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Bradford Smith

Bradford Smith
PO Box 491063
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 434-2474 - OK, but email is better

Fee and mileage charge:  $120

Equipment needed:  Powerpoint but could make viewgraphs

Length of program:  50 minutes

Advance notice needed:  2 weeks

Travel Limits:  1 hour

Program: "Tips & Tricks at the Jewelers Bench"

After retiring and moving to California, I discovered rockhounding in the desert and the lapidary arts. That led to cutting gemstones, then to silversmithing, etc. I've been a happy camper ever since.

I've been with the Culver City Club since 1996. Working through all the club's officer positions, giving talks and teaching classes are my way of giving back to those who helped me get involved with this great hobby.

My how-to jewelry book started nearly four years ago as a homework assignment in a social media class. "Bench Tips for Jewelry Making" is now on Amazon, and I have more than 4700 followers on the Facebook BenchTips page plus distribution to 213 club newsletters in six countries.

Our speaker tonight is Brad Smith, jeweler, teacher, and author. His background is a career in industrial automation, working with computers, machines, and robots used in product design and manufacturing.

Brad has been teaching jewelry classes in Santa Monica since 2002. To help his students solve common problems at the bench, he has put together a series of bench tips, some of which he will be sharing with us tonight.

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