaRue
Notes from the Executive Secretary .............................. Renata Bever
Corrections to Podium People ....................................... Editor
Thank you for the card ................................................... Grant and Toni Ewers
Wiley Well District Field Trip ........................................ Richard Pankey
Deditication of Rec and Ed Rock-Collecting Areas .... Isabella Burns
What are Thundereggs? ................................................. via Tumble Rumble, 1999
Junior Activities Report .................................................. Jim Brace-Thompson
All American Awards Program ...................................... Don and Dot Beachler
Donation to AFMS Endowment Fund ......................... Isabella Burns
Disclamer Insurance Coverage Overview .................... Gary and Denise Palmer
Original Message............................................................. Pat McDaniel
Important Information from the Tax Advisor............... Mike Kokinos
Safety.................................................................................. Chuck McKie
Stuffed Dinosaur for Dinner............................................ Judy Washburn
Big Rocks........................................................................... Dick Friesen
Earth Science Studies at Soda Springs (Zzyzx)............ Committee
Pages from the Ledger..................................................... Terese Masters
Education Through Sharing............................................ Colleen McGann
CFMS Endowment Fund................................................. Ray and Florence Meisenheimer
CFMS Web Site To Feature Field Trip Page................ Beverly Moreau
Historian's Files................................................................. Shirley Leeson
Great Programs.................................................................. Marion Fowler
CFMS Club/Society Officer Change Form 2000........... Form
CFMS Premise Liability and Property Coverages........ Form
Add'l Insured/Certificate of Insurance for CFMS......... Form
Combined Dues and Insurance Form............................. Form
CFMS Newsletter Subscription Form............................. Form


By Pat LaRue, CFMS President
CFMS President

    CFMS stands at the brink of the first century of the new millennium. During my first term as your president, I frequently referred to the need to prepare for the future not only by looking at how we conduct day to day business within our clubs but also how we meet the changing needs of our membership. As I observe clubs in my Southern California region, I've noted that the ones which address the changing needs of their membership by expanding workshop hours, having good programs, sponsoring regular outings and field trips, mailing out quality newsletters on a regular basis and actively seeking new members seem to be alive and well. The ones which don't go out of their way to recruit new members and keep the existing ones happy and informed stagnate.

    Twenty-years ago as a 30 something newcomer, my thoughts and ideas were not always welcomed if it meant making some kind of radical change in the way we did things. The lesson I learned is that while change is good, continually trying to reinvent the wheel is generally an exercise in futility with the end result being that total frustration is experienced by everyone involved and not much is accomplished except the realization that all the old wheel needed was a little TLC instead of a complete redesign.

    As we welcome the new millennium, the clubs and CFMS have to meet the challenge of the future. Most of the things we do are just fine; like that proverbial wheel, all they need is a little preventive maintenance. There are many areas where some attention should be paid. Let's look at just one.

    That area is communication. In the past, we had a phone number and a home address at which we could be reached. Now we still have a home address and a phone number; but many of us now have cell phone, fax or pager numbers, and an e-mail address or two. Lest we miss a call, we have answering machines or voice mail at home and the office. Keeping this in mind did you take a long hard look at the last CFMS roster? Some of the clubs did not have a contact phone number or e-mail address listed. How can an interested person or another CFMS member get in touch if this basic contact information is not available or is incorrect? Don't say let them write a letter to the club address. Many people won't bother to write a letter and letters may languish in club mail boxes for weeks on end. The roster comes out annually and is not easily changed; the website can be updated any time change is needed. If your club changes its contact phone number or e-mail address, send a quick note to the webmaster and he will update the information as soon as possible. All directors must make it his/her responsibility to make certain club contact information is current.

    The Internet has revolutionized the way information is presented. Anyone with a computer and web access can literally obtain information on just about any topic out there and share ideas with people around the world at minimal cost. The Internet is a wonderful tool but until everyone owns a computer, it can not be the answer to all of our communication needs. The Internet will continue to expand its influence in the future. We must learn to use its resources but use sound judgement in what we post and what links we create within our club sites. The CFMS has an image to protect and needs the promotion of its programs confined to its site alone. The Internet Committee and webmaster are charged with the responsibility of making sure nothing which would present CFMS or its member clubs in a negative manner is ever posted to its site. We ask that everyone within the CFMS family respect this policy.

    Those who were at the banquet in Visalia will recognize the text as being a portion of the comments I made at my installation. I will conclude those thoughts next month.

August 4,5,6 2000
Riverside, CA

By Pat LaRue
Registration/Exhibit Chair

    It's time to make your plans to attend the 2000 CFMS Gold and Gem Show in Riverside this corning August. Each member club should have received the information packet with registration forms, hotel and camping information. If your Director attended the Fall Business Meeting in Visalia, that person should have the envelope in hand. If your Director did not attend the meeting, the information packet was mailed to your club with the regular CFMS meeting information during the week of November 14 or hand carried by a person living near your club. All information can also be downloaded from the CFMS website.

    The room for the Saturday awards banquet is small and has a limited seating capacity. When all 120 seats are sold, there will be no more places available. Unfortunately we cannot hold the banquet outside as was done in 1996 because that area is no longer open space. It is now occupied by rows of wooden pillars. The banquet will be catered by the Mission Inn and promises to be excellent.

    There is plenty of room in the exhibit hall for your displays. Because there will be a limited number of cases available for rental, exhibitors are encouraged to use their own cases. If your club has upright (San Francisco style) cases available for rental, let me know. Norvie Enns, the 2000 Rules Chair, is hoping for lots of competitive entries to keep the judges and clerks busy. I'm certain you'll begetting reminders from him in future newsletters.

