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Tony & Sandie Fender

Tony & Sandy Fender

Tony & Sandie Fender
2227 Crescent Dr
Altadena, CA 91001
(626) 798-3913 ** See NOTE

Fee and mileage charge: $75.

Equipment needed: Projection Screen.

Length of program: 30 to 45 minutes.

Advance notice needed: 3 - 4 weeks.

Area traveled: 50 miles from home.


1. 50 UNUSUAL THINGS IN THE MOJAVE DESERT- Using Bill Mann's book #1- Unusual Things in the Mojave Desert. The Fenders will bring to life their experiences following the trail as Bill Mann did.

2. SILVER CASTING- History, techniques and applications of Silver casting.

3. MOUNT SAINT HELENS - A before and after look at Mount Saint Helen's 1980 Eruption.

4. TIDEWATER & TONOPAH RAILROAD - History of this railway from Ludlow to Goldfield and a brief biography of Marion Smith, the founder of U.S. Borax.

Tony and Sandie are both teachers and enjoy spending as much time as possible in the Mojave Desert. When they are not doing Lapidary work, Silversmithing, Glass fusing, Beading, attending Gem & Mineral shows throughout the state, they are usually hiding out in the wide-open spaces of the Mojave. Both are past presidents of the Pasadena Lapidary Society.

NOTE: The Fenders have specifically requested that clubs contact them only through their email address, as it is easier to keep those messages on file than by phone.

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