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The following are subjects that should be covered. When making up your own forms, more space will be required between the different topics.

Year ______

Membership _______________
    Adults ___________________
    Juniors __________________
    Honor ___________________
    Life ____________________
Elected Officers
Appointed Officers
Appointed Chairpersons of Standing and Specific Committees
Bulletin Name Editor
Programs Listed and Special Features by month
Field Trips. Where, number attended, Material found, Incidents
Special Events
Annual Show
Picnic, etc.
Photographs, clippings, etc. Special Projects
Stamps AFMS Endowment Fund
Scholarship fund raising
Benefits for Museum Fund, Sponsors and Speakers for youth, senior citizens, schools, etc.
CFMS Appointments
Participation in Shows and Exhibits with other Groups by Members, or by your Society
Youth Activities
Displays for the Public;.
    a. Place
    b. Duration
Educational Cases for;
    a. Schools,
    b. Banks,
    c. Libraries,
    d. Museum,
    e. Etc.
Revisions made to;
    a. Bylaws,
    b. Operating Regulations,
    c. Etc.
NOTE: Your Society may desire to have two (2) books as permanent records. One, a "History
        Book" containing a record of its operation and accomplishments. The second one could be
        a "Scrap Book" containing newspaper and magazine clippings, mementos, pictures of
         individual Society members on field trips, workshops, installations, receiving awards, etc.