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Their are approximately 110 clubs and societies belonging to the California Federation of Mineral Societies (CFMS). Each member society welcomes new members.

CFMS member societies in Arizona, California and Nevada are listed by the name of the club and can also be found by starting at the Club City cross-reference page.

To find a local club by City:
  1. On the navigation bar, select List by City web page.
  2. Scroll to the State, City, and club nearest to you.
  3. Then, simply click "more" to link you directly to it.
  4. Club information appears at the top of the page (including meeting place and time, mailing and e-mail address).

If you know the name of the Club/Society, you can go directly to it by using the alphabetical links onthe naviagation bar.

If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining a club:
  1. Contact the club by e-mail, web site or mail.
  2. If you can't find a point of contact, get in touch with a CFMS Officer or Chairman.
  3. Give it a chance, go to a meeting and find out what it's all about.
  4. All the clubs have members with varied interests. So, talk to the membership and let them steer you in the right direction.
Membership in CFMS is automatic when you join a Club or Society belonging to the CFMS.


Part II of the Society Aids Manual ("New Club Information") describes how to start a new club or society. The Society Aids Manual can be found on the web site by clicking here  or by selecting Manuals from the navigation menu at the top of the page as follows:
  1. Select Manuals.
  2. Select Item 4. Society Aids Manual (html).
  3. Select Part II - NewClub Information.
    RESULT: Part II describes "How to Organize a Society or Club" through an "Application Procedure for Joining the CFMS".