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Steve Hardinger

Steve Hardinger
8777 Reading Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 216-1418

Fee:  Negotiable. I am sensitive to the fact that many clubs operate on a minimal budget.
         Typical fee is $100-200.

Mileage: Usually no mileage fee is charged.

Please call me to discuss: OK

Advance notice time: At least two weeks, please.

Travel limits: Southern California only.

Equipment needed: Just a screen and extension cord. I own the computer, projector, etc.

Brief bio: Steve Hardinger has been fascinated by minerals since high school. He has been a collector for over 40 years and has been a dealer for 15 years, as the owner of Dragon Minerals.

His collecting interests are rather eclectic, and focus on gypsum, unusual specimens from pegmatites, specimens having an A. E. Foote label, and minerals from French Creek Mine in Pennsylvania. In the real world, Steve is University Distinguished Senior Lecturer in organic chemistry at UCLA, where he teaches the subject to perhaps more pre-meds than anyone else in the country.

Programs Available:

1. Advice on Buying Minerals:
In this talk we cover some aspects of purchasing mineral specimens that perhaps dealers may not want you to know. For a beginning to middle level audience.
Length = 50 minutes.

2.  Gypsum - Not Just Wallboard Ore:
In this talk we explore the fascinating mineral gypsum, and learn that it is more than just the starting point for drywall, but instead a highly collectable mineral. For a beginning to middle level audience.
Length = 50 minutes.

3.  Basic Chemistry for the Mineral Collector:
With knowledge comes appreciation. Learn the some of very basic chemistry that every mineral collector should know to have a deeper appreciation of the hobby. For a beginning to middle level audience.
Length = 50 minutes.

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