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of the
(New Society or Club name)

Article I: Name
    The name of this organization shall be (New Society or Club name)
Article II: Purpose
  1. To promote the study of Earth Sciences through the use of the collection, classification, and preservation of mineral specimens (including rocks and fossils).
  2. To encourage others to become acquainted with the Earth Sciences through, but not limited to educational projects, symposia, exhibitions of specimens, cooperation with other Earth Science Societies and Federations and educational institutions such as schools, museums and libraries.
  3. To promote the use of photography, as it may relate to the reproduction of pictures for the study and display of specimens.
  4. To maintain educational programs within the organization compatible with these purposes.
  5. To promote the fellowship and understanding among members and others interested in the various phases of Earth Science.
Article III: Membership
  1. General Requirements for Membership:
    1. Active members must be interested in ( what your group desires - spell it out).
    2. Operating procedures consistent with the Bylaws may be adopted to govern the admission of all members.
  2. Classes of Membership:
    1. Active-voting members shall consist of dues paying members.
    2. The Organization may from time to time, elect persons who have performed outstanding services for the Hobby to Honorary Membership.