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Margaret Kolaczyk

Margaret Kolaczyk
24551 Shake Ridge Road
Volcano, CA 95689
(209) 296-5597

Fee: $30 (If more than 100 miles from my home, I will charge more for gas.)

Equipment needed: Call - Will depend on the type of presentation or demonstration.

Length of program: 30 to 40 minutes.

Advance notice needed: One month.

Area traveled: Call.


1. Chain Making - Covers how to make jump rings and making a the chain mail (4 in 1) pattern, Byzantine pattern and the Columbus pattern.

2. Woven Wire - How to create a bracelet by weaving wire.

3. Wire Wrapping - Demonstrate wire wrapping different size and shaped stones.

4. Slate relief Carving - Covers the tools needed, where to get ideas and how to begin your carving.

5. Soapstone Carving - Covers tools needed, how to use the tools, what to look for in the stone, how to decide what to carve and the sanding steps needed to finish a carving.

6. Direct Cast - Demonstrate a simple way to cast with a torch, a 2 x 4, bucket of water, pie plate tin and broom straw using scrap pieces of silver.

7. Loom Beading - Demonstrate how to set up a loom, read a pattern, start and finish a beaded project.

8. Other Demonstration or Presentations - If you are looking for a specific demonstration, presentation or class, please call and I will be happy to help.

Margaret Kolaczyk is a member of the Amador and Calaveras Societies. She demonstrate for the Calaveras, Mother Lode and Stockton gem shows. She is the instructor for the Earth Science Program in soft stone carving and teaches lapidary, advanced wire wrapping, basic silversmith and design techniques for the Amador County Gem and Mineral Society. She taught classes for Altamont Silver in Alburn and teaches locally at the Hole Affair in Jackson. She also teaches at her home.

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