CFMS Calico Mountains Field Trip Report
May 28, 2011

by Adam Dean
CFMS Field Trips - South Co-Chair- 2011

CFMS Calico Mountains Field Trip May 28 2011
By Adam and Teresa

Teresa and I arrive at the designated meeting area early to find others already waiting and as excited as us. The day started with the wind whipping the truck door out of my hand and a mouthful of dust. Eager to go collecting, we all lined up and set out to traverse Odessa Canyon East on our way to the collecting area. This was quite a ride for those that have not been on this route. Odessa Canyon goes past the old Bismarck Mining District, and along this canyon we found many great areas to take photos. The geology is spectacular and some of the finest in all the Mojave Desert to Photograph. Eventually we were facing the wind to find the special piece of sagenite that some of us had pictured in our mind.

Arriving at the site and getting everybody set up to hunt was easy, everyone was eager and I gave a very brief speech about where to dig and what to look for, and then we were off and hunting. During the day many of us had found some nice sagenite and a couple people found remarkable pieces. Randy found one of the best pieces I have ever seen from Calico. See his Photo below. I was please to have Bill Depue from Diamond Pacific join us. Bill and I have talked about Calico in the past but never made it there together. Well he and I both found some nice rock. It was nice to see so many Rockhounds so excited to dig sagenite that they sat in holes digging all day in the high winds. Perseverance paid off, many of us went home with some nice rocks.

We greatly appreciated that no one complained too much about the wind. With 65 mile an hour gust we really had our challenges. I know Rockhounds are a hardy group, but I think we out did ourselves this day! With sand in every orifices and lunch inside the trucks, we still laughed and joked like we had no care. It was definitely was an adventure.

Best Wishes and Better Agates
Adam and Teresa Dean


By Randy
Thanks to Adam, we had a great trip digging sagenite from Calico. The weather was windy, but the collecting was great. I found a lot of sagenite and was lucky enough to find one of the best specimens.

Randy Smithson, Oceanside CA


By Rex
The 40 mph wind howled as 35 rock hounds gathered near Calico Ghost Town. Adam Dean and his gracious wife, Teresa, were hosting a sagenite trip. At precisely 8:30, seventeen 4wd vehicles left the parking lot for highly anticipated adventure. Punctual. That's Adam.

Most of us did not anticipate the ruggedness of the beautiful Calico backcountry. Personally, I expected deep sand. There was virtually no sand as steep rock cover trails tested the skill and courage of all the drivers. I had the honor of the biggest spinout on the trip. Try as I might, our little 4Runner could not follow the big boys up the uneven rocks. However, by quickly re-routing our path, I crested the slope. Looking in my mirror, I noticed two things: Everyone else took the Rex route up the slope and my friend Teresa meticulously filmed my rocky folly. Is it on YouTube yet?

The sagenite location is an unobtrusive mountain in the middle of other unobtrusive mountains. If it wasn't for Adam, I certainly wouldn't have given it a second thought. His advice? Dig, dig, dig. I must have moved 10 cubic feet of rock and sand before I found my first specimen. Another 3 hours of work netted a couple more sagenite. The blowing wind sapped the rest of my strength and I was somewhat relieved when the day's end was announced. The dirt in my eyes, ears and my mouth needed immediate attention and we drove home satisfied with latest desert adventure.