    The Faceters Guild of Southern California is busy planning the symposium being held during the show. Registration packets and contest information were included with the show materials and can also be downloaded from the CFMS website. Glenn Klein, the chairman for that event, is writing a special promotional article which will appear in an upcoming CFMS show column. Specific questions regarding the symposium should be addressed directly to Glenn. His phone number and e-mail address are included with the registration materials.

    See you in Riverside!


By Renata Bever
Exective Secretary

    Correction to November Newsletter, page 24: San Pablo Bay Gem & Mineral Society did not disband. Our apologies to members of the society for this error.

    Price Change for Golden Bear with Gavel: We will add new Golden Bear/Gavel emblems to our inventory, as announced at the Directors' Meeting in Turlock last June. These bears will be solid lOK gold. New price $16.00. Please make a note of this.

    Paid Subscriptions: Don't forget to renew your subscription to the CFMS Newsletter for the year 2000! The price is still $5.50 per year (not prorated).

    Happy Holidays!


    Harriette Breitman, popular Podium Person in Southern California, has passed away. She was a talented artist and teacher who enjoyed sharing her enthusiasm and expertise in gem carving.


    Thank you from Grant and Toni Ewers to Shirley Leeson and all the people who signed the card at Visalia. Grant had a hip replacement and is doing well now. They were speechless.

Wiley Well District Field Trip
January 31 - February 4, 2000
Hosted by CFMS Field Trip Chairman - North

By Richard Pankey
Field Trips -North

    By now I hope your plans are finalized to join us for 5 great days of collecting trips, happy hours, potluck dinners, campfires and generally all around rockbound fun. The flier that was printed in the November Newsletter has the directions to our campsite and the schedule of our daily trips. There are plenty of good campsites for trailers, motor homes and tenters. For those that don't "camp", there are good motels in Blythe only 25 miles away.

    I saw Michael Peterson at the Directors' Meeting in Visalia and he gave me more information about the new sites. The recently discovered site near Clapp Springs is called "The Lost Larry Lode". The material is a volcanic melt, a dome of material approximately fifty yards across. The material ranges from beige to salmon pink, and everything in between. It cabs/ spheres exceptionally well and is a mysterious delight trying to figure out what it really is. The second location is about five miles from Palo Verde (just east of Wiley Well). There are fossils and petrified wood to be found that are beautiful and well preserved - the coral, shells, and stems are clear and obvious, and the wood is heavy and of many sizes. This is a little known site on the Colorado River bench.

    Jim Strain, Public Lands Advisory Chair, has finalized arrangements with the BLM to dedicate the Hauser Beds as a "Rockbound Educational and Recreational Area". The dedication is scheduled for Monday, January 31. This is the day we are scheduled to collect at the Hauser Beds. We are fortunate and honored to have this dedication made during our trip to the Wiley Well District. The BLM representatives will be joining us for our potluck dinner and will give us some campfire talks about the Hauser Beds and other topics affecting the area.

    To help me plan and accommodate all who will attend this trip, please call, write or e-mail me with your `reservation". Since our insurance situation was resolved, this trip is open to members and guests. Make your plans to join us, whether for a day, a few days or the whole week, at the Wiley Well District.

    Dick Pankey
    4310 Kingsly Dr.
    Pittsburg, CA 94565
    Ph: 925-439-7509
    Email: dickpankey @iuno.com


By Isabella Burns

    A dedication of the Imperial and Riverside County Geode Area (known as Hauser Geode Beds) as a Recreational and Educational Rock-Collecting Area is scheduled for January 31, 2000 at the collecting site. This will permit the continued collecting of geodes, nodules, and other rocks and minerals in the area. There will be some rules for us to follow to help protect the threatened and endangered species in the area. Jim Strain is working out the details of routes that will be open, rules when digging, trash removal, etc.

    This area has been collected since the first humans came into the area. The Indians made tools from some of the material. A driver on the Butterfield Stage Route was the first known person to find the geodes. Years later his son, Joel Hauser, was challenged to find the place where his father had found beautiful geodes; thus made the area famous. CFMS clubs have made many field trips here through the years.

    When in 1990 the desert tortoise was listed as endangered under the National Environmental Policy of 1969, Sue Hickman said to me that this could be more of a problem for our rock collecting than the California Desert Protection Act. Since then we have monitored the studies that have been done regarding the endangered desert tortoise and other animals and plants added to this list. Three plans for the protection of these endangered species are being developed - The Northern and Eastern Colorado Desert Coordinated Management Plan (NEMO), The Northern and Eastern Mojave Desert Plan (NEMO), The West Mojave Plan.

    The NEMO Plan includes the geode sites where we have collected for years as being an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC). When the Environmental Impact Statements were completed, Dick Crowe explained this at the CFMS Show and Convention in Ventura in 1997. He also, has given presentations at the Holtville Rockhound Round Up, to several societies, and at the 1998 Field Trip South Seminar at the Whittier Club Claim.

