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CD-1. HYDE PARK MASTODOM RECOVERY. 2002 written script. Story of unearthing and recovery of mastodon on the Lozier family property, Hyde Park, New York.

CD-2. AGATES UBERALLES. Viewing of world agates and a stark comparison with diamonds which are plentiful and ugly, while agates are rare and beautiful.

CD-3. TREE STORIES. 2004. An examination of petrified wood

CD-4. THOSE FABULOUS THUNDER EGGS - PART I. 2004. View thunder eggs from throughout the world and a description of their origin.

CD-5. TH0SE FABULOUS THUNDER EGGS - PART II. 2005. Covers thunder eggs in general with a concentration on Oregon thunder eggs.

CD-6 SEDIMENTARY & VEIN AGATES. 2005. Describes how these agates are formed and their specific characteristics.

CD-7. GERMAN AGATES. 2006. Describes agates found at four locations in the vicinity of Idar-Oberstein,Germany

CD-8. THOSE FABULOUS THUNDEREGGS - PART III . 2006. Describes egs found in Oregon, New mexico, California and Washington.

CD-9. GEOLOGY - WHY BOTHER? 28 minutes, 2006. A non-technical exploration of geology in our daily lives by earth science educators.

CD-10. THE STORY OF OPAL. 19 minutes, 2004. Tells the whole story from opal's birth deep in the earth, to early and modern mining methods.

CD-11. CUSTOM WIRE WRAP JEWELRY. 60 minutes, 2008. Lessons by Alice Turner on making adjustable rings, bracelets, cabochon pendants, and earnings.