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Leslie Neff & Larry Hoskinson

Leslie Neff & Larry Hoskinson
938 14th Street
Hermosa Beach CA 90254
(310) 318-2170

Fee: L.A. area and adjoining counties $100, plus $25 if distance is greater than 60 miles one way. Outside So. Calif.,  on an as-available basis

Equip. needed : Screen or blank wall

Advance notice needed: 30 days

Area traveled : So. Calif., or outside So. Calif. as scheduling allows


1. A TOURIST'S GUIDE TO FINDING OPAL IN COOBER PEDY, AUSTRALIA (45 minutes to 1 hour) Updated 2006 - This entertaining program includes a general introduction on Coober Pedy: a 120 slide presentation covering various opal mining techniques; useful travel information on how to get from Sydney to Goober Pedy and around there once you arrive. This program finishes with slides of rough and finished opal. Larry will give a demonstration on how to find opal using a black light. There are also samples of rough and finished opal, books, and maps. Questions are encouraged.

2. 2004 TOURIST'S GUIDE TO BOULDER OPAL AND THE YOWAH OPAL FIELD (45 minutes TO 1 hour) Updated 2007 - This program covers Australia from leaving Coober Pedy, driving through the outback and arriving at the Yowah Opal fields. This 100-slide presentation shows the mining methods in Yowah and discusses differences in this field from any others. There will be slides and samples of rough and finished Boulder Opal. This program ends up in Byron Bay, New South Wales with a visit to friends in the Lismore Gem & Mineral Society and a look at their collections.

Larry and Leslie have spent over 3 years in Australia during 9 trips there. They have gotten to know the country and include both many facts and information on travel and Australian lifestyles.

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