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Renee Newman

Renee Newman
Tele:   626 282-3781

Web Site:

Fee and mileage charge:  I accept the honorarium provided by the the club as long as they let me sell my books, indicate my website and advise their members in the meeting announcement to bring cash or a check if they wish to purchase autographed copies of my books.

If the meeting is not in Southern California, I would need a place to stay (which could be a member's home) and transportation cost.

Equipment needed:  I will have a flash drive for the PowerPoint but will need a projector, screen and probably a laptop computer, although next year I may have a dependable laptop. I normally use my desktop for my work. My current laptop is not dependable.

    1.  Pearls: Types, Qualities, Sources, Treatments and Jewelry Styles

    2.  21st Century Jade: Why it's Prized and How it's Tested & Valued

    3.  How Exotic Gems are Changing the Jewelry Industry
  • Unique jewelry designs with non-traditional gems
  • Value factors that can be more important than color
  • Care tips and appropriate setting styles for fragile gems
  • Pricing - including the highest-priced non-traditional gems
  • Geographic sources

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