    The idea of losing another collecting site concerned Jim and I; so at the July 2 CFMS Meeting at Monterey, we requested the support of the CFMS Members to pursue the concept of a rockhound park to be established in this geode area. When Jim Strain ask Ed Hasty, the California State BLM Director, at that time, about our idea of a rock-collecting park, he gave us his approval. Jim has about completed the efforts to make this area of Riverside and Imperial County a Recreational and Educational Rock-Collecting Area. He still needs to make sure roads, rules for use, and other details are completed, and we will be ready for the dedication of The CFMS Recreational and Educational Rock-Collecting Area on January 31, 2000. Everyone is welcome to join us. for this prestigious occasion. When plans are completed, information will be available from Jim Strain, Isabella Burns, and at www.cfmsinc.org


via Geodes, from The Tumble Rumble, 1999

    Thundereggs, the official state rock of Oregon, are found in ancient decomposed lava flows in the central part of Oregon. Although, from the outside, a thunderegg appears to be a common round stone, the interior is filled with beautiful agate. Properly cut and polished, each thunderegg reveals a unique world of color and form. Two theories explain the origin of thundereggs, one scientific, the other legendary. Geologists say that thundereggs formed when minerals seeped into cooling gas bubbles in lava. The Indians who inhabited Central Oregon hundreds of years ago said thundereggs were missiles buried in jealous anger by rival thunder spirits who dwelt on nearby mountain peaks.

Why Do You Like Rocks? - Kids Reply

By Jim Brace-Thompson, Juniors Chairman

What was it that first attracted you to rockhounding? I'd like to kick off the first Junior's Column of the new millennium by passing along the words of kids themselves, for the kid in each of us, to remind us how we got hooked on this great hobby in the first place. At a rock show, kids were asked to complete the sentence, "I like rocks and/or fossils because..." Here's what they said:

Perhaps it's the aesthetics of the thing...
"...they have pretty designs and colors and look nice and shiny."
"...they are beautiful and real."
"...they have good looks."
"...they are pretty and sparkle in the sunlight."
"...they're old and still pretty."
"...they are lovely to look at and a beautiful work of art."

For the cerebrally inclined, maybe it's the science behind the rocks...
"...they are very neat and they are part of history."
"...you learn, and I love to learn. They tell me about earth."
"...fossils have neat facts. They tell me my past."
"...they interest me, and I like looking at things like if you need them that."
"...fossils are awesome, dude."
"...I love fossils. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!"

Perhaps it's the commercial value...
"...they can be made into many different things."
"...they make stuff."
"...they're cool, and some are expensive."

Maybe it's their variety...
"...they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors."
"...they come in many sizes, and some are smooth!"
"...they're totally unique."

Could there be a family connection?
"...my grandpa was a miner."

Perhaps it's that collector's urge...
"...they are fun to find."
"...I get to find them myself, and it's a lot of fun."
"...they are good to collect, because they look so nice."
"...you dig for them, and you get to get dirty."

Then again, there's always the "Nike Factor"...
"...I just do!"

For the new year, and the new millennium--as always-have fun!


By Dot and Bob Beachler
CFMS Co-chairs

    As this is being written on December 1, there have been NO requests to us for 1999 entry forms. Does this mean that those planning to enter have found the forms in the December 1998 CFMS Newsletter, or that no club is intending to enter?

    If you are going to try, it is not too early to begin assembling data on 1999 activities. Although our regional entry deadline is April 30, putting an entry together does take some effort to collect the required information. The forms are available from us if you need them.


By Izzie Burns
AFMS President Elect

    Lewis Elrod had request donations for a special opportunity drawing for the AFMS Endowment Fund. He was seeking three prizes for this special drawing. Howard Carter of the Monterey Bay Mineral Society of Saunas donated a beautiful miniature-framed picture of ocean rock for the good cause. You probably have seen these great intarsia framed pictures that he does. Thanks, Howard, for helping the AFMS and making CFMS proud of you. Chances will be on sale soon.


(As understood by Gary & Denise Palmer
CFMS Directors for
Sportsman's Club of Joshua Tree,
Hi Desert Rockhounds,
Hi Desert Gold Diggers, and
Kaiser Rock and Gem)

    An overview of the current coverage provided by McDaniel Insurance to the CFMS and clubs of this society. The coverage is basically outlined in the Certificate of Liability Insurance provided to the clubs along with the brochure. This coverage is for the liability to others due to the actions and activities of the Federation, its officers, directors, clubs, and the, officers, directors, and members of said clubs, while acting on behalf of the club or Federation.

    This is not a medical coverage for members due to their choice to participate in the activities of the organization. The possibility may exist that a member would be covered due to a member acting on behalf of the organization, but they would have to be proven legally responsible, i.e., negligent.

    The intention of this policy is to cover the Federation and representatives for legal responsibility to others due to property damage or bodily injury resulting out of normal activities as described to the insurance carrier. The covered activities would be the club's monthly meetings and workshops. Some clubs have monthly field trips, some have annual shows that the public is invited to, plus at the state level an annual show and convention, a November directors meeting, and committee and board meetings as needed.

    Equipment and club owned real property can be covered with a separate rider and fee as prescribed on the Premises Liability and Property Coverage's form. An additional rider is required if your club shop, or storage area, is located on a member's private property, to list the property owner as an additional insured, to cover the club's liability and property on the members premises. A suggestion would be to lease the shop, or storage area, from the property owner for $1.00 per year. Accidental damages caused by club or Federation owned property to other persons property, {example: genie falls off table and breaks floor tile} is already covered in the existing policy. Riders for additional insured are at no cost and figured into this year's policy to be reviewed before renewal. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks to receive this certificate. These are for the property owner of locations that the Federation uses in the normal operations as described to the policy writer and issues an additional policy certificate with the property owner listed upon it. This would cover locations that we as clubs use as meeting places, work shops, field trips, shows, and any other location we use in the normal course of operation.

