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Organization of a Society/Club is usually a result of the desire of a group of people who wish to be associated for the furtherance of their hobby; a mutual benefit to all. The procedure is not difficult.

Those persons interested in forming an Earth Science Interest Organization and joining with CFMS should write to the Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CFMS) and request the Organization Kit. This Kit includes the forms and instructions necessary to start. It contains an application form and instructions concerning officers, member lists and payment of dues to the Federation.

The information below may be helpful in getting the Society or Club started.


  1. An organizing meeting should be called to include all interested parties. Arrangements for this meeting should have been made in advance by one person of the interested group.

  2. At this meeting, a temporary Chairperson and a temporary Secretary will be selected by the group.

  3. Following a discussion concerning the purpose of the Society/Club, a motion must be made to formally organize.

  4. A motion must be made authorizing the temporary Chairperson to appoint a committee to draft a Constitution and Bylaws.

  5. Other matters to be discussed include:
    1. A name for the Society/Club;
    2. The amount of dues to be charged;
    3. Fixed meeting date or dates and time;
    4. The incorporation of the Society/Club. Procedure for the incorporation may be taken up at a later date.

      Discussions of these items will assist the Bylaws Committee in preparing the Society/Club Bylaws.

  6. Select a nominating Committee.

  7. Set a definite date for the second meeting.


  1. Called to order by the temporary Chairperson.
  2. Read the Minutes of the first meeting.