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Jack Streeter - CFMS President 1948 to 1950

         Jack (John G.) Streeter died November 7th, two weeks before his 100th birthday. Jack was one of the founding fathers of both the California Federation and the American Federation. He was one of the founders who attended the first AFMS Convention in Denver in 1947. He was the CFMS President, 1948-1950 and helped host the very successful CFMS show in Santa Barbara in 1940. He was involved in the CFMS shows in Glendale, 1946; Santa Barbara, 1947, and the Long Beach Show in 1948. He helped put on the Third AFMS Annual Show and Convention in Sacramento, California in 1949. And served as the American Federation President in 1950 at the fourth Annual Show and Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

         Jack was interested in judging and with Dorothy Craig, also a Past President of both the CFMS and AFMS they helped form the early rules in California. Many of the early rules used in California were created by Jack and Dorothy. In the early years of "exhibiting" Jack spoke of exhibitors laying out their items on long tables and standing behind them to answer questions by the general public. Later he acquired store front display cases, and the old rotating carosel cases were very popular with exhibitors. These later became the standing 4 foot flat exhibit cases and finally the ones we currently use and are still known as "standard 4foot by 2 ft by 2 ft" cases.

         Jack and Dorothy Craig went to Arizona a number of times to assist Arthur Flagg in creating the Arizona Mineral Museum in Phoenix, AZ. Jack still has minerals in the Museum. In historical files there are pictures of Jack on the beach at an Indian salmon barbeque during the AFMS Tacoma, Washington show.

         Jack was involved in drumming up interest for the hobby for many years and supported both the CFMS and AFMS. Along with Johnny Short, who was also a CFMS and AFMS Past President, they both tried to attend as many of the national shows as time and health would allow. Both attended the 50th AFMS Anniversary in Jackson, MS in 1997.

         He was named as a "Golden Bear" in 2002 at the CFMS Placerville Show. Unable to attend because of declining health, when the CFMS Historian, Shirley Leeson presented him with his certificate, he said, "It's about time!"

         Through the years Jack traveled extensively to all parts of the world. Bringing back information on minerals and gems. His programs on volcanos of the Hawaiian Islands was a delight to see.

         Jack began his life in Fowler, California, moving with his family to Hilo, Hawaii, graduating from Hilo High School as class president in 1923. (I'm sure this was the beginning of his interest in public life and serving others)

         Family had already planned to have a Birthday Bash at a popular local restaurant in San Diego, California, on his 100th birthday, November 21st. They will have the memorial service there, as a fitting tribute.

         We loose the oldest Past President of the CFMS and AFMS. In passing we realize that we have lost something of imense value. His friendship and his knowledge. Neither can be replaced....

Goodbye old friend,
Shirley Leeson, AFMS & CFMS Historian,
and longtime friend....

Aloha Shirley,

         My sympathy to Mr. Streeter's family and friends, he was quite a gentleman. I'm here at work today and can give you some information now. Mr. Streeter did visit the museum, I think it was around Xmas time, 2002. I got to talk with him, and of course he did make another donation to the museum; some Hawaiian Stamps and first day covers.

         In 2001 he gave several photographs of his early boyhood years in Hilo and of Oahu, 1920-23. Mr. Streeter was a very close friend of Orlando Lyman, past Director and Chairman of the Board for Lyman Museum. Mr. Lyman passed away in 1986.

         Orlando Lyman was a great-grandson of Reverend David and Sarah Lyman, early missionaries to Hilo (1832). The early founders of the museum included Levi and Nettie Lyman, Orlando's parents. Levi was the grandson of Rev. David Lyman and his wife Sarah, and the son of Frederick S. Lyman, 3rd child and 3rd son of Rev. David and Sarah Lyman.

         Mr. Streeter was also been a long-time donor to the museum's collection, with items such as; rare Hawaiian books, minerals and of course the items which I mentioned previously. I was familiar with his name before I even met him, so it was a great honor and pleasure to finally meet him last year and "talk story." I will need to do more research regarding Mr. Lyman's and Mr. Streeter's friendship, but as far as finding out about names of minerals and dates given I can do that next week. Hope some of this helps. Aloha Lynn

Lynn K. Manuel
Lyman Museum, 276 Haili St. Hilo, HI 96720-2927
(808)935-5021/Fax (808)9697685
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