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Visual Programs Library

RESERVATIONS: Make reservations early - many Societies reserve programs months in advance. A request received less than 3 weeks prior to your meeting date may not reach you in time. Please list alternate choices.

There is a handy e-form to use to reserve programs.

WEBSITE: The Visual Programs  list is on the CFMS website.  (   under "Manuals")

TO ORDER: Use the fill in e-form or pdf order form. On all correspondence, please give your Society name, your name, address (including zip code) and phone number. Requests may be mailed or emailed.

FEE FOR POSTAGE AND HANDLING: The charge per program is $7.50 each, payable at the time of ordering. Make check payable to CFMS.

PLEASE RETURN YOUR PROGRAM PROMPTLY: Someone may be waiting for it. Use Postal Service Media Rate for, VHS or Slides. Use First Class Rate for DVD or CD-ROM discs.

RETURN POLICY: Please rewind video tapes. Return slides in the slide box, in their proper order for the next viewing. The best way to return the program is to reuse the packaging materials they came in.

LISTING AVAILABILITY: Please give this listing to the Program Chairperson, or let them copy it. A current list can also be found on the CFMS website. For a fee to cover shipping and printing costs, listings and catalogs are available from the CFMS Executive Secretary - Treasurer.

CRITIQUE & SUGGESTION: Please complete and return with the program.

CFMS Visual Programs Chair:
Sharon Rogow
PO Box 35078
Las Vegas, NV 89133
(702) 499-0272