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Dick & Mary Pat Weber

Dick & Mary Pat Weber
(805) 529-2524
(805) 460-8199

Fee:  $100.00 plus expenses.

Equipment needed:  Projection screen or blank wall, table for projector.

Length of programs:  35 to 45 minutes + questions. Detailed descriptions available upon request.

Advance notice needed:  30 to 90 days preferred but willing to do a last minute emergency program if available.

Area traveled:  Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties. (San Diego County by special arrangement)


  1. The Geologic Wonders of New Zealand

  2. Rainforest Jasper of Queensland, Australia

  3. Urban Rockhounding in Tucson

  4. The Pilbara Region of Western Australia

  5. Stromatolites, Earth's Oldest Fossils

  6. Septarian Concretions of SW Utah

  7. Underworld Cave Systems in Australia

  8. Carved by Ice, The Glacial Geology of Alaska

  9. Amethyst Mining in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

  10. The Colorful Condor Agates of Patagonia, Argentina

Dick and Mary Pat Weber are retired exploration geologists who have worked and traveled extensively throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand. During these travels they have been granted special access to many mines and unique geologic areas.

Along with active participation in local gem & mineral clubs, they have been avid agate and mineral collectors for more than 20 years.

All programs are appropriate for a general audience and include a power point presentation and specimen display.

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