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General Membership

  1. Membership in the Federation shall be open to all duly organized nonprofit mineralogical, lapidary or other earth science societies or clubs.

  2. Any Society desiring to join the Federation shall apply in writing to the Secretary of the Federation, giving its name, a copy of its bylaws, the names and addresses of its Officers, the number of members and the month in which Officers are elected. A check for the initial dues and insurance premium, based on membership at the time of application, shall accompany the letter. The Board of Directors of the Federation shall vote upon the application, and a majority affirmative vote shall be sufficient to admit the applicant to membership. The Federation Secretary shall inform the Society of the result of the vote if the application is approved, a Certificate of Membership shall be given to the Society. If the application is denied, the check for the initial dues and insurance premium shall be returned at once to the applicant.

  3. Applications will be acted upon at one of the two CFMS Federation Directors meetings. One meeting is held in conjunction with the annual CFMS Show and the other meeting is held in November. A member of the Society applying for membership should attend the meeting their application will be voted upon. If you have any questions please contact any CFMS Officer.