California Fedeation of Mineralogical Societies
Wiley’s Well Annual Thanksgiving Rockhound Round-up
November 25-28, 2010

Led by Adam Dean and Robert Sankovich,
CFMS Field Trip South Co-Chairs - 2011

There was a good turnout. Over 60+ rockhounds attended. Deb and I were there Wed to Sun. Thursday we collected Bay Laurel petrified wood by the Colorado River. We then had a potluck Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. Friday Adam Dean led a group to find the Pailsy Agate, Matt Boeck helped out and led field trips to the Straw beds for nodules/geodes, agate and for psilomelane. I led a group to the opal mine and dug for fire agate. Sat we all went out collecting nodules, geodes and chalcedony.

The first field trip I ever went on was Wiley's Well, and now the first CFMS field trip leading was Wiley's Well.

The weather was sometimes windy, but most of them time it wasn't. It was in the 40's at night, so it was cold.

We had a campfire each night to keep warm and shared all the stories of rockhounding. I'll put some photos on the CFMS website and some photos on LA Rocks. Matt Boeck, thanks for helping out and having your additional field trips.

Thanks to OBMS for having Wiley's Well field trip and the potluck;  it is much appreciated.

Robert Sankovich
CFMS Field Trip South Co-Chairs