Field Trip to Santa Barbara, California
January 19, 2008

Field trip leader, Jon Meredith
reports via LA ROCKS

Santa Barbara Field Trip Photos
By Don Ogden

Sign Up Birds
4 NOC Members Beach
Birds Ripples in Beach
Sea A People on Beach
2 happy people People on Beach
Marilyn's first whale bone Getting green after the fire

Pre field trip Flyer.

Report via LA ROCKS

On Jan 21, 2008, at 11:46 AM, Jon Meredith wrote:

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day on the Santa Barbara coast. Temperature was upper 60s to mid 70s, with a light breeze. I arrived at Refugio at about 10:30 am, and was met by several others who had gotten there early as well. Bob Backus of the Del Air Rockhounds found a small piece of bone right below my parking space as we were setting up. I set out several specimens, so folks would know what to look for.

We had approximately 70 people who met at Refugio, and 25 or so (mostly DelAir Rockhounds and family) who met at Gaviota. There was some bone found at Refugio, and little or none found at Gaviota due to excessive sand there. We had some veterans who had joined me on previous trips, and many "rookies" including a very nice young woman from China who came with her exchange student host family. I'd like to mention a few persons who made a very long trip to be there, and hope everyone went home with a piece of bone. We were joined by Donna from Delano CA, Cumba from Santa Cruz, Patrice and Mark from Riverside, Shep from Frazier Park, the Nelsons from San Diego, Mary Ann from Ramona, the Chuangs from Escondido, Karin from Pacific Grove, Donna from Monterey, James from San Diego, and the distance winners (other than the young lady from China whose name I can't remember:( ) were John and Susan from Sacramento. If any of you went home without a piece of bone, please let me know, and I'll make sure you get one.

I waited in the parking area until 11:45 to sign in stragglers, then headed out to see how the hunting was going. A few had found some on their own, and I set out to show people what to look for, as it's a bit different from seeing it on a picnic table. At about 1:30 we set out for El Capitan, and more bone was found there than at Refugio. The material had a reddish color to it, and much of it was gem quality-highly agatized. We also ran into the Marins from the DelAirs, and they had some success at El Capitan. There were a couple dolphins cruising off the beach, so that was a nice addition to the day. My day ended about 4:00pm, when I hopped in the car for my return to beautiful downtown Burbank. I hope everyone had a good time, and I'm sorry there wasn't more bone to be found. Some rockhounds had hit the beach the weekend before, and that may have reduced the amount that was left for us. If anyone has pictures, please share them with the group. I appreciate it.

There has been interest expressed in a second outing for those who couldn't make this trip. If we get enough interest, I will be happy to make another jaunt out there(like I need an excuse...) Again, thanks to all who made it a nice day at the beach, let's do it again some time.

Jon Meredith
PS- The DelAirs make this trip annually, and all are welcome to join us.


I wanted to thank the Del Air Rockhounds for a great trip! We could not have asked for more beautiful weather. We were quite successful in finding a good specimen at Refugio and 3 really good specimens at Gaviota! We also found alot of very interesting shells and, since the tide was so low, alot of neat Oceanic wildlife. Even my 7 year old had a great time and wanted to go back right away.

Trinette Chuang