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The Club and its Members ARE THE FEDERATION! A duly organized group becomes a member of the California Federation upon submission of an application and with approval of the Board of Directors. The Club or Society is represented on the Board of Directors of the California Federation by its Federation Director, whose specific duties are printed elsewhere in this Manual.

The Club or Society operates as an entity. Its Officers and Chairpersons paralleling, in major part, those of the Federation. It adheres to the established policies of the Federation and takes part in the projects within the scope or limitations of its membership. Its full cooperation is the major factor in the strength and progress of the Federation.

The following is a list, in outline form, of the duties and obligations of the Club Officers and major standing committees:


A President is a leader, who guides and oversees work performed by other Officers and Committee people.

The President should:

  1. Know how a meeting should be conducted;

  2. Have an agenda;

  3. Open meetings on time;

  4. During meetings, have at hand, a copy of Society's Bylaws, Operating Regulations and a copy of ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER. Article X, Section 58, of this publication gives guidelines for conducting a meeting and hints for new Chairpersons. This book can be obtained at bookstores;

  5. Kow the business to be discussed;

  6. Rpeat the proposals;

  7. Appoint Chairpersons according to the Bylaws;

  8. Be familiar with ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER, the Bylaws and Operating Regulations of the Society;

  9. Keep the Vice-President advised at all times.


The Vice-President conducts meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President may be assigned other duties as determined by the Bylaws and Operating Regulations of the Society.

A Society may desire to have a 1st, 2nd, and even a 3rd Vice-President to head certain committees or Club projects.


It is the responsibility of this person to write and answer Club correspondence.