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The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS) and its Regional Federations sponsor three Annual Contests to help member clubs and societies enhance communication among their members and with the public. 

Information and Entry Forms for the CFMS Contests are posted below:
Join us for the 80th CFMS Show & Convention, which will be hosted by the Pasadena Lapidary Society on March 8-10, 2019. The show will be held at the FairPlex, Building 6, Pomona, California.  Please visit the Pasadena Lapidary Society's show page for Show details as well as Advance Registration and Case Display Entry forms.  (Links to these forms are also on this CFMS web site's home page).

The Bulletin Contest Awards and Web Site Contest Awards will be announced at the Luncheon with Editors & Webmasters. See CFMS Convention Events Schedule for location and time.  Location and time for the CFMS All American Club awards will be posted soon.  

Be sure to use the Advance Registration form to make a reservation for these CFMS Convention events. 

   Deadline extended to Dec. 28, 2018 due to holidays.
Covers the "present time period" since web sites need to be kept as current as possible.
   CFMS 2019 Web Site Contest Overview - How to enter
   2019 Web Site Contest Guidelines
   2019 WS Contest Entry Form - fillable/saveable     
   2019 WS Contest Score Sheet -  fillable/saveable

Refer to the above CFMS Web site Contest Overview & Guidelines documents
We suggest using a file name that contains an abbreviation of your club/society name and refers to the form; i.e.,  2019WebContest_Entry_ClubAbbr.pdf
Also, be sure that the your society's contact person replies to the web contest judges' emails. The email responses to these inquiries count in scoring of this contest.

2019 CFMS ALL AMERICAN CLUB CONTEST   Deadline Jan. 15, 2019
Covers period January 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018

2019 CFMS AAC Contest Overview - How to Enter (pdf)
2019 CFMS AAC Contest Entry Form (pdf)

Refer to the "Overview/How to Enter" pdf about how to convert the pdf form to a format that you can edit on your computer. When your form is complete, save it using a file name that includes an abbreviation of your club/society name and refers to the form: i.e.,  2019CAAC_Contest_ClubAbbr.pdf

NOTE:  If you have a program that converts a pdf to a doc file, by all means use that program!

2019 CFMS BULLETIN CONTEST   Deadline was Nov 15, 2018
Forms are informational only.  The 2019 contest deadline has passed.  We hope that your CFMS society's editor will enter this contest in 2020.

2019 CFMS Bulletin Contest Entry Rules & Procedures

2019 Bulletin Entry Form

2019 Adult Original Article Form

2019 Adult Advanced Article Form

2019 Junior Original Article - Age: Under 12 Form

2019 Junior Original Article - Age: 12 thru 17 Form

2019 Feature (All Ages) - written or drawn Form

 2019 Adult Poetry Form

2019 Junior Poetry Form

Editor's Check List Form (not fillable)