Field Trip to Holbrook, Arizona, April 14 - 16, 2006

by Bob Fitzpatrick

Bob Fitzpatrick with a piece of petrified wood.

What a great trip we had going to Holbrook, Arizona to collect colorful petrified wood. It was a 10 hour drive from Beaumont to the Motel in Holbrook. On Saturday at 7:00 a.m. we met at the Museum of Antiquities & Dinosaur Park, where all 50 plus of us paid our $50.00 fee, signed in and lined up to caravan to the 60,000 acre ranch.

After a 45 mile drive we made it to one of the three collecting sites. There's petrified wood everywhere, large and small rounds and chunks of all colors, we packed the truck with over 1,000 pounds. When we went to pay for it, they short weighted it (in our favor) so we all got back our $50.00 fee.

On Sunday before leaving we went to Jim Gray's Rock Shop (I was like a kid in a candy store). If you're ever are in Holbrook area, stop by the Rock Shop and look it over, I'm sure you'll find some petrified wood or minerals you can't live without.

Keep watching the CFMS web site and LA-ROCKS on the Internet for upcoming CFMS south field trips.

Photos by Don Ogden

Panorama of Petrified Forest
Panorama of Petrified Forest
Petrified Forest Petrified Log
Digging for Petrified Wood. Eva on left and Jay Valle on right. Weighing Petrified Wood, $1.00 per pound.
Holbrook Museum
Entrance to Museum Don and Aggie
Play area in front of Museum Museum Parking Lot surrounded by Petrified Wood.
Mosasaurus Skull in museum Bob Fitzpatrick - Searcher - Jay Valle in Museum Parking Lot