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Speakers' Subject  Index

Please note that all pages numbered S1-S19 are in the Southern section (Areas of California south of Salinas Valley, San Joaquin Valley, or Owens Valley, and adjoining areas of Arizona and Nevada).

All pages numbered N1-N9 are in the Northern Section (Salinas Valley, San Joaquin Valley, Owens Valley, and all of California north of these valleys, plus, adjoining areas of Nevada).

When this index lists a location as the subject of a program, this specific subject will be minerals, fossils or geology of the location unless otherwise noted.

50 Unusal Things in the Mojave Desert S6
A Walking Tour of Switzerland and Italy S5
A Walking tour of the Holy Land S5
Amethyst Mining in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada S19
Archaeology S8
Artifacts S8
Australia S11
Basic Chemistry for the Mineral Collector S21
Beading N3
Beads Around the World S4
Beads, The History of N8
Benitoite N4
Benitoite, The Care and Feeding of Your Specimen N4
Buying Minerals, Advice on S21
Cave Systems -- Underworld Cave Systems in Australia S19
Chain Making N5
Color in Diamonds S20
Colorful Condor Agates of Patagonia, Argentina S19
Continental Drift / Plate Tectonics S16
Copper Enameling N3
Copper Collecting, and Copper Related Minerals N8
Cosmic Debris: Meteorites, Asteroids and Tektites S20
Death Valley, Land of Contrast S13
Designing Gemstones Carving N6
Diamonds of North America S20
Direct Cast N5
Early Man S8
Earthquakes N1
Earthquakes, Preparedness and Geology S5
Educational Touch & Feel Rock Talk S4
Environmental Resources of the Internet S17
Erosion by Gravity N1
Ethics of Field Collecting N2a
Eurail Europe S5
Evaporative Minerals Searles Lake S13
Evolution of The Species S16
Flint Knapping S8
Fluorite Museum, The New American N7
Fossil Identification, Is it or isn't it N2
Fossil Locations in CA and NV N2
Fossils of the La Brea Tar Pits S5
Gemology, Beads & Manmade Synthetics N8
Gems, How Exotic Gems are Changing the Jewelry Industry S22
Gemstones, Carving the Art of N6
Gemstones, Man-made N1
Geology of the San Diego Formation S1
Glacial Geology of Alaska -- Carved by Ice, The S19
Glaciers S5
Glaciers N1
Glacier National Park S5
Gold Rush in California and the new Gold Rush of the 1990's S12
Gold, Where and How to Find it Today S12
Cosmic Debris: Meteorites, Asteroids and Tektites S20
Gypsum - Not Just Wallboard S21
History of Birthstones S20
History of the Horse / A Paleo-ecological Approach S1
Hot Springs & Magnet Cove Arkansas, Mineralization S17
Indians, Northwest Coast S14
Indians, Plains S14
Israel, A Walking Tour of the Holy Land S5
Jade, 21st Century Jade: Why It's Prized and How It's Tested & Valued S22
Jewelers Bench, Tips & Tricks S18
Knife Making S8
Mars S9
Loom Beading N5
Mass Wasting N1
Mazon Creek Fossils N2
Meteorites, Comets, and Tektites S5
Minerals in Stereo N1
MOHS Hardness Scale S4
Mount Saint Helens S6
Mt. Diablo, The Geology of N1
National Parks of the West S5
New Guinea,Tribal - Cannibals and Headhunters S5
New Zealand, Geologic Wonders S19
Obsidian N7
Orange County Geology S17
Pearls: Types, Qualities, Sources, Treatments and Jewelry Styles S22
Petrified Wood, Identifying N2
Petrified Wood, Identifying S16
Petroleum Seeps, A Natural Phenomenon with Historic Significance S13
Photographing Minerals N1
Pinnacles National Monument N1
Pilbara Region of Western Australia S19
Planetary Geology of Jupiter & Its Moons S1
Pt. Reyes National Seashore, The Geology of N1
Rainforest Jasper of Queensland, Australia S19
River Erosion N1
Rockhound Rendezvous N7
Rocks and Minerals and the Internet N4
Rubies and Sapphires of North America S20
Sapphires of Montana S6
Silver Casting S6
Search for Lost and Buried Treasure S12
Searles Lake Minerals S13
Septarian Concretions of SW Utah S19
Slate Relief Carving N5
Soapstone Carving N5
Stromatolites, Earth's Oldest Fossils S19
Switzerland and Italy, A Walking Tour S5
Three Rock Families N1
Thundereggs, The Formation of N9
Tidewater and Tonopah Railroad S6
Tips & Tricks at the Jewelers Bench S18
Tourist's Guide (2004) to Boulder and the Yowah Opal Fields S11
Tourist's Guide to finding Opal in Coober Pedy, Australia S11
Trona, Searles Lake S13
Underworld Cave Systems in Australia S19
Urban Rockhounding in Tucson S19
Virtual Museum Tour . N4
Volcanoes N1
Volcanoes of Hawaii S5
Volcanoes of the World S5
Wiley Well District, Field Trip to N7
Wire Wrapping N3
Wire Wrapping N5
Wood Carving S8
Woven Wire N5

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