     Field trips are again covered with a minimal hassle, in that we no longer have to file with the insurance company prior to the trip as to the dates, number of people, location, time, and activities to be carried out. Field trips are again in the policy as a normal operation of the federation and will be covered as it was in past years. The exception to this case is, if you are crossing or collecting on private property and the owner requests to be listed as an additional insured. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks to receive the certificate. This will cover both in and out of state trips. The trips need to be published. At this time, listing the trips in the club minutes and/or the club newsletter prior to trip is acceptable, but may be modified at a later date.

    In the case that the club holds a claim on public lands for minerals, rocks, gold, or other resources that can be claimed, this is considered by the insurance company as a lease and needs to be filed on the Premises Liability form under easements or claims for liability coverage, with a separate form used for each unconnected claim.

    Liquor liability is to cover the Federation and its club against host liability for damages caused by the serving of alcohol at functions or events of the organizations.

    The intent of this policy is as a third party coverage and is to cover our liability to others during our normal operations, such as guests at meetings, field trips, work shops, and shows, for example. On a club-by-club basis the decision will have to be made as to how much liability to expose ourselves to by participation of non-club members at our different activities.

    *The policy is the legal contract and this is only a summary and for general informational purposes, as understood by Gary & Denise Palmer, CFMS Directors for Sportsmans Club of Joshua Tree, Hi Desert Rockhounds, Hi Desert Gold Diggers, and Kaiser Rock and Gem. This summary has not been prepared or distributed by McDaniel Insurance Service. If you have any questions that have not been covered in this summary please contact McDaniel Insurance Services. 1-805-646-9948

----Original Message--

From: Patt McDaniel <mcins@west.net>
To: Rock n Bead <mail@rocknbead.com>
Date: Thursday, November 18, 1999 8:14 PM
Subject: Re: insurance summary


    You have put much effort into understanding and communicating the insurance information, and your work is to be commended.

    In your example where the genie falls off the table, it is important to understand the care, custody and control exclusion. If you were at a location that was, for example, rented or maintained by the club, the coverage would not apply. It is similar to a situation where you, as an individual, rent a house and damage it. You would be expected to pay for the repair without the benefit of insurance. If, however, you were renting a meeting room for the day (such as a hotel meeting room) and this same incident happened, there would be coverage (assuming the other provisions of the policy were in concurrence).

    Believe me, I appreciate your effort to express this in simple everyday language. It is something I struggle with constantly, but it is of utmost importance that I do not sacrifice accuracy. It is really an impossible task. Believe it or not, some companies try to write their policies with this in mind, but the world is far too complex and convoluted!

    I will say also that, only after this is mailed out, will you see (perhaps) interpretations that neither one of us ever suspected. (We will see!)

Kind regards,
Patt McDaniel


By Mike Kokinos,
Tax Advisor

    All societies should have received a Form 1 and a "NOTICE TO CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS AND TRUSTEES" from the Registry of Charitable Trusts.

    All nonprofit organizations are now required to file form RRF-1 annually. However, the $25.00 annual fee only applies to a society that has assets or gross receipts of $100,000.00 or more. All others merely file the form.

    Almost all our societies have not been required to file an annual Form CT-2 in the past. In fact, most societies were only required to file a CT-2 once every ten years (extended reporting).

    Almost all societies that received different tax exempt status as a result of the Franchise Tax Board's effort to revoke exemption should have only been required to file every ten years. Those societies should calendar to file Form 990EZ with their RRF-1 in the tenth year of the exemption change.

    For those societies that were required to file Form CT2 annually, it no longer needs to be filed. However, you will continue to file a copy of the Federal Form 990 or 990EZ with the Registry of Charitable Trusts.

    The Internal Revenue Service recently ruled that exempt organizations must make the information contained on Form 990 or 990EZ available. The Registry is putting the information on the Internet. If you enter you should find your society listed. If not, the site allows you to send the Registry a message informing them. I had to do that with my Society.

    If you have any problem with the Form or other requirements you can telephone me or send me email using the CFMS directory of officers and chairpersons.


By Chuck McKie,
Safety Chairman


    This will be my first effort in an article on safety. If you people thought that I was the "BLIND" leading F/ Ts, wait until you see me as the safety chair. Especially when I follow Dick Pankey who did a marvelous job as the safety chair. And then there was Joe Hafeli before him. Those guys were GOOD!

    Well, I'll stumble along and perhaps help a little.

    One thing I would like to mention is field trips. "What's THAT" you say? I'm not f/t chair anymore? "Que lastima!" Yes, I know, but field trips will always be first in my heart and it is the life blood of our clubs.

    What I would like to say is that there can be NO F/T unless you reach your destination safely. So lets all drive at a reasonable pace, preferably at or BELOW the speed limit. When you near the exit you wish to turn on, don't try to get ahead of "just one more car." Get into the proper lane for turning early and make your turn safely. If you manage to get ahead of one car you might save a second or two, if you get ahead of ten vehicles, you might save 20 seconds. Then, when you get where you are going, (if you do!) you get out, stretch and your saved time is gone!

    I have been informed that the Safety manual must be updated, thanks to the trouble we have had with insurance. Therefore, I am asking for anyone's and everyones help in accomplishing this task.

    Any suggestion you may have will be highly welcome. One thing you can do is to check out the AFMS Safety manual on the CFMS web site. And this is how you can do it. I've done it twice, so I know it can be done.

