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Rick Kennedy

Rick Kennedy
65 Washington Street #264
Santa Clara, California 95050
Phone: 408-529-9690


Fee: Open, depending on distance traveled, standard club fee OK.

Equimment Needed: Electricity, and 8 ft table. Computer projector needed for virtual museum tour.

Length of Program: 15 minutes to 1 hour

Advance Notice: At least one month, but more is always better!

Area Traveled: California, I can do talks away from the Bay Area if I am doing a show in the area.


1. BENITOITE - Past, Present and Future; an overview of the history of the Benitoite Gem Mine complete with samples of both mineral specimens and gemstones.

2. THE CARE AND FEEDING OF YOUR BENITOITE SPECIMEN - A hands on demonstration of the etching process used to extract both gem material and specimen material.

3. VIRTUAL MUSEUM TOUR - Highlights of my visits to the Crater Rock Museum, Rice Museum, New Mexico Tech Museum and the cases from the 2008 Tucson Show.

4. ROCKS AND MINERALS AND THE INTERNET - A talk that focuses on both the buying and the selling side of the Internet.

5. THE ETHICS OF FIELD COLLECTING - It may sound heavy, but there are many things you can do to make your trip a successful one, even before you have left the house! Also deals with ethical situations once you are out in the field.

Rick displays his "Rough and Cut" mineral and rare gem display at shows in the west and has given numerous programs to clubs and at shows on a variety of topics.

Earth's Treasures was formed in 1985 by Rick Kennedy while he was a geology student at U.C. Santa Cruz. Originally, mostly a field collector with an interest in minerals from the western United States, as the business has expanded he has specialized in fine minerals and rare ocalities including his favorite: The Benitoite Gem Mine.

Another aspect of Earth's Treasures business is specimen preparation and evaluation, especially of material from the Benitoite Gem Mine. Samples of our work will are here and most, if not all of the Gem Mine specimens you will see for sale on this site were prepared by Earth's Treasures.

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