One-Day Field Trip
to Blue Lady Mine, CA
February 23, 2008

Field trip leader, Jim Mellos
via Anne Schafer Editor, SDMG

By Don Ogden

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Jim Mellos Report
via Anne Schafer Editor, SDMG

The rain broke on Saturday morning, February 23rd, and we had a great day for a field trip. Forty-seven rockhounds signed in, including several field trip leaders from other southern California clubs, plus members of the Whittier, NOC, Fallbrook, El Cajon, San Diego and other clubs.

SDMG Field Trip Leader Jim Mellos gave an introductory talk, then everyone broke into two groups. Asst. SDMG Field Trip Leader Dave Rosendahl lead one group right up to the Blue Lady Mine, to look for crystals. Jim Mellos lead another group on an hour-long general hike through the collecting area.

Amanda Hiner, a 14 year old first-time field tripper, found a facet-grade piece of deep blue tourmaline big enough to cut a 1 ct. stone.

A San Diego couple found a 2.5" by 1" smoky quartz crystal under a bush, and a 3/4" long blue tourmaline pencil, among other things.

John Greaves and his daughter Katie found a 10" diameter flat cluster of clear quartz crystals, and a tourminated black tourmaline.

Nancy Bird made it to the mine with the aid of a cane.