  1. Open up your online service.
  2. Click on the Internet icon on the top of the page.
  3. When web page opens, in box (search the web), type "cfmsinc.org"
  4. Click the box that says SEARCH, then type in the box--- (cfmsinc.org).
  5. When the "MATCHING WEB PAGES" opens, look for the heading LINKS. It will be in blue and underlined. The title is "Southern California Links." Click on "LINKS"
  6. When "Southern California Links" opens, Click on "http://www.cfinsinc.org." At top of page, in index strip, click on Safety. It is in blue,
  7. When CFMS SAFETY AFMS SAFETY page opens, click on Section I. Field Trip and Camping Safety. More good things can be found on this page later.
  8. AFMS SAFETY opens again (it is a different page) scroll down to the sections.

Let me know what you think, are they good, bad, or indifferent? Mail or e-mail to:

Chuck McKie,
1012 Mockingbird Lane,
Fairfield, CA 94533-2426


By Judy Washburn
Via Fresno Gem & Mineral Society
CHIPS 11/99

I've often read about them in books and magazines,
I've seen their bones and teeth displayed on wide-scale movie screens;
The dinosaurs I came to know were lizards huge and mean
With pea-sized brains and loping gate, they weren't very keen;
These notions seem no more to be the latest things to know;
Bob Bakker told it like it is on the late night Leno show;
I popped out of my bed to hear, it's very rare at best
To see a noted scientist as a TV talk-show guest;
Old pictures melted in my mind with every word he'd utter,
"Think of the dinosaurs," he said, "More like the bird,"Do tell!
"Like two-ton lively roadrunners directly out of hell."
This on the night I'd polished off Thanksgiving treats galore,
Never knowing the turkey on my plate was cousin to the dinosaur!


By Dick Friesen

    One day an expert in time management was speaking to a group of business students and, to drive home a point, used an illustration those students will never forget. As he stood in front of the group of high powered overachievers he said, "Okay, time for a quiz."

    Then he pulled out a one-gallon, wide-mouthed Mason jar and set it on the table in front of him. Then he produced about a dozen fist-sized rocks and carefully placed them, one at a time, into the jar. When the jar was filled to the top and no more rocks would fit inside, he asked, "Is this jar full?" Everyone in the class said, "Yes."

    Then he said, "Really?" He reached under the table and pulled out a bucket of gravel. Then he dumped some gravel in and shook the jar causing pieces of gravel to work themselves down into the space between the big rocks. Then he asked the group once more, "Is the jar full?" By this time the class was on to him. "Probably not," one of them answered.

    "Good!" he replied. He reached under the table and brought out a bucket of sand. He started dumping the sand in the jar and it went into all of the spaces left between the rocks and the gravel. Once more he asked the question, "Is this jar full?" "No!" the class shouted. Once again he said, "Good."

    Then he grabbed a pitcher of water and began to pour it in until the jar was filled to the brim. Then he looked at the class and asked, "What is the point of this illustration?" One eager beaver raised his hand and said, "The point is, no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard you can always fit some more things in it!"

    "No," the speaker replied, "that's not the point. The truth this illustration teaches us is: If you don't put the big rocks in first, you'll never get them in at all." What are the 'big rocks' in your life?

    God; your spouse; your children; your loved ones; your education; your dreams; a worthy cause; teaching or mentoring others; doing things that you love; time for yourself; your health; your significant other. Remember. to put these BIG ROCKS in first or you'll never get them in at all.

    If you sweat the little stuff (the gravel, the sand) then you'll fill your life with little things you worry about that don't really matter, and you'll never have the real quality time you need to spend on the big, important stuff (the big rocks).

    So, tonight, or in the morning, when you are reflecting on this short story, ask yourself this question: What are the 'big rocks' in my life? Then, put those in your jar first.

Earth Science Studies
At Soda Springs (Zzyzx)

By The Committee
Izzie & Bill Burns
Ray & Florence Meisenheimer
Cal & Dee Clason
Sue Hickman

    The CFMS Earth Science Studies Seminar will be held April 9 to 16, 2000. This will be the fifteenth year.

    If you have never heard of the Earth Science Studies, it is a week-long session of workshops, field trips, programs and social activities.

    Workshops include bead stringing, soft store carving, cabochon making, silver smithing, wire wrap and study of micro fossils.

    There will be some field trips for sightseeing and some for collecting. Interesting programs fill each evening.

    Facilities are rustic but adequate. You will bring your own bedding and personal needs. There is ample room for RVs - you may be more comfortable, if you have one, to bring it.

    Well balanced meals are provided and food and beverage is sent on field trips.

    The fee for all of this &hibar; a week of instruction and good meals &hibar; is only $220.00 per person.

    The number of attendees is limited, so send in your application early. For a copy of the ZZYZX application form (Click Here). If you use a cane or walker, or crutches, please make a note of it on your application.


By Teresa Masters,
Chair, CFMS Scholarship Committee

    Here's hoping that the Holiday Season was good to all of us.

    Looking back over 1999, when I was the Second Year Member on the Scholarship Committee, I have a few thoughts to share. I believe the Second Year job the most difficult of all. Traveling around to different areas and societies, too often one hears, "Did you know that (-) has joined The Big Rockpile in the Sky?" Many times, no, one did not know and feels saddened to hear the news.

