The Rockhound Sticker

The Rockhound Sticker

         The Rockhound Sticker is an easy way to identify oneself to others as a rockhound. It provides an easy way to recognize other rockhounds. The sticker not only promotes and publicizes rockhounding, it is a service to rockhounds to facilitate meeting one another. The sticker is a identifier for club members as well as unaffiliated rockhounds. It lets everyone know you are interested in collecting rocks, minerals, or fossils and you are willing to discuss collecting, to share rockhounding experiences and to help other rockhounds. It tells others that you are a rockhound friend.

         This sticker is not intended to replace club or federation badges, it compliments them by saying "I am a Rockhound". No other words or mottoes are necessary. In short, everyone, rockhound or not, will recognize it, thus widening your circle of friends and helping you to learn of new locations and ideas. Because of its simple design it can be recognized easily and from a distance.

         Use it anywhere and in anyway to attract the attention of other rockhounds. Use it to advertise that a rockhound is present and willing to talk about rocks, minerals, fossils and related subjects. Look for the sticker where rockhounds may be present, such as campgrounds, potential collecting areas, craft shows, etc.

         The stickers sell for 50 cents each for 1 to 59 stickers (minimum order - 10 stickers) or 30 cents each for quantities of 100 or more; price includes postage and handling. Frank will accept checks or credit cards. When ordering make check payable to: ROCKY FIVE. To order stickers, contact:

      Frank Mullaney
      5705 Begonia Dr.
      San Jose, CA 95124-6535
      Ph.: 408-266-1791

          Promote rockhounding. Proudly display your Rockhound Sticker.