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All American CFMS/AFMS
Club Award Program


What is an All American Club"? There is no "pat" definition, but the feeling we have is that a club is active, gives service to others, reaches out and includes all aspects of our hobby, is on the way to being an All American Club." It is one with initiative, vision, hope and willingness to serve others. This is a dub that can generally initiate new ideas and still support old ones; is not entirely dependent upon a few to keep the club operating; where the club is not entirely a social group but an educational one; or a group of hobbyists, young and old, who enjoy their hobby and want to spread the word through their exhibits, bulletins and community programs.

This award was established in 1967 by the AFMS and the Regional Federations to encourage societies to extend their activities to outside interest, programs and projects. In this way our Federations will grow stronger and more productive. This award carries with it the distinction of being a leader and pointing the way; of having done that something extra that makes that club an ALL AMERICAN CLUB: and also carries the statement that THIS AWARD IS GIVEN TO REWARD THE SOCIETY FOR SERVICE GIVEN TO ITS MEMBERS, TO ITS SOCIETY AND TO THE COMMUNITY.

There will be two categories for entries. LARGE CLUBS (101 plus Membership) will be in one Division. SMALL CLUBS (100 or less Membership) will be in another division. This will be more equal judging for small clubs who do not have the vast membership to accomplish the activities on the All American Awards entries. The JUNIOR entries will be in its own category whether they are from a Large or Small Club.

See CFMS Newsletter for current rules and application form. For additional information or help contact the CFMS All American Chairman.

What has your club been doing? What is your "pet" projects? Let us know. Share them with others. Here ie a list of suggestions:

  1. Select a competent chairman.
  2. Alert your membership, explain the significance, purpose and aims of the program.
  3. Make a survey of what each member is doing outside the club ( and also in the club). Tally up your good deeds.
  4. Plan new projects and keep the old ones going.
  5. Give your club credit for members participating in Federation Committees, or doing Federation Work; also in related organizations and activities.
  6. Keep tabulation of publicity; collect pictures, articles, written materials, letters of thanks or commendation, etc., which show what your club and its members have been doing.
  7. Complete the Application. Then write up your essay-type report. Follow the categories listed on the Application.
  8. Select one copy of your club bulletin (your choice of month).
  9. Enclose it in a folder and send your completed report and related material to your Regional Federation Chairman.

Let's get into the act! What has your club been doing that you would like to brag about? Sure, it takes a little work, but you are not competing against other clubs, only yourself, as you endeavor to improve your club and its services to your members and to your community. Filling out an Application for the All American Club Award is truly like taking a good hard look in an honest mirror.