    One way to continue to interact with this student, in addition to the Honoree keeping in touch, is to have a local Society invite the student to its meetings, and even perhaps have the student give a program to the membership at large. When there is a Field Trip, invite the student to join the outing.

    The number of scholarships available in a given year is totally dependent upon the interest from the invested money. We do not use the principal, only interest. This year there are three scholarships to be given. The Honorees are Pat LaRue, Chuck McKie, and Laura and Tony Meredith. They will have the honor of choosing the College or University the student attends. The selection of the student will be the responsibility of the Chair of the Department, after strict criteria are met. These are need, grade point average, and intent to stay with the field as a career.

    Toward the latter part of my second year, I realized how often I was saddened. I had known every one of those folks who had left us. With just a few excep-tions, the Second Year task is to acknowledge deaths I welcome any suggestions you may have to increase and send out memorial cards to the deceased's family. Scholarship donations. No wonder that by the end of the year there is a bit of depression. This year there was the loss of the Schol-arship Chair's husband, Bob Berg.

    I have been thinking about making it a bit of a better job for Ron Hasemeyer, the current Second Year mem-ber. This is what I have to suggest, and it all falls back on you, the members among us. Suggest to your So-ciety that they consider recognizing "Special Happy Events". Try 50th Anniversary, 75th Birthday, Society Anniversary, or even "just for fun" occasions. We need to put a smile on Ron's face. There are a few Societies that hold an auction of mem-bers' donated gifts, and happily send a sizable check, on an annual basis. I know that in many Societies membership is on a decline, and also that in lots of instances money is tight. We appreciate any, and all, donations.

    One topic heard over and over again is the need for an element of youth to keep this wonderful avocation alive and well. That is one area where the Scholarships can help greatly. The criteria are clearly defined as to the receiving student. One requirement is that the student is actively in an Earth Sciences Studies Program, or Lapidary Arts, and intending to pursue a career in those fields.

Education Through Sharing

By Colleen McGann

    Welcome to Year 2000. I look forward to all the letters and e-mails I will receive this year that recognize your special club members. Our members make up our clubs and without them, we would not be able to continue. Please share with the rest of us the stories of these hard working and dedicated rockhounds among us who continue to keep geology alive for the next generation.

    The Conejo Gem & Mineral Club presents BOB STULTZ, a member for 28 years. Bob has served as Federation Director, President, and various club chairmanships. He is now retired after 19 years as Operational Supervisor of 250 employees in a retail business. He has actively served the CFMS organization in many capacities as well. He is currently CFMS 1st VP. for year 2000, having finished as 2nd V.P./Editor. And Bob gets a special thanks for compiling the new insurance information for the CFMS organization. He has been CFMS Show Chairman and consultant for many years and 6 years on the Museum Committee. Bob has made many contributions to the hobby in general and to the Conejo Club and CFMS in particular.
Submitted by Stuart Chalfant, President.

    The Islanders Gem & Mineral Society presents ED BURCH. Ed is a tireless worker within our club, and can be depended upon to assist wherever needed. Ed is right there assisting so no one goes home with a Leaverite. He helps find the best material available. Now that you have your rock material, what is the best way to process it, just ask Ed. Whatever anyone has done, Ed will find a way to easily improve its sheen. Ed has become the club expert at cutting, cabbing and polishing the Jade gifts from the seas that we find on our beaches. On a recent field trip, Ed came along with four flats of completed cabs he had processed with the material he picked up at these very beaches. We were all stunned at the treasures under our feet. Ed is our current Chairman of Education. He freely shares his knowledge with all club members. A case of Ed's cabs was displayed at the most recent Del Mar Fair. The theme of the Fair was Gold. The cabs in Ed's case were full of Gold and Platinum inclusions. The case received the Award of Merit for the best Show Case on Gold.
Submitted by Dixie Showalter, President, and Teresa Masters, Federation Director.


By Ray and Florence Meisenheimer

    Last March the former insurance company for the CFMS more than doubled the insurance premium, putting a crunch in the CFMS budget.

    The Executive Board had two options--ask each club to pay an additional $150.00 for insurance coverage, or use the accumulated interest from the Endowment Fund. The decision was to use the interest, which almost depleted that fund.

    It is important to build more interest for future emergencies. Donations to the CFMS Endowment Fund are needed. Send your donation to:

    Renata Bever,
    Executive Secretary- Treasurer,
    P .O. Box 489,
    Patton, CA 92369-0489


By Beverly Moreau,
Internet Committee

    Plans are in the making for creating a Field Trip page on our CFMS web site. This would be for all Club-sponsored field trips which are open to members of other Clubs.

    Notify the Field Trip North Chairman (Dick Pankey) or Field Trip South Chairman (Steve Ivie) with details of your field trip. (See addresses on the Officers and Chairpersons page in this issue.) Provide dates and locations for your field trips, what will be collected, special equipment that may be needed, name and phone number of the person to be contacted, and any cost involved.

    Dick and Steve will relay the information for their respective areas to Don Ogden, our CFMS Web Master. This page will be a quick reference for our members to see, at a glance, what field trips are available throughout the Federation. Remember, any web page is only as good as the information provided, so be sure to state the complete facts.

    As an added note from the Internet Committee, please be aware that any changes you wish to make in your Club or Society's listing on the CFMS web site should be directed to:

    Beverly Moreau,
    3113 Topaz Lane, Apt. A,
    Fullerton, CA 92831-2374.
    Or use the e-mail address bcmoreau@4dnet.com

    The CFMS web site is http://www.cfmsinc.org


By Shirley Leeson

    I have lots of "thanks" this month. Bruce Durbin and Marilyn Cummins are first on the list because they went through their many years of photos of celebrations of the CFMS and made duplicates for the historical files. Many of which filled in much needed empty spaces. For example, there was a grand picture of Annelies Nash, much better than the one I had for her CFMS Past President's page, and also of Francis, for the Golden Bear page. Pictures of Golden Bear recipients I didn't have. Pictures of the banquets, breakfasts, and installations. My everlasting THANKS.

    Also at the Fall Business meeting I received a beautiful LARGE cab, similar to the one taken off our President, Ken Kruschke and auctioned off. It is wispy rhodonite from Kern County, CA Donated by Hank, Cal & Dee Clason. I also received a showy Rhyolite (Wonder Stone) from Churchill County, NV from Norvie Enns. And when I got home from Visalia, there was a letter a few days later from Jesse Young with a cab of "Christmas" Jasper from the Black Rock desert. My cup runnith over These and all the ones you have donated over the past three years will again be on display at Riverside. If you have cabs from other areas in California, Nevada, and Arizona, (don't forget we have a great club, Maricopa Lapidary Society in Phoenix, AZ), please consider sending me one for the collection. I'll need your name, the club name, the location and the name of the material. We are creating a beautiful collection of cabs for the public to view at our annual Federation Shows.

    I also received club pins and bulletins from a number of clubs. My thanks. We are drawing near our goal of a pin and bulletin from all the current clubs in the CFMS. I also have pins from many of the disbanded clubs, in remembrance. Please see the pages with the pins and bulletins to see if you are represented.

    Ruth Bailey sent me pictures of Keesa Stewart and Dick Swartz receiving their Golden Bear Awards back in 1984.

    If you didn't attend the Fall Business meeting, then you missed seeing the collection of CFMS Past President pictures. There is only one we are missing, it's HOWELL LOVELL, 1958-59. He was from the Mineral & Gem Society of San Mateo and the club has been disbanded since the mid-1980s. If anyone can help me, please contact me.

    The Golden Bear Awardee pictures are almost complete too. Except for Dodie Dotson who was inducted in 1976 and also a picture of Carol and "Bernie" Mauldin, inducted in 1996. If anyone can help, please contact me.

    Some of the early days of the CFMS and AFMS have been preserved by taping conversations with JACK STREETER. Jack was CFMS President in 1948-1950, and AFMS President in 1950. His recollections are priceless. Jack is the oldest living CFMS and AFMS President and a real treasure.

That's all this month, Shirley

Great Program

By Marion Fowler,
Program Aids Chairman

New Podium Person! Save This In Your Podium People Binder

1137 Magnolia Avenue
Larkspur CA 94939-1042
(415) 461-2212

Fee: $75
Equip. needed: Slide projector and screen
Length of program: About 1 hour
Advance notice needed: 4 - 6 months
Area traveled: One hour's drive from Marin County

     Glenn Lehrer is one of America's top gemstone designers, receiving international acclaim. He is known for his diversity of cutting styles and gemstone materials. His styles vary from free organic motif in agates and precious opals to precise faceted fantasy cut gemstones in amethyst, garnet, tourmaline and sapphires.

PROGRAM: The Art of Gemstone Carving and Designing, North American Style

     The birth of American gemstone carving and designing is only 15 years old. In Europe it has been a guild tradition for 500 years. You will have an opportunity to see how lapidary, the art of gem carving, has played a major role in the past and the future in jewelry design. A slide presentation will show this new form emerging with its own unique style and innovation. From an inside view of Mr. Lehrer's work studio you will experience first hand what it takes to carve a gemstone, from conception, design, actual carving and finishing. Mr. Lehrer's work will also be presented.

     In his talk Mr. Lehrer will share first hand and present slides on what it took to create Bahia, currently the world's largest gemstone sculpture, which he completed with fellow gem designer Lawrence Stoller. In 1997 Bahia hung in the main foyer of the Gemological Institute of America's world headquarters in Carlsbad, California. Currently it is hanging at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh PA.

Start off Y2K right by turning in a Program Report for Y1999. The blank form was in the November CFMS Newsletter. Your recommendations of speakers and demonstrators, accompanied by their addresses and/or telephone numbers, have resulted in our directory of Podium People. The speaker above was recommended by Peter Slone, Culver City Rock and Mineral Club, with the comment," Excellent! One of the best I've seen"

     Guest Speakers: What's In It For Our Society? Although getting a good guest speaker may sometimes cost your society or club a substantial sum, a program featuring a special speaker is an excellent opportunity for attracting new members and waking up "old" ones, but you have to let them know what's about to happen that's special and when and where. Create some flyers about the program and get active members to distribute them several weeks in advance to libraries, museums, jewelry or outdoor sports stores, local classes in jewelry making or earth sciences, and any other likely places. If you have a one-sheet brochure about your club or society, you may want to attach each flyer to one of these. Give your bulletin Editor enough information about the program (possibly a copy of the flyer) to make the monthly program announcement intriguing to members, too. Include a small, simple illustration, if possible, to make the announcement memorable.

CFMS Club/Society Officer Change Form 2000

For a copy of the following CFMS Club/Society Officer Change Form 2000 (Click Here)

Club/Society Officer Change Form 2000

Director: Please provide us with the information we ask for below. To insure your club/society listing in the annual roster, we must have this information on or before March 31 of the current year. Please note that your club/society permanent mailing address as well as one (1) telephone/e-mail contact will be published. If you wish that addresses of members not be published, simply send me only the addresses of those members who are designated- to receive the Newsletter.

Please provide ZIPcode plus 4 for those designated to receive the Newsletter

Society Name & Address: ________________________________________________

Telephone/E-Mail: _______________________________________________________

Pres.: _________________________________________________________________

V.P.: __________________________________________________________________

Sec.: __________________________________________________________________

Treas.: _________________________________________________________________

Fed. Director: ____________________________________________________________

Alt. Fed. Dir.: ____________________________________________________________

Editor: __________________________________________________________________

Programs: _______________________________________________________________

Field Trips: ______________________________________________________________

Meeting Place: ___________________________________________________________

Day & Time of Meeting: ____________________________________________________

Bulletin: _________________________________________________________________

Number of Members: ____

Junior Members: ( ) Yes ( ) No

Each Club/Society is entitled to three (3) free copies of the CFMS Newsletter. We like to send one (1) copy to the Federation Director at his/her house with all Federation mail. One (1) copy to the Bulletin Editor and the third copy to whomever you wish to receive it. Please mark the appropriate name above.

All Federation Mail and one (1) copy of the Newsletter sent to - please mark the appropriate name above.

Signed: _____________________________ Phone/e-mail ______________________

Please send this completed form to:
        Renata Bever,
        Exec. Sec./Treas. CFMS
        P. O. Box 489
        Patton, CA 92369-0489
        Phone: 909-885-3918 E-Mail: calfedmin@msn.com

For a copy of the above CFMS Club/Society Officer Change Form 2000 (Click Here)


For a copy of the CFMS Premises Liability and Property Coverages Form following (Click Here)

California Federation of Mineralogical Societies
Premises Liability and Property Coverages
Complete a separate form for each location

Club Name _____________________________________________________
Contact Name ___________________________________________________
Mailing Address __________________________________________________
Phone _________________

Address of location: _______________________________________________

Describe use of location construction: wood/wood frame __ wood/stucco __ masonry __ other _____
Approximate year built ____ Number of stories __ Do you occupy the entire
building? ____ If not, what types of businesses or occupants occupy the building?

Do you have smoke alarms ___ dead bolts on all doors? ___ local fire alarm ___ central
station alarm __ is the building sprinklered? ___ Any other protection devices? ______

Coverage requested:
(Subject to underwriting approval)

Premises Liability:
Buildings: If you own or rent or have a space provided for your exclusive use, add
premises liability. Square feet of the area you occupy _______ x $ .18 = _______
Land (owned, leased or managed)  Number of acres _______ x $ .38 = _______
Easements or claims: Number of acres _______ x $ .11 = _______

Type of Property:   Replacement Value:
Owned building or other structure(s)     _________ x $ .0051 = _________    
Office contents:
Furniture, contents other than below _________
Stock for sale (wholesale cost) _________
Type of merchandise: _________________
Computers, printers, fax, etc. _________
Software _________
Total contents (add above four amounts)          _________ x $ .0025 = _________    

Total Premium (add above amounts, $20 minimum) = ______________________

Make check to California Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

Mail to: Laura Grayson, 1644 East Tejon Court, Camarillo, CA 93010 Phone; 805-482-3052

For a copy of the CFMS Premises Liability and Property Coverages Form above (Click Here)


For a copy of the following Additional Insured / Certificate of Insurance Information for CFMS Form (Click Here)



CLUB NAME _________________________________________________________

YOUR NAME ______________________________________ TITLE _____________

ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP _____________________________________________________


DAY PHONE (     ) ____________________ EVE (      ) ________________________


OTHER (DESCRIBE) ___________________________________________________

BUILDING OR EVENT LOCATION _________________________________________

DATE(S) INCLUDING SET UP/CLEAN UP ___________________________________


___ ADDITIONAL INSURED' REQUESTED (attach any instructions)






ATTN: _______________________________________________________________

FAX (      ) ________________________ PHONE (      ) _________________________

MAIL TO: Laura Grayson, 1644 East Tejon Court, Camarillo, CA930100
PHONE: (825) 482-3052

For a copy of the above Additional Insured / Certificate of Insurance Information for CFMS Form (Click Here)


For a copy of the following Club/Society Dues and Insurance Forms (Click Here)


$4.50 PER MEMBER FOR 2000

CFMS Dues: $1.50 per member ------ Insurance: $3.00 per member

Society: _____________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Treasurer: ___________________________________________________

We have _______ members and I have enclosed a check for:$ _______ and a list of
members as of 12-31-99

Make check payable to C.F.M.S.
Send to:
        Renata Bever
        P. Box 489
        Patton, CA 92369-0489

For insurance certificate write to:
        Laura Grayson,
        1644 E. Tejon Ct.
        Camarillo, CA 93010

For a copy of the above Club/Society Dues and Insurance Forms (Click Here)


For a copy of the following CFMS Newsletter Subscription Form (Click Here)

CFMS Newsletter

Newsletter Subscription        $5.50 per Calendar Year (Not Prorated)

Please include your ZIPCode plus 4 for mailing efficiency.

New ____ Renewal ____

Name: _________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State ____ Zip+4 __________

Club/Society: ___________________________________________________

Make check payable to C.F.M.S,
and send to:
        Renata Bever,
        Exec. Sec./Treas
        P. O. Box 489
        Patton, CA 92369-0489

For a copy of the above CFMS Newsletter Subscription Form (